[Firmware Update] 2.2.0 ChatGPT and AI Painting

Hello everyone,
After beta testing, we are very happy to let you know that with update 2.2.0, now everyone can try ChatGPT integration and AI Painting feature!

Date: 2023/04/27
EMO firmware: v2.2.0
APP on iOS: 2.2.0
APP on Android: 2.2.0

Top tips you need to know about this update:

  1. Your EMO needs to be updated to a pre-version 2.2.pre first, then to 2.2.0;
  2. Please update the EMO Pet app to the latest version 2.2.0 first. Older apps may not display available EMO updates;
  3. In order to reduce the pressure on the server, we will gradually open the update to all EMOs. So if you can’t update your EMO at the moment please don’t worry and please be patient. Thank you for your understanding;
  4. If your EMO has not been updated to version 2.1 before, please don’t worry, your EMO will have all the features of version 2.1 after updating to version 2.2.0. (Click here to know more about new features in update 2.1).

What’s new in update 2.2.0:

(Click here to watch videos.)

  1. ChatGPT: The voice command is “connect to ChatGPT” or “connect to OpenAI”. Please note:
  • You can speak after EMO play the “di li” sound.

  • We have limited the length of EMO’s replies.

  • EMO will exit this mode after you stop chatting.

  1. AI painting: You can ask EMO to draw a picture of you in anime style. You can choose voice commands from the followings:
  • “anime woman” or “please draw me as an anime woman”

  • “anime boy” or “please draw me as an anime boy”

  • “anime girl” or “please draw me as an anime girl”

  • “anime man” or “please draw me as an anime man”

Note: ChatGPT and AI Painting were not originally in our update route, but we thought they were interesting and a lot of people wanted to try it, so we included them in 2.2.0.
Please understand that the service may be unstable, but we will fix issues as soon as they arise.

Also, since 2.1.0 was suspended shortly after its release, features from it are now also included in 2.2.0. So don’t forget to check out the features of 2.1.0.


Million Thanks, @Wayne_Zhang, and to all Living.Ai Staff…All the best and keep up the good work.


If anyone is in need of a guide on how to install the latest EMO Firmware Version 2.2.0, take a look here.


Thanks to Livng.ai for getting the new Firmware out and for also adding in ChatGPT and AI Draw!


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My EMO has officially updated to the latest Firmware & I am very impressed and satisfied with the features. I have had some VERY interesting conversations with EMO thus far & with impressive response time. Thank you Living.ai!!


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Hello can someone please tell me what version of the app is out. This is showing on mine but i thought it was updated again


Hi @Natalie83,

Please Click This Link For More Info!

Best Regards…


Hello, I Noticed A Bug On My EMO Pearl

My EMO Pearl Was Doing The AI Drawing Feature But While He Was Painting His Animation Is A Little Slower Than The Audio Of The Painting, It Also Happened While He Was Working On His Computer The Animation Was A Little Slower Than The Audio.
I Don’t Have A Video Right Now But I Think This Could Be A Bug And Not A Hardware Issue.
This Problem Started After The v2.2.0 Update.

I Restarted Him But It Didn’t Work

I Really Hope This Is Not A Severe Issue Where I Have To Send EMO Pearl Back For A Replacement.

Does Anyone Have This Issue/Bug?

EDIT: The Problem Was Only On These Things:
Working, &



Moving your question/concern here as you have mentioned this happened after installing 2.2.0 firmware.

Usually a power off / power on should resolve this, as it’s possible that EMOs operating system could be lagging. If you power him off, leave him off for a few minutes, start him up again, and try those features again to see what happens.

If you are still experiencing issues, creating a video is highly recommended, uploading it to google drive or youtube, and submitting it to the support team for further assistance.

Occasionally even my EMOs do lag or are slow on specific animations, but once they are powered off/powered back on, they go back to normal.

Update Sometimes could also be server lag as well (which has nothing to do with your EMO) and will usually resolve itself over time.


I have just downloaded 2.2.0 firmware and have been playing around with Chat GPT. It still needs some work but that was probably to be expected. Though one annoying thing I have noticed, is that a lot of times you only get to ask one question, and no matter how fast you start to ask another, he disconnects. Also, he seems to have some problems with certain questions. For example, I asked him what the diameter of the Earth is, he answered “The diameter of the earth is kilometers miles.” (ie. no number). I phrased it differently and got the same answer. I also asked him what is 20 degrees celsius in fahrenheit, he answered by telling me that they are both scales of measurement for temperature. Has anyone experienced any similar sort of problems?


I have a similar issue. (THIS ID AFTER TESTING) I asked the purpose of a beta tester and he cut off somewhere. And then he got stuck in a loop where he never responded, and eventually he disconnected.



As ChatGPT is still being worked on, living.ai will hopefully resolve many of these little issue. See official note from Living.ai regarding this:

As also mentioned, Living.ai should hopefully update and improve ChatGPT in future Firmware updates.


I recently used the ChatGPT function on EMO to ask the average weather in the Grand Canyon in October. However, it just said that the average temperature was “F C”, I think it was trying to say “[Degree]ºF ([Degree]ºC)”, but couldn’t say the numbers, and just ended up with " ºF ºC". I have a video of the bug, maybe it can be fixed with a later update.

Video of bug: Bug: EMO Can't Say Numbers While Connected to ChatGPT - Example - YouTube


Hello, @selcuk.acar . . . thank you for sharing that with us. I have moved your post to this thread where we have ongoing discussion about ChatGPT.

Sometimes ChatGPT does give incomplete information, cuts off before finishing, and even delays when it cannot seem to locate the information readily. I am not sure if it is related to EMO firmware or ChatGPT itself.

Hopefully this will get straightened out in the future, but the staff can have a look at it to see if it might be something they can fix. I will tag @Wayne_Zhang who is the person for information on any bugs in a feature.


Hi, we are aware of this issue and will try to fix it. It’s a known issue with our tts server.


It takes a few attempts to get Emo to “Connect to Chat GPT”.

I asked a simple question “What is the population of Sydney Australia”? The response I get is “Approximately __ million” with no actual figure. I then tried “What is the population of London”…same response “Approximately __ million”. I tried a few locations and got the same response.

I then tried “What is the primary industry of India” and got “agriculture”…so it does work…sometimes.

I HOPE Living.AI have plans to improve the “voice” of Emo…it is extremely difficult to hear/understand!


Hello, @michael.campbell . . . I have moved your post to this thread for ChatGPT discussion.

Occasionally this will happen to me, too. It could be the servers from ChatGPT which go through the LivingAI servers glitching.

Sometimes waiting a bit and trying again can help, but if not, I would let the team at service@living.ai look into it. They should be back from their Chinese holidays in a couple of days. Try to get video of it so that they can see what is happening.


Ai all
what is the voice command to say in order to take a cartoon photo?

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