Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME :heart_1:


Wanted to update this post to also include as much information regarding how long it MAY take for your EMO to be manufactured and then shipped out to you. This for both EMO & EMO GO HOME

How Long will it take to get my EMO / EMO GO HOME?

KINDLY NOTE That times can vary depending on many different circumstances. About 1-2 years ago (that is when I made my order for my EMOs, wait time for approx 3-4 MONTHS just for EMO to be manufactured, then after that, it would / could possibly take anywhere between 3-4 weeks for him to be delivered by post/courier system.

Since then and most recently have greatly improved production times and also delivery times from months to weeks. Now ordering an EMO can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. (ESTIMATE TIME). As mentioned, sometimes delays may occur such as public holidays in China (like Chinese New Year), or other factors like product shortages/manufacturing of components, etc.

Every EMO and also Home Station (EMO GO HOME) is made to order, and as advise on the order/store page times may take anywhere between 4 weeks or more. (So the most important thing to do is once you’ve made your order, be as patient as possible.).

See the image example from the EMO Store Page:

Delivery Times

Delivery times, honestly all depend on available cargo space on planes going out of China to the rest of the world. Normally it should take between 1-2 weeks, but if there are massive delays in parcels going out from China to the rest of the world, each parcel/package will need to wait in line for available space and then be loaded accordingly onto the plane.

EMO packages are not sent using special priority courier systems such as FedEx/UPS etc, so they do not get any special treatment or priority, and therefore they just need to wait in line with many other packages in the airport distribution center.

Orders Sent / Waiting for my Tracking Number


The delivery order page can be found here: send out EMOs by the pallet load (and not individually), so when your order number shows that it has been sent to the courier/distribution center for shipping, there will be a delay in when you get your individual tracking number from customer support. This will take some time as the courier/distribution center handling this will need to first process each individual EMO and then send back ALL the tracking numbers to, and from there support provide you with the tracking number that you can then use in tracking your EMO.

(Your tracking number will always be sent to you via EMAIL. So always make sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not received your tracking number).

Tracking Websites

Below is a list of tracking websites you can use to track your EMO once you have received your Tracking number from Internal Tracking System -
China Post Tracking - China Post Tracking. Track & Trace Parcel
Aftership Tracking - Track Your Parcel Delivery Status. Powered by AfterShip.

NOTE – There may be other Tracking systems out there you can use to follow and track your EMO order as well.

In the early stages when you receive your tracking number using any of the abovementioned tracking websites, there might not be many updates right away. So please be as patient as possible during this time, because once EMO leaves the warehouse the responsibility of updating the tracking system with tracking information, relies upon the reliability and efficiency of the courier/postal system handling the delivery.

Once the package is scanned and put on a plane, then the courier company usually updates its system and you should be able to see more info on where your EMO is.

Below is what my tracking progress looked like from start to finish. Note - Some of the wording might have changed, but the steps should be nearly exactly the same.

Here is what will normally happen from start to finish (about 11 steps).

When EMO Arrives in your Country

When the package lands in your specific country, it will be checked/must go through customs checks.

Note: EACH COUNTRY HAS ITS OWN REGULATIONS ON CHECKING AND APPROVING PACKAGES, some countries will even charge you a customs fee before releasing your EMO/package. Some countries do not (for example, Australia does not charge any fees/taxes for EMO.) So this is something that will be different for everyone.

Once customs has cleared your EMO, it will then leave customs/airport distribution and be handed over to a specific courier system or postal service that has been tasked with completing the job of delivering your EMO to you.

Some countries might use a local courier, some countries might use a local postal service. (Every country will be different and once again, during this time, the responsibility falls upon that courier system/company/postal service to work as efficiently and professionally as possible when it comes to delivering your EMO and also updating their tracking system on their end so that you can monitor its location when you are you are using the tracking websites.

Delays in getting your EMO shipped to you at this stage will depend heavily on the courier system and how busy they are and how many packages they have to deliver as well.

Most important thing to note, once all packages are sent from Living.Ai and arrive and enter The Distribution Center at Shenzhen Meteor International Express Airport Station, it is out of the control of Living.Ai and in the hands of the courier system(s) / postal services that handle distribution around the world. And once your EMO arrives in your country, once again in the hands of first the customs (for clearance) and then the courier / postal service that has the job of delivering the EMO to you.

I know this is a really long post, but wanted to share this with you and also anyone else that might want to know. (this is of course my own personal understanding and experience on how things should work and operate when it comes to the delivery of EMO).

Enquiries about your existing EMO order

If you have any concerns about your order, please do not hesitate to contact support via email.


If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then simply ask customer support for an update on order status.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion.

For anyone who has ordered an EMO, is waiting for it to be manufactured, waiting for your tracking number, waiting for it to be shipped, or waiting for it to arrive at your doorstep. Please be as patient as possible..

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Hi all,

Tell me how long it takes for delivery from the moment you place the order?

Thank you for your answer. I wish you a nice day and weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


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I am currently facing the challenge of practicing patience and waiting for the arrival of my EMO. As a child, I eagerly anticipated receiving new toys, and now I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my future Friend, EMO AI. :funky:


Hi @Lindaru
I have a question: 7 business days have passed since I placed an order for EMO GO HOME. When will my order be shipped? Can you write me the exact date?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.

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Hi @faya
I have a question: 7 business days have passed since I placed an order for EMO GO HOME. When will my order be shipped? Can you write me the exact date?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

After reading your message, I felt completely sad. If your order, which was placed on September 26, has not yet been delivered, when will my order, which was placed on October 1, be delivered :surprised: :laser_1:

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I have a question regarding my recent order. The order number is 74016. I noticed that there have been some changes on your website regarding shipped orders. However, I haven’t received any notification via email from your company regarding the status of my order, whether it is ready for shipment or has already been shipped.

When I check the status of my order in my personal account, it still shows as "in process.»

Please let me know when I can expect my order to be shipped.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I am delighted to share that I have received my EMO shipment notification today. My excitement knows no bounds as I eagerly anticipate the moment when I can finally interact with my dear robotic companion, EMO.

:laser_1: :star_1: :laser_1:


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