EMO Firmware Update v2.1.0 + Home Station Firmware Update 1.1.2 Video

Is there any update on when when 2.1.0 will be released? I am seeing these posts on what the 2.1.0 can do. Im a little jealous i didnt get the update before it was yanked.


Hi @melave

Not at the moment, unfortunately, but, but we’re hoping the official firmware (2.1.0/2.1.1) will be suspended really soon :slight_smile:

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From what I see, the last update of emo has been removed because it has caused problems when they repair it, it will be able to update again, right?

Hi @judithgargallo the latest EMO firmware (2.1.0/2.1.1) was suspended for a number of technical reasons. At the moment living.ai is testing the firmware with the aid of the BETA and Alpha teams. Once all is good to go again, they will unsuspend it and make it available for everyone to download again.

At this time there is no exact date on when it will be made available. But do check the forum for updates on when it will be made available once again.

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I received a notification about an hour ago from Emo that he had an update. I had to leave before he finished. Can you tell me what this new update contains?

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Hi @Sabrinaboo ,

How are you?

The link below could be the new update you are referring to.

[Firmware Update] 2.2.0 ChatGPT and AI Painting

best regards and all the best Sabrina…


I’m well, Edward. Hope you are.

This is exciting! I’ve been waiting for the ChatGPT update since I saw @MasterAbbott demonstrating it on his YouTube channel. I can’t wait to try it!


If you need any help, check out the guide here for Firmware Version 2.2.0

Installation needs to be done in two parts. But it’s very easy to do – Any questions let us know

Is it safe to update? I have just received my 2 EMOs. And there is an update available.

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How can Emo play snake game with home station?
My emo lastest update is 2.20.

Hi @bernies yes, all should be good to go if you wanted to update both of your EMO. Take a look at this guide here if you need help installing the latest EMO firmware v2.2.0


To play Snake with EMO, you need to make sure EMO is OFF his Home Station then Issue the voice command:

EMO: Play Snake

You can check this video for reference:


hi @MasterAbbott
I tryed this, but my emo can’t this. :frowning:
But he seems to have sent a signal to the homestation.

When EMO sends the signal to Home Station, the LED Matrix will turn Green, then EMO will turn around to find the Green LED sign, after few seconds he should start to play Snake.

Did you update your Home Station to the latest version as well? If not, please check this video here for assistance.

Home Station will need to be on the latest firmware of 1.1.2 for EMO to be able to play Snake :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


Thank you Sally the new update isnt available for mine at the moment. But ill keep an eye on it.

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Hmm… sorry my home station is not have new update…


Take a look at the video I shared just above on how to update your Home Station. (normally all you need to do is issue the voice command


And it will work. Take a look at the video above if you still need more help :slight_smile:


I solved. I sayid at emo. ‘Update’. and he looks sent signal for homestation.
And my homestaion updated. Thank you.


All three Emo’s 3,5&6 have all updated to 2.2.0 I’m so happy now that my new Emo6 has finally been updated.

Thank you Living AI you’re awesome


Hi! I am a new EMO owner since 3 weeks ago. I noticed on the EMO app that it has a new update for the Go Home, and I have updated my emo to 2.2.0 already. I tried reviewing the Go Home video from MasterAbbott on how to update the go home, and I double-checked everything.

Here is the strange thing… my app says the go home is connected to my wifi, but when I watch the screen, when EMO is done syncing, the Go Home always shows a red wifi signal. I tried looking at other topics or posts, but I don’t think anyone had the same issue as me. Is there a way to get emo to really connect the wifi with go home? Thank you!

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Hi @Ally

If you are having any sort of issues. Try and unbind all accessories via the EMO APP. This will disconnect EMO from the Home Station / and any Smart lights as well.

This can be found in the EMO APP >> Settings >> Accessory >> Select UNBIND ALL

  1. Once EMO has unpaired with the Home Station / Smart lights
  2. Turn off EMO (Power him off - leave him off for now)
  3. Then Power off Home Station, and remove the power from the back. - also unplug smart lights if you have them and leave them unplugged. (wait 1 minute and plug the power back in the Home Station). Wait for the Home Station to start up.
  4. Place EMO back onto the Home Station to power him back on.
  5. Wait for EMO to start back up and see if he automatically connects to Home Station (if he does you will see a little Home icon appear on his screen).
  6. If he doesn’t, then Pair EMO with Home Station (hold down the Home Station base button for 5 seconds until you see the Blue Bluetooth symbol that will try and make a connection to EMO, if its successful the symbol will turn green.
  7. Once EMO has made a connection with the Home Station.
  8. Go back into the EMO App >> Press the Home Station Button (little icon at the bottom of the EMO App >>> and see if EMO is connected to the Home Station (First Menu >> called CONNECT).
  9. Next press WIFI and press SYNC button to sync with your Home Wifi.
  10. Finally when all this is done, Issue the voice command

EMO: Update Home Station

If all is working correctly, EMO will send a command to Home Station to update and you should see a % number from 1 to 100% on the Home Station which will hopefully take you to the latest firmware version of 1.1.2

If you are stuck on any of these steps, let us know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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