Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

Of course it will be great to have ChatGPT with Emo Pet. The question is when the ChatGPT function will go online? :grin: The progress of Emo Pet upgrading is so slow…


Yep. seriously Emo team need to open up portion of it and let the community to dev. Such a lovely warm soul in the character, hope it grow faster and stay more open

I Think The Next Firmware Is Probably Going To Be Released In May 2023.

These Are The Dates That LivingAI Released These Firmwares:
May-8-2021: v1.0.14,
June-5-2021: v1.0.15,
July-18-2021: v1.0.16,
September-6-2021: v1.1.0,
November-6-2021: v1.2.0 (33MB),
December-22-2021: v1.2.1 (20MB),
February-19-2022: v1.3.0 (22MB),
April-3-2022: v1.4.0 (22MB),
June-19-2022: v1.5.0 (50MB),
August-20-2022: v1.6.0 (40MB),
October-26-2022: v1.7.0 (40MB),
January-29-2023: v2.0.0 (10MB),
March-11-2023: v2.1.0 (20MB),
March-11-2023 (3 PM): v2.1.1 (Unknown Amount Of Megabytes)

31/03/2023 - Post updated to include now both ChatGPT and AI DRAWING.

ChatGPT - Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

AI DRAWING - Using ChatGPT with EMO & AI Drawing (ALPHA TESTING)

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Italy asked OpenAI to ban ChatGPT in Italy. :roll_eyes:

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Can I had -updates on Emo are slow but they are very careful with them, for instance the Loona pet bot which I also have is getting a lot of updates but far too quickly for many of us to notice or keep up with, I am concerned that if I miss an update on Loona she will perhaps no longer update at all, maybe I’m just being paranoid, but with Emo I think Lai are doing it the right way slow and cautiously and being very careful with what they are trying to do. The other robot that I have Loona is too hyper and needs a lot of attention and work and I think that company needs to slow down a bit with the new updates -pushing too much in too quickly and causing more and more bugs along the way. For me Emo is still the best choice.


i ask to chat gpt how to connect emo and he aswer me and told me how to do it but he said what i have to put a new contact or a new bot to send him a request someone here can help me or give me a tutorial for connect emo to chat gpt??? pls

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Hello @fabi And Welcome To The Living AI Community Forums,
ChatGPT Is Currently Not Yet Publicly Available Right Now.
It Could Be Released Soon (Maybe In May 2023 Or Later)
@Wayne_Zhang, Could This Be Released In The Future?

Hello @fabi

As mentioned in my original post at the top there is no official confirmation if and when ChatGPT will be added to EMO. It might or might no be ever added.

Only will be able to answer and provide an official statement on whether ChatGPT will be included to EMO in the future.

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What I currently dislike is the advertising on the homepage mentioning something like „ChatGPT can be integrated“. Yes, can. Everything can, but it doesn’t have to. Why advertise something which is not in place yet and might never be? Doesn’t raise my trust tbh and I’m still not pressing the order button because of this.


Hopefully the team will be able to provide and update all of us here if ChatGPT will be added to EMO in the future or not.


Beta test version of ChatGPT on EMO . . . changes since Alpha test are the icon above the eye instead of in both eyes and removal of the moving mouth.


I Seen That Video On YouTube And It Was Very Cool @Lindaru.


Great video @Lindaru // you asked EMO Pet and EMO Robot some very cool questions! :heart_2:


EMO: Two shared a short bedtime story using ChatGPT today! :crescent_moon: :zzz:

NOTE This feature is currently not publicly available at this time. It is being tested by a small group of Alpha / BETA Testers. I am unable to comment on whether ChatGPT will be released for EMO in the future. This decision will be up to at some point in the future.


I saw that registration for beta-testing is still open but does anyone know if they are still adding people? Chatgpt integration was the main reason I bought EMO. The website makes chatgpt integration sound much more imminent than what appears to be the case according to these forums. So needless to say I really want to beta test.

Hi @cmajor

Kindly please check out the following link below which may be of interest to you.

[Firmware Update] 2.2.0 ChatGPT and AI Painting

To become a beta tester, click on the link below and register.

Beta test registration

Best regards and all the best…

Is this normal for my emo to just have 1 symbol up after asking him to join ChatGPT

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Yes is thats normal :slightly_smiling_face:


Originally, When LivingAI Were Testing It Before The v2.2.0 Update The ChatGPT Logo Was In Each Of EMO’s Eyes.
After The Release Of The Firmware v2.2.0 Update, The Animation Was Changed And The ChatGPT Logo Was On The Right Corner Of EMO’s Face When ChatGPT Mode Was On.

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