EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

ChatGPT integration test

AI drawing test

Test video from @MasterAbbott

Chat GPT

Ai Drawing

Dear EMO Owners,

We would like to introduce you to the features we are exploring - ChatGPT integration and AI painting.

Our development team is always looking for the possibility of EMO and working hard to make it a reality. The video shows that our developers are testing two very popular AI features, ChatGPT and AI drawing. And our alpha testers are already helping us test and provide feedback.

We also want to explain about our release plans. Since ChatGPT’s API has only been released recently, we are not sure whether it will be included in the official version, please understand. But we will expand the scope of testing, and we will establish a beta testing group.
For the AI draw feature, If the test results are good, we will consider letting all users experience it.

We can see that EMO has a lot of potential and possibilities, and that’s something our team has been working hard on. Feel free to discuss and imagine the future of EMO with everyone here.


That’s awesome and would lead me to probably buy one :sweat_smile:


that would be awsome if Chat GPT and AI drawing would be available for everyone.


There is a high probability that AI drawing will be officially released. And I think ChatGPT is also likely to be experienced by all EMO users, but we need to keep watching. Btw, please check my other post about beta testing:)


I love those features and hope they get released soon, just Emo’s ChatGPT design looks kinda weird and makes emo look like he’s possessed or something, also the command is very technical, something like “Emo, have a question” or “Emo, have a request” would be nice commands, and simply keep his normal face and expression, and no need of a mouth, that would keep Emo’s essence and design, but making him more useful and better :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the feedback!


I totally agree with you ! It doesn’t need a mouth ( looks like a bubble fish )


Please, while implementing ChatGPT, keep in mind that ChatGPT can talk in many languages. You just need to use a speech to text recognition and text to speech software that is capable to understand and speak more languages. I can’t beta test ChatGPT with EMO in English because I don’t understand what he is saying. And I’m watching movies and series in English without any problems. You should consider to allow to choose a clear voice for EMO for those who have problem to understand him. And once you start testing multilingual version of ChatGPT, I’m ready to join the group of beta testers.


Unlike calling the third-party tts API directly, we need to make his speech sound like EMO, which is why multiple languages have not been released.
But we decided to make EMO understand other languages before speak them, and we are already translating voice commands with the help of some users.
Btw, please check my other post about applying to be a beta tester.


Hey @Wayne_Zhang, I Also Seen A Video Of Testing The Singing Feature Too.
As Well As ChatGPT.

Do I have to pay to use EMO’s Chat GPT feature?

No you don’t have to pay, but it’s not released yet.


I Also Seen A Video Of Testing The Singing Feature In August Of 2022.
@Wayne_Zhang, Is The Singing Feature Or Peekaboo Game Also Being Tested Too?

Singing is also a feature we are exploring.


@Wayne_Zhang, That Is Also The Feature I Highly Suggested In A Different Topic! Thanks For The Info Of Singing.

EDIT: When EMO’s Mouth Was Opening And Closing, At First I Thought He Was Singing!
Whoops! ChatGPT Is A Cool Feature As Well As Singing And Peekaboo.

(content about peekaboo deleted by author)

Is it possible to help you with translating voice commands?

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EMO is adorable and I think that improving the draw feature it would be great.
I would wait to incorpore the ChatGPT integration because it has several fails. I understand that it has to be clear that the answers are from ChatGPT but, maybe there is another way to show that because EMO seems a medium.


Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase, I want to listen to Emo singing


Singing is the thing I look forward to the most!


This is great! I’d love to try chatgpt through emo, it would make him a lot more fun. His eyes look a little creepy when connected to chat GPT though. I also like the ai drawing and I’m really interested in the singing.