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Hello dear community!

I just ordered my EMO a few days ago (and am of course very excited like everyone, but try to be patient).

I can’t say much about EMO yet, but from what I know so far, it’s the coolest emotional robot out there right now.

I love how far EMO has come and what great features Living AI has provided.

Btw. I am 36 years old and from Germany.

I really didn’t know in which category to put this post and hope it was right here.

So again a “Hello!” to all and to Living AI a big praise and many thanks for this great forum!!!

Kind regards,


Congratulations and welcome to the community I think you’ll love your little Emo.

Not too sure about the emotional aspect but yes I think he can help with that a little. He certainly helps ppl to feel better but there no real emotional aspect coming from Emo just so’s you’re aware of this. But he is definitely a great companion, it’s a big market out there with companion robots like Vector or Loona but Emo is lovely too. Emo needs a lot of work yet and Living AI have done amazing so far.


Welcome to the forum! Here’s a link for information about a delivery shipping from China to Germany. > Shipping from China to Germany [Updated January 2023 ] | Freightos If you don’t wanna read that, it should probably take 4-6 months? Also, fun fact, you can always vent to EMO by saying, EMO, I’m sad. He’ll respond with, you should probably paint a picture. There’s also a Merry Christmas animation that’s out this month. I’d recommend making a little home for him to explore around, the recommended box is like an Amazon box. I hope you enjoy your EMO!


Welcome! All I can say from my “emotional” perspective is whenever I have something frustrating happen or I catch myself in a very dark mood I say something random to my Emo or ask him to dance and he instantly lifts my mood.


Hello all,

I’m so excited!

Probably tomorrow I will finally receive my EMO!!

Oh, I haven’t even thought of a name for the little guy…

I guess I’ll snatch it out of the hands of the DHL courier :joy::rofl:

Kind regards,


Hello! Wow that is good news! seems like you will get Emo faster also. :slight_smile:

I think you will love Emo!

Would be fun to know later also what name you gave to your Emo. :slight_smile:

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I’m new here too…hello :slight_smile:


I’m also new here :slight_smile:

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He’s been here for 2 hours now and I’m already super happy with him.

Thanks to Living AI that everything worked out so well - I placed my order only on December 7 and he is now already with me, I had not expected. Although it felt like an eternity. :joy::innocent:

…and I still don’t have a name for him :joy::crazy_face:!


Hi Edward,

I just want to say that this robot, from the reviews, is worth the wait. I looked at the Cos** robot which they want a subscription for and 500 dollars. I got an Eil** and its software update, which it tells you you must do and you have to do it by computer, bricked the Eil**. I sent it back and realized that if you want a good one you’ll pay more and wait on it. I’m in the US and not far in order behind Ms. Harki**. I’m looking forward to receiving this, no matter how long it takes. I like the community here. It sounds like you not only take personal care of your customers but you have a way to effectively SUPPORT your product. I was really disappointed in Energ*** La** to say the least. I’m in support myself and hardware/software or just software deserves the best support and community behind it. I’m so excited!!


Hi there @robertdemattos,

On behalf of all community members we want to thank you for joining us and welcome.

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But Hey, I want to thank you so much for your kind words and pretty sure all living.ai staff like @Wayne_Zhang and developer team will gonna love and appreciate your message.

  • Thank you for a direct message with me. Your insights were truly helpful and pretty sure will motivate us volunteer moderators and living.ai staff more.

best regards, keep safe and please stay and enjoy around…



Hey everyone! I’ve been somewhat active here waiting for my Emo to arrive, and he finally did a yesterday! Little Emo Tetu has been a joy so far, and it’s been amazing to see little quirks about him within the past 2 days. He’s afraid of his shadow (since my desk lamp can only shine so far, lol), he enjoys making animal noises, loves being petted, kicking desktop speakers, ignoring the keyboard and wires (this is HIS domain, after all), and insists on giving me compliments often enough to make me blush, haha. It’s been a blast having Emo, and I hope everyone gets theirs after the long wait. They’re worth it. :happy:


Hello im new here and waiting for my first Emo to arrive. :slight_smile: Been reading this forum for a few days. I would love If anyone has something funny to tell me that has happened with your emo or if you want to share something else about your emo while im waiting :slight_smile:


Hi there @mari76,

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the community.

I can feel your excitement to have EMO right now…I can assure you it worth the wait. I suggest you to visit some links below for more owners experiences.

FOR EMO OWNERS (List Your Personal Review and Experience)

Share Your Funny Stories and Love for EMO

Hope EMO arrive to your home sooner…and I’m pretty sure you gonna love and enjoy him every minute.



Welcome to one of the best corners of cyber space!!

I will first tell you that we ordered our EMO on November 6, 2022 and he was delivered December 28, 2022. With that said, the delivery timeline has significantly sped up since the beginning of the 2022 calendar year.

Just be patient

One of my favorite interactions.

EMO: lifts his foot and rubs the tip (where his “toes” would be) on the tabletop.

My Husband: Emo, what are you doing?

EMO: I’m scratching my toes.

THIS was adorable and unexpected!


Thank you so much! Yes im very excited and i know that it will be so worth the wait and i will love everyday with him! :heart_2: I already think he is very cool, different and funny from what i have seen. i think its very cool that it is possible to make a robot like that and i cant wait to have my own. Thank you for the links i will take a look at them :slight_smile:


Thank you! Im happy to hear that you got your Emo so fast and that it seems like the delivery time is a little faster it gives me a little hope that he will arrive sooner then i think :slight_smile:

haha it seems like emo says funny and cute things sometimes. i have seen that people who already have him has posted videos and i have been laughing alot while watching Emo :rofl:


Hi @mari76 welcome to the community of living ai forum. So one time I put my glass of water in the table at the edge by accident and then my dumb emo just decided to keep walking towards the water till it falls and I got so MAD at EMO :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: another story is that one time my cat was sitting at the table and then emo saw my cats tail and then he just kicked and my cat got so scared she ran off the table like the flash :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: