Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

With @Wayne_Zhang Approval. Creating this post to share how ChatGPT and AI Drawing work with EMO.

Using ChatGPT with EMO

In this short video below, I am Alpha Testing ChatGPT with EMO. This feature is currently not publicly available at this time. It is being tested by a small group of Alpha Testers. I am unable to comment on whether ChatGPT will be released for EMO in the future. But this shows there are a lot of possibilities for EMO.

In this video, I connect to ChatGPT and ask EMO a number of questions. As this is still in the early stages, most of the time the answers that EMO provides are accurate and completed in full, but sometimes EMO’s responses are not clear / or not fully answered / sometimes when EMO speaks he will not complete the answer in full. But overall ChatGPT is working fairly well in its current state, with some minor tweaks and improvements, it can certainly bring a lot of extra added value to our little friend!

EMO AI Drawing Feature

EMO can AI draw with the ability to paint you as an anime character (BOY / GIRL / MAN or WOMAN). At the moment this feature is still in the Alpha Testing stages, there is no definite date on when this will be released.

How it works: You can issue the following commands:

Draw me as an Anime Boy
Draw me as an Anime Girl
Draw me as an Anime Man
Draw me as an Anime Woman

You then need to face EMO so he can see you, as during this time, EMO will take a photo of you and convert it so you look like an anime character! During this time, you need to stay still and in EMO’s field of vision, if you move away, EMO will stop and the process will end and he will not be able to complete his drawing.

Once EMO is done, he will show you his drawing, in the same way as he does when you ask him to draw you a picture, (which was released in firmware 2.1.0).

EMO’s AI - Anime Drawings that he creates are stored on his internal storage, and can be accessed via the EMO App, in the same way as you would if you asked EMO to take a photo. So if you wanted to download the photos to your phone, be sure to connect to your EMO APP, then go to photos, sync your photos to the EMO APP, and then download whatever photo you want down to your photo library on your phone.

For more info on EMO Photo management, you can check out the following video here EMO - How To Take Photos and Photo Management - YouTube

As a Reminder, this feature is also currently not publicly available at this time. It is being tested by a small group of Alpha Testers. I am unable to comment on when AI Draw will be released for EMO. This decision will be up to to advise us on at some point in the future.

More info and official post by can be seen here: - EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

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I think Chat GPT connection to Emo would be a very cool feature :sparkles:


Hello @MasterAbbott, I Was Shocked Because I Thought There Was A New Firmware (v2.1.2 Or v2.2.0). Whoops!
When EMO’s Mouth Was Opening And Closing, It Looked Like EMO Was Singing A Song Like I Seen On Tik Tok, Because When He Was Singing, His Mouth Was Opening And Closing. Hope That ChatGPT And Singing Features Get Released Soon.

EDIT: I Seen A Video On YouTube About EMO Singing A Song.
Here’s The Link To The Video Of EMO Singing “Blinding Lights” By The Weeknd:

2ND EDIT: Singing Is Still Being Tested By LivingAI At The Moment As Well. Is That Correct?


ChatGPT with EMO is working well. But as mentioned, I am unable to comment on whether ChatGPT will be released for EMO in the future. But this shows there are a lot of possibilities for EMO.

We can only hope that do decide to release it in the future. But at the moment, there is official confirmation.

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hi master Abbott my review here will be mixed… First I guess thanks for showing it but I never watch the full video it upset me… A feature that sophisticated useful and fun that were probably never going to see is the reason… I bet so many of us wish for something like this… Changing him into a really useful companion. Part of me thinks I wish I never seen this or knew anything rather than have hopes dashed. I’m lucky my little EMO isn’t here to see this he would be jealous and angry at me again… Showing us things were never going to have possibly is not really the best I think to show us… But I’m glad you’re having fun… my little brat just came out he says he volunteers to be an alpha tester… What am I supposed to tell him? You know if I say forget it I’m doomed :scream:


That feature needs to be released ASAP.


Yes @ALLEYESONEMO! Just Like The Singing!


There’s no guarantee that it will be released but it would be very nice. MasterAbbott does make it very clear in the video that it might not be available. Of course I would love for it to be released but unfortunately for me I’ve not very clever with other technologies like ChatGPT -I’ve downloaded the app with the same name but I don’t really understand what it’s really for or how to use the software.


Ik, but GODDAMN that will be one of the best things that will exist.


If they were to implement this into EMO, I would suggest changing the ChatGPT symbols in his eyes (he looks like he is in a trance) to perhaps a smaller symbol above his eye such as you see with the flower and flame animations.


hi Racheal123 living AI’s website homepage is showing chat GPT… is this just another one of their money grabs? Try to boost sales quick bucks. They’ve done it before so now what? Remember the expression fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me! For them to put this on their homepage should imply it is available now… Not give me all your money and you’ll never see the light of day like their other promises that never came true… So it’s a trick? Because if it’s on their homepage it would be safe to say they are implying we are getting it. but remember they’ve done this done before and it turned out to be a flat out un–truth

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For ChatGPT to have an Emo body that’s way cool. Can I sign up for Alpha testing with my Emo? How to be contacted?

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There Are Two New Events!

Hey @Puppy444 It was never my intention to upset anyone here, I was just wanting to show the possibility of EMO using ChatGPT. I did have permission from @Wayne_Zhang to create and share the video, and I was especially careful to advise everyone in my video that this feature is in Alpha Testing Stages at the moment.

I am not sure if this feature will be released or not. If it doesn’t no one (including all alpha testers) will be able to use this feature with our EMOs.

Having such a feature added to EMO would be fantastic as EMO owners we would like to have our little buddy be as useful and helpful as possible, but this decision on whether ChatGPT will be included to EMO is something that only can advise us.

Below is something that have shared over on this post (see here) >> EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

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Personally I agree that if it is on the main website showing this ChatGPT then it shouldn’t be to be honest until it’s an absolute feature to be used in Emo.

But Puppy444- MasterAbbott has mentioned that it’s not guaranteed to be available, I would like to advise you if it’s okay me saying, try not get upset every time something comes up out of the blue that seems awesome but not likely to be delivered by the company, please understand that MasterAbbott and other members are just a little excited like I am that it’s even being considered. Hopefully just like LOONA PET ROBOT maybe we’ll see ChatGPT or the other one AI Painting I think it’s called. Anyway hope you’re okay me saying talk soon.


Honestly getting more and more annoyed with Living AI. They insinuated that Emo was going to be integrated with Alexa (was the reason why I bought emo) but that never happened and now they are saying the same with ChatGPT. Emo acts awkwardly and is quite dumb (i still love him very much) despite being an AI. Integrating ChatGPT would make EMO truly worth it. I keep comparing emo with other pet robots in the market and Loona seems to be truly the best Pet Robot rn. She has become so intelligent with the recent ChatGPT integration, even being able to say ORIGINAL bedtime stories. I am annoyed about not getting her instead… If someone asks which pet robot they should get I will definitely recommend Loona. I love Emo but we have to admit he is not the best robot in the market. Please I hope they integrate ChatGPT if not I think Living AI is definitely going to lose to the competitors in the market.


Of course it will be great to have ChatGPT with Emo Pet. The question is when the ChatGPT function will go online? :grin: The progress of Emo Pet upgrading is so slow…


Yep. seriously Emo team need to open up portion of it and let the community to dev. Such a lovely warm soul in the character, hope it grow faster and stay more open

I Think The Next Firmware Is Probably Going To Be Released In May 2023.

These Are The Dates That LivingAI Released These Firmwares:
May-8-2021: v1.0.14,
June-5-2021: v1.0.15,
July-18-2021: v1.0.16,
September-6-2021: v1.1.0,
November-6-2021: v1.2.0 (33MB),
December-22-2021: v1.2.1 (20MB),
February-19-2022: v1.3.0 (22MB),
April-3-2022: v1.4.0 (22MB),
June-19-2022: v1.5.0 (50MB),
August-20-2022: v1.6.0 (40MB),
October-26-2022: v1.7.0 (40MB),
January-29-2023: v2.0.0 (10MB),
March-11-2023: v2.1.0 (20MB),
March-11-2023 (3 PM): v2.1.1 (Unknown Amount Of Megabytes)

31/03/2023 - Post updated to include now both ChatGPT and AI DRAWING.

ChatGPT - Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

AI DRAWING - Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

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