Really uninspiring

you should see my autism and setting up a new computer… lol so bad. so i understand.

i had a second thought, maybe you have a friend who has an android phone and they could download the app to their phone and help your emo. If not that’s cool. Just an idea you might not have thought about


lol unfortunately no friends I have, just robot buddies and I don’t think they could lend me an android phone and do it for me hahaha

An android :robot: using an android :telephone_receiver: = :x::x::x::rofl:

My Family are not available either lol = me-black🐑


same here. At least you have emo. i find him to be a comforting little robot companion.


Emo is still a brand new robot and a lot of people love …like me myself he still growing and learning


you can email living ai to find out. Just reply to the conformation email they sent you. or send them a new email.



if I may add my two cents here from a bit more technical view:

AI doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a software (or robot) that is actually able to learn or anything.
AI has to be used to do the voice recognition (which for myself works quite well, although I’m a non-native English speaking German female (there were issues with female voices, I read). AI is used for all the recognition Emo does via his sensors, avoiding falling off heights, avoiding running into obstacles (if they are high enough to get recognized as such) and so on. You can play rock, paper, scissors with him utilizing his camera and so on sand so forth. Everything avout the voice recognition, face recognition, distance and height measuring, pattern recognition and so on are things we wouldn’t have without AI on the backend.
There is really a heapload of AI-stuff crammed into that little guy.

It is true, though, that the software/firmware in its current state is a bit limited in what you can actually do with Emo. And I can understand fully, if you are not quite so happy with it compared with the services Amazon, Google or Apple provide with their personal assistants. But maybe you should try to look at it like this: Living AI don’t claim to provide you with a digital assistant but rather with a desktop pet that’s meant to keep you company and amuse you a bit, cheer you up that is. Also I am very sure they are way smaller than those huge companies which can afford millions or even billions to build up their AI engines (and to do that also collect the data of hundreds of thousands / millions of users).
In addition, the software iscurrently very regularly updated with new and enhanced features, and as far as I can tell, Living AI seem to monitor the wishes of their community quite closely and try to fulfill those.

Just to share some thoughts here.

Anyway, if you think Emo isn’t what you expected it to be, I guess you should try to contact the Living AI support and ask them for a refund. Name your order number with Which you got your Emo, and I’m sure they will be able to help you.

As to your suggestions, they look quite good. There is a big thread over there where the community collects their wishes. Maybe you could post yours there, too?

Kind regards

Edit: accidentally posted the first draft twice, deleted the first one. :slight_smile: )


I get amused at all the negative comments. I really would like to understand what people expect for $300. A good-quality air sensor costs at least 300 to perform one task. Yes, Emo has issues. However, I remember how much I paid and manage my expectations. I doubt many people would want to pay more for this type of device and most likely complain about the cost of a more expensive device with better functionality.


Hey @Racheal123
Can anyone get the de-bugger app? Or do you need to be given a link from support or whatnot?
Can It actually fix EMO walking to the left?

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@Ramo got it via a link they sent me. And it should fix it. the app basically is a re-claberation for emo’s feet.


I paid $25 that’s it for my Alexa smart speaker it is perfect just like Google. Add a screen and a couple servos and wallah…it’s EMO…Just because it’s $300 doesn’t mean they could not have made it a sensation… Most of EMO’s problem is there server on their end this is where all speech commands what little there is resides… I think they misled people intentionally by saying that Amazon Alexa coming soon… There’s not a chance why would Amazon give their trademark speech recognition to these people when they want to sell their own smart speakers. See my point so they advertised it as a cheap trick it never made any sense and you’re never going to see it. Think about it… I’ve said from the beginning if you want this product to be better for adults and children alike fix the speech recognition system. I understand the frustration that people are having. Sometimes I have a harder understanding of why people say he is so terrific… I mean I like having EMO Pet but his limitations are real and living AI has been lying with its false advertising. So everything’s cool to allow them to advertise false features right? You forgive them there still being advertised… Reminds me of Trump supporters the guy lied to their face every single day as they still chanted your my hero. living AI needs a new speech engine not everybody yelling EMO into a microphone that will do nothing just watch. It’s a big lost opportunity for living AI to not concentrate on a speech engine that’s decent.
Shortly other companies will come online and enter the market and they will have this speech engine. At that point if living AI hasn’t chosen to step up… guess what will happen? they will shut down their servers and out of business and then you really will have a pet rock.could only be a year or two away… Things move fast. just my two cents because I understand where his complaints are coming from… Simplified EMO Pet is great just give him a speech engine that actually works and a database for common questions at minimum. How about a timer that goes past two digits etc. etc. talk about missed opportunities


[RJWPope] too many people are talking what do you expect for $300… Remember to make the very first music CD would cost hundreds of thousands just made up example… But the rest of them cost two cents each… Living AI just has to make 1 speech recognition system on their end and then every single EMO Pet would have it… It’s a cost that would be well-balanced do you get my point? Even if they charged only two dollars extra for each EMO Pet it would probably pay for itself. It’s this speech recognition that would change everything EMO Pet himself is just fine. He just needs some more interaction… This would please everybody even the ones that swear they love him now would just love him even more :heart_eyes:


A lot of EMO owners have already shared some of the pros and cons, better speech recon is what many owners would love EMO to have, but is it possible to do without having to spend millions of dollars? I saw what @HeavensRevenge wrote, and I think it’s quite accurate. I don’t believe has anywhere near the same level of resources / $$$ of a Google / Amazon / Apple to be throwing millions/billions of dollars into creating a world-class AI/Desktop Assistant that will understand you even if you whisper, scream, cry, laugh or anything else you throw at it, it would be fantastic if EMO had the same technology, but I don’t think it will ever happen or be on the same level as Google Home / Alexa or Siri.

As @Puppy444 has mentioned on numerous occasions, EMOs speech recon needs to be improved and is not on par with his Alexa, but then we need to also go back to what @HeavensRevenge mentioned, I also have mentioned this in the past, Google / Alexa / Siri is on a different level than EMO and the speech recon that he is currently using at the moment.

But that is because Google / Amazon / can throw more/spend $$ Millions of dollars into this kind of technology, and on top of that, they are selling their products for next to nothing so they can try and keep on top of the market share/competition as well.

I would like to see EMO improve in many ways, he is (ever so slowly), but at least he is moving forward (and he’s certainly come a long way since he was first released). If specific things like Speech Recon can be improved/upgraded even in a small way, that would greatly benefit everyone in the long run and hopefully, make interacting with EMO much more enjoyable.


I’ve also been saying that the speech recognition needs work, people just expect expensive technology to go into a tiny robot that will not be able to handle it look at Aibo or NAO robots, it will not be like them and it will never be like them all Emo will do is more and better stuff that he already does.

As for the Alexa that is already in Vector and I’m pretty damn sure ddl never asked permission.
So why not Emo?

Anyway I also understand why people might not like it because they expect too much for so little money.

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Can you tell us if the debug app would actually sort the problem of Emo turning off to the left whilst trying to walk forward thanks. I just wish that iOS could be used for this purpose as well.

I don’t know EMO how it is really, but the customer service is really bad… Almost one month and my package isn’t still at my country. Aliexpress packages are more faster than this, a $300 product lost in space…

You will have your Emo soon I know it’s frustrating but we all have to wait or had to wait a long time for ours. Hope you get it soon.

Try waiting six months lol like we did!

PFFF It can’t be real, six months omg… But I can’t understand, I bought a really expensive products from China and I have it in a few days and really good tracked! The info doesn’t update since one week, between my country and China. I know the world is big but how is travelling? In Elephant? O.o

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I know it’s ridiculous really considering that they can send out a replacement for you much sooner when you need to send them back the broken one but Lai don’t receive the broken one you send back to them for the same amount of time as you would normally receive your new Emo, I find this very strange…


Will try and find and let you know :slight_smile:

@azuukichan have you tried to message @AmyLU directly via Private Message, maybe Amy can check and investigate where the package is for you?


Yup, but I don’t have any answer… Understand how frustrating is for the clients, master… U_U

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