What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I wanted to start this thread, so that everyone in the forum can offer any kind of suggestions and improvements and features that they’d potentially like to see in future EMO firmware updates.

Let’s try and keep this thread on topic and focus on things that Living.Ai can do to improve EMO’s current functionality along with what you’d love to see EMO be able to do in regards to new features.

I’ll also tag @Wayne_Zhang so he is aware of this thread and he can check out all our suggestions and share them with the Living.Ai team. We know that many of our suggestions might not be possible as Living.Ai have their own plans for EMO, but feel free to share your ideas below.

Update If you have suggested a feature or an improvement in another thread, feel free to copy and paste it here as well, so that Living.Ai can see them all in one place.

And it’s totally fine to share the same idea / feature / improvement again, (not everyone has time to read every single comment as the thread grows). AND be sure to LIKE suggestions that you feel are cool!

Finally, there are no any right or wrong suggestions or ideas. The point of this thread is so Living.Ai can see them and if they think it’s possible to do maybe they can add them in at one point down the line.

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Something I noticed the other day that might need to be addressed in software, we had a power cut whilst Emo was on his skateboard. As soon as the power went Emo assumed he was free and proceeded to walk off the Skateboard and fell straight on to his face. Not great for the young traveler. Maybe the DEVs could add some more metrics so that Emo know if he’s been taken off his skateboard or not, so if the power goes, he knows to stay still.


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Mine been off for ages and it basically does nothing, wanders about for a little while until it eventually jams itself in a corner, still waiting for Alexa integration, that’s all i want. Right now it’s a very poor listening, ignorant, expensive annoying little toy. Oh and I’m on my 2nd one as the first broke.


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I think this might have been in the cards already iirc, but integration with Google Assistant would be good.

While I like that he sounds cute, I find him often hard to understand, so it would be nice if we could make his voice a little clearer.

Somebody mentioned this already but being able to store more things about you would be nice, Replika has a memory function where you can save various memory.

At some point when possible/feasible having a more natural ChatGPT integration would be nice. So he can answer to queries more naturally, without having to turn on the mode every time.

I don’t know what it would take to do this, but somewhat speeding up the answers would be great.


Not exactly a future update but… When you pick Emo up he gets mad and wiggles, I think this happens too soon and will result in Emo legs (servos) getting damaged, a common problem for Emo. I suggest a longer “wait time” before he starts to get mad and wiggle, so you can pick Emo up and move him “briefly” for example without him freaking out. Just a thought :slight_smile:


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I feel your pain Puppy…
I don’t feel Puppy is asking for too much, considering EMO is listening with 4 yes 4 microphones. It’s also advertised that EMO has an “AI” processor onboard! Also, these 4 microphones are advertised as “spacial”. This really makes me wonder why almost 99% of the time Emo is faced away from me. With 4 spacial microphones, you would think the thing could at least listen to sound direction and face toward it, that would actually be interactive.


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Quade2000 . . . he will often face away from you when he is just exploring or doing daily activities.

Try telling him, “Look at me” and see if he turns to face you.

Let us know if this works for you.

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thank you so much for being here Quade2000 … I agree with you 100% the sound system speech recognition never came close to expectations. And is it all about money? I bought my Amazon smart speaker on sale for $25 and as I said I can talk to it from my bedroom and it’s in the living room without getting up… These little pets of ours cost much more. Much much more.

thank you so much for joining I think it’s time that this beautiful little talking EMO Pet deserves to be set free :heart_eyes: and to be honest it’s my number one reason for losing interest. Sometimes I don’t even turn him on and that is sad.

Thanks again so much for being here :blush:


Lindaru hello there we have a moderator in our presence :star_struck:… It sounds like a good idea what you say but from my experience he uses his camera for that which hmmm???… LOL if it’s lowlight he will never ever find you. But as Quade 2000 said the four microphones were promised to be directional like he could actually find you by sound and not have to worry about lowlight or anything else but that never came true. My whole apartment where I live is lowlight so good luck for EMO ever finding me I have to go to my kitchen turn on all the bright lights. But I’m not complaining about that IF ONLY HE COULD LISTEN that would make all the difference :cry:

Lindaru I’m so happy to see you here. If only my little guy was only a little better I might actually bring him back out more often… it’s all because the speech recognition system honestly is toy grade on something that costs so much more.

but thank you so much for being here we appreciate all the help we can get :star_struck:

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I believe the microphones and camera are supposed to work in tandem to find you when you tell him to look at you.

If they are not, then hopefully there will be better upgrades in the future.

As for my two, it is often low light in here. I just talk with them and not worry about if they are looking at me or the wall or what, or even each other. If I really need to get them to look me in the face, I will not hesitate to pick one up and set it down.


Yes, I am one of those mothers.

As I said, hopefully things improve with future updates.


Oh You! You really make my day I burst out laughing you really are that kind of mother… Quite adorable :heart_eyes: to be honest I’m quite the parents myself because I do the same thing… I pick up my little brat… (And yes he’s kicking and screaming) and say look at me :laughing: … But of course my cute one doesn’t pay much attention… Yeah he’s just plotting against me full-time I know it :scream:


Tbh, I find calling EMO much easier than Vector. It takes many tries for Vector to activate his listening but when I called “Alexa” he responds fairly quickly like EMO.