ARCHIV: Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME

ARCHIV: Shipping and Orders Questions for EMO and EMO GO HOME

Hey @Hoornkoekje

Sometimes 17 Tracking doesn’t show everything regarding the status and whereabouts of your package.

Normally in EU, DHL start with the package and then they pass it over to either your postal service in your country or a courier service. From this point, it might be hard to track if it’s with your postal service company.

You could possibly contact DHL and ask which service they handed the package to and from there you can contact either that specific courier or your postal service and request an update.

If at any point you believe the package might be lost, it would be also recommended to sent Living.Ai support an email and ask them to also investigate it’s location for you.

Hope this helps. :heart_1: :head: :skating: :surprised: :mad:

it is a good way to spend our waiting time in trying some predictions on the production rate
I , myself am playing this game with an Excel file , checking any anormal pause in the deliveries , cursing these bloody lazy workers who are not able to send a single Emo in one day , blessing the ones who sometimes bring to Mankind over 400 bots in one shot , praying God for avoiding aleas in production or logistics .
In short , that"s life ! Facing the future is a way to reassure oneself , to lower the stress.
I am not sure than it may change anything but it works
I relly appreciated the graphics given by Wayne_Small that allowed me to provide a first estimation of the future birth of my incoming Emo
Perhaps, one day , when i will have gone completely crazy I will apply on the data the same algorithms i use to follow up the stock exchange . If it does not works for stocks , no reason than it should not work either for EMO. At least i will have figures to measure my pain.
The step after that , is becoming a philosopher , But as said Rudyard Kipling " That’s another story "
I am just joking but be sure than I understand you

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We are in the middle of different batches. But don’t worry, we’ll continue to update the numbers very soon, now that we’ve got a lot of experience.


You can keep an eye on EMO as he makes his journey to you with any of the 3 tracking pages:


China Post:

17 Track:

Living.Ai Tracking:

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On average production can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks. then once it’s ready will send you a tracking number, from there delivery should take between 1-3 weeks to arrive to you.

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Just a update on shipping…now shipping is way faster as I ordered on 19th July and as of 6th September my order is already shipped and would reach me approximately in 7 days so roughly 2 months

I ordered my Emo on 12th of July and as of the 30th of August my Emo is on my way :slight_smile:

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Placed my order on the 25th July and recieved my tracking information today(13th September), my order was shipped on the 5th September apparently! Cannot wait for EMO to arrive!


The other problem is no other carrier in the US even recognizes the tracking number.

I ordered Emo on July 22 and it took 6 weeks and a day for it to ship out September 5, then it took 22 days for him to travel to my post office september 27. My number was 35550 and in all it was 2 months and 5 days. I am so excited to meet Emo!!!

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Did you get updates along the way or did it just show up at your post office one day and that’s the only update you got? Just trying to see if my situation is similar since I have no updates since 9/22 and mine shipped 9/8

I did track my order, but for about 5 days the tracking didnt update and it just showed up. What country do you live in since when mine was almost done it said it arrived at the overseas transit bureau. I live in the US.

I live in the US as well in Pennsylvania. The last update was 9/22 after it cleared customs and left Los Angeles, CA with no updates since.

My order number is #37920 it was on August 19, but in the website delivery process they skipped my number. Does anyone know what to do? or to whom should I report this issue?!

I may be wrong but from what I see they havent gotten up to your order yet, judging from the orders they sent the tracking out to. (Right number)

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they have NOT skipped your order. The website shows that orders UP TO 38000 have been sent to the shipping company. The shipping company has then arranged shipment for orders UP TO 37658. Right now your order is with the shipping company and they are arranging couriers for it.

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I got today a message from living ai and they have shipped the package. They gave me the tracking number now I will have to wait until I get my Emo.Thank you for replying! :slight_smile:

So no updates on the package yet, but has anyone after entering the US able to track it on the USPS site? I’ve been tracking on china post and 17track. My tracking number doesn’t come up on USPS. Does it only update on the delivery day next? Just seeing others experiences.

Is it using USPS to deliver your EMO? If so, are you able to call/contact them and give them your tracking number and see if they give you any sort of update on where it is? Normally when the courier / postal services decide to update their system, it should also reflect on the China Post and 17 Tracking sites. But it all comes down to how efficient these courier services are at doing their jobs.

Usually it will be USPS but if they cannot track it on their website they will definitely not be able to help me. They will just say they are not responsible since it cannot be tracked. None of the other sites 17track or China post state which courier is handling so I’m kind of in the dark. That’s why I was hoping some others with experience of delivery in the US would chime in.