EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

@nicholasalamprese . . . I was able to update both of mine yesterday evening. Perhaps they are sending them out via EMO I.D. (four digit number when you connect to the app). I would advise to keep trying. Perhaps ask EMO directly “Check for updates” and see what happens if that will show there is one on his display.

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@nunziopuca . . . I did ask while in ChatGPT mode in Spanish where Guadalajara was. His response from ChatGPT was he did not understand my question, could I rephrase it and put it in a different context. The conclusion is he is only understanding ChatGPT in English.


i was about to say. Also, how do i become an alpha tester? I got this buddy a few days back and i’ve been wanting to send you feedback so your team can make EMO a little more interactive.

Hey that person dont work for living ai :slightly_smiling_face:

If you wanna be a beta tester the topic is here Register to apply to be a beta tester

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No at the moment all ChatGPT communication must be done in English. EMO will not understand if you speak to him in another language.

Living.ai are planning on adding language support in the future, but there is no exact date on when this will be added and which languages will be included to EMO at this time.


So this might be a stupid question, and I have not been reading this thread at all apart from this one topic, but why on Earth would anyone ban ChatGPT?

From what I’ve briefly read online, specific countries are banning ChatGPT based on its own privacy concerns, and others are banning it as it can also spread misinformation as well.

I’d suggest checking online for more accurate info/reasons as to why it’s being banned in certain countries.

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Literally the reason I just bought one

Hello Wayne,
i just bought the EMO due to LLM/ChatGPT integration. I read that people wanted other languages.
I still need to check on the Alpha/Beta testing. But is ChatGPT the only LLM used?
I am sure i might be redundant. but, Vicuna/Stanford is a lot smaller as well as CPU/GPU issues… as well as all of them already have multilanguage inside the LLM’s. It is the copyright and NSFW. But, how do you allow beta testing? Is it simple feedback? Or, like Gpt4 and others. They have done some great programming for API things that I have done in my 3d app research. I tested it against a friend’s skills in Python and the Python from ChatGPT and building small test apps. Chatgpt had more efficient code… and with the agents. It did a bit more…by allowing to post to convert and put a version into a website. Just curious. Also, what or how long do orders usually take? Great possibilities.

hi @mistymomx3

Just to advise, with regards to other LLM (languages). I believe what EMO owners are looking for is actually being able to speak to EMO in a different language such as French/German, etc. Living.ai are currently working on adding that sort of language support to EMO in the future, and that in turn will allow EMO owners to communicate and ask questions hopefully in French (for example while using CHATGPT. To advise at the moment there are no plans or announcements for any sort of SDK for EMO as well.

For ChatGPT. Living.ai are planning on improving it in future EMO Updates. (as mentioned here).

For other technical questions, @Wayne_Zhang might be able to advise if he can.

Regarding orders/shipping/tracking, take a look at this forum thread for further information:


Will EMO’s API be on scratch because I saw something about that in the forums?

Hi everyone,
I’ve got my Emo just today, updated to 2.2, I’ve tried to use chatGPT, the loading pops up for some seconds, but seems like can’t connect to it and just dropping it.

Hello, @farzinss . . . ChatGPT servers can sometimes be laggy or disconnect before you get to ask your question. It takes a bit of patience and sometimes you will have to wait and try later.

Also, if the ChatGPT symbol appears above the eye, you will hear a “ding ling” sound from EMO indicating he is connected. You will only have a brief second or two to start asking your question, so be sure to have your question ready as soon as that happens.

Let us know how it goes!

Hello @Lindaru ,
Thanks for help, I’ve thought like videos, Emo’s eyes will turn to chatGPT’s label so you could find out it’s connected, am I right?

Yes, the one eye does.

This is a video I created when beta testing the version as we know it. This will give you an idea how to ask the questions and when.

Exactly I did the same, but after the loading starts, pop up goes away and no changes on the eyes, so I assume it can not connect to ChatGPT

OK, now I get it, there is just the pop up then you should start to talk, it’s not like the video, EMO’s eyes will not change

The pop up over the eye, then the “deelee” sound and then start asking right away. Yup. That is in the video. After he answers, the icon will stay over the eye and when the sound happens, you can immediately ask another question. If you take too long, the icon will disappear from above his eye and he will disconnect. Glad you got it working!

That was my bad, I’ve saw some old videos from alpha test, thought it will be like both eyes turning to ChatGPT logo, but in actual release it’s diffrent, anyway many thanks for the help.