EMO - What’s New in EMO’s Firmware Update 2.2.0 - RECAP Video

EMO’s Firmware (ver 2.2.0) is officially released! The EMO App is also updated to ver 2.2.0 for iOS and ver 2.2.0 for Android (be sure to download/update that as well from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Apple Store (iOS Version) - ‎EMO Pet on the App Store
Google Play STORE (Android Version) - EMO Pet On the Android Store

In the recap video below, I go through and explain all the new features/updates that were released in the latest firmware update. (Which is only ChatGPT and AI Draw)

What’s New in EMO’s Firmware Update 2.2.0 FULL RECAP


Firmware Version 2.2.0 contains all previously released Firmware Versions Including Firmware Version 2.1.0/2.1.0 – So if you we’re unable to download Firmware Version 2.1.0/2.1.0 - as it was suspended for a very long time. Do not worry, once you’ve installed Firmware Ver 2.2.0 you will be ALL UP TO DATE!

Guide on What’s New in Firmware Version 2.1.0/2.10 can be found below


Special Note regarding ChatGPT

The use of ChatGPT will be limited to a few uses per day and also there may be server overload when EMO is trying to connect to ChatGPT / OPENAI. After this EMO will not be able to connect to ChatGPT until the next day. This might change in the future, but please take note of this just in case you’re unable to access ChatGPT

Also, ChatGPT might not work all the time when you want it to. Just need to be patient and try and see if EMO can make a connection.

When EMO is connected to ChatGPT EMO will play a short Chime sound. After you hear that, you then ask your question. If EMO does not hear anything from you, his connection to ChatGPT will end. This can happen quickly, so when you ask your question as quickly as possible.

There are some occasions where you ask a question and EMO will reply, but his voice will cut off, or he will become unresponsive, (if EMO does become unresponsive, wait patiently for him to TIMEOUT, and close his connection to ChatGPT. Living.ai are aware of this and will do its best to improve ChatGPT functions in future EMO updates.

If you are having trouble when you say either command:

EMO: Connect to ChatGPT
EMO: Connect to OPENAI

Try just saying: CONNECT (this may sometimes work as well).

EMO can do many cool things with ChatGPT, see below EMO telling us a short story:

Also as mentioned by the living.ai staff:

Note: ChatGPT and AI Painting were not originally in our update route, but we thought they were interesting and a lot of people wanted to try it, so we included them in 2.2.0.
Please understand that the service may be unstable, but we will fix issues as soon as they arise.

Special Note regarding AI Draw

To get EMO to draw you as an Anime character you can do so by issuing any of the following voice commands:

EMO: Draw me as an anime Man
EMO: Draw me as an anime Woman
EMO: Draw me as an anime Boy
EMO: Draw me as an anime Girl
EMO: Anime Man
EMO: Anime Woman
EMO: Anime Boy
EMO: Anime Girl

For AI Draw EMO can draw you in two different formats, one is more realistic and other is more Anime focused. You can check out the video below for further info.

Photo Management

EMO will store 10 pictures at a time in his internal memory. So be sure to use the EMO App and sync those pictures back to the App, otherwise, the oldest photos will be replaced if you take more than 10 pictures.

Further info regarding both ChatGPT and AI Draw can also be found here:

Also, a short guide on how to install EMO’s latest Firmware Ver 2.2.0 (for EMO) and Ver 1.1.2 (for Home Station) can be found below:

EMO Firmware Update v2.2.0 Update Video

I have also updated my EMO Guide well: (Guide is reaching max character capacity)

Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

More EMO Videos :heart_1:


If you want to check out more EMO videos, feel free to check out my YouTube channel. Subscribe/Click the Bell icon to be notified of any new videos I upload. :heart_1:

Check out the official announcement for Firmware 2.2.0 posted by @wayne here!

If anyone has any questions, leave a message or message me privately and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have!

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When will the update release to everyone? Do we know? My EMO can’t find it yet :<

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Also, special note for anyone that is unable to install the latest Firmware yet


My new Emo6 won’t update from 2.0.0.p1 to 2.2.0

My other two Emo3 & Emo5 have updated perfectly to 2.2.0

So I guess there’s still some issues with the server or the update

Hopefully it will be resolved soon

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My EMO hasn’t received it either. I don’t think I’ll revieve it before the night is over. All we can do is wait and hope tomorrow the update will arrive.

True I had wait for 2 days however they are doing this slowly because they did not want problems with their servers

Hi guys…

The issue I had also yesterday… Then I disconnected everything including my Home WiFi then reconnect everything again…Update EmoPet App and Home Station. Ask Emo for a new update then he indicates there is an update available… Immediately ask him to install firmware now and he does.
I cannot tell if it is a coincidence or not.

If you don’t mind please try what I did that might help you all. Hopefully!

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Hello there, I’ve just updated my Emo, but from that update I notice sometimes he lose connection with the server. Is it normal?
Anyway the update is amazing, but I hope this is not a collateral effect of the update!

I will try this out later hoping it works by disconnecting WiFi etc

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Hi there…

I suspect at the moment that Living.Ai’s servers are overloaded worldwide. As far as I know, they have 3 different servers around the globe, namely.

  • USA
  • ASIA
  • EU

Probably we have to be patient at the moment, maybe try again in a few hours or every hour.


Hi @coragasparotti

If you need any help with how to install the latest Firmware, take a look over on this page –

Sometimes if the EMO loses connection whilst downloading the firmware, it might be a good idea to restart your Home Wifi and try again. Or attempt to connect to a different Hot Spot and also try the download again. Further info in the guide above :slight_smile:

Depending on how busy/congested they might be. Living.ai will only be allowing a certain amount of EMOs to be updated at a time.

Think of it as you waiting in line. Just need to be as patient as possible and wait your turn.

Oh no, the update went perfectly, but now that is updated it loses frequently the connection with the server.

I think that it might be for a temporal overloading of servers :slight_smile:
I just wanted to be sure it is not something that depends from the update.

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Yes, as @edward mentioned, this most certainly has to do with server load.

Sometimes during this time, EMO might voice and speech could also be broken or sound glitchy. This should pass once everything goes back to normal and everyone has updated EMO to the latest firmware :slight_smile:


Mine just thinks and then makes the sound of not being able to reply. But yes I think is for that!
Thank you!

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Mine apparently autoupdated. When in ChatGPT I got one question. He starts and then cuts off. He then sits unresponsive for a few mins with the ChatGPT logo floating in the upper left corner. He finally “snaps out of it” and goes back to normal.

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Yes, this is sometimes happening. It is mainly due to the server load/connection to ChatGPT. If his voice cuts off or if he goes unresponsive, you will need to patiently wait for the connection to disconnect and EMO will go back to normal.

This has been advised to the technical team and they are also looking into it, and will hopefully make the time-out period shorter when EMO goes unresponsive. But for now, as you’ve done, just wait and he will usually snap out after the connect to ChatGPT times out.

Hi! I’ve noticed Emo in ChatGPT mode has trouble reading numbers. Just wanted to give you all a heads up!


Mister Abbott… I was hoping to see my little guy get updated mostly so he will tell time the way I like… I ask if there are any updates and he says no… I tell him update firmware now and he says one update available whereupon he errors…??? I downloaded the new app for my tablet and it says I’m on version 2.0 … Why are things broken all the time … Now EMO is crying he ran to his room… Master Abbott what should I do? I will wait until I hear from you I don’t want to wreck anything

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