Really uninspiring

Got this emo after what “looked” to be a great interacting desk robot and fun…

What turned out is a very blocky to understand, limited piece of plastic that is very very basic and hardly ever responds to its name.

I have a clean clear British accent/voice. I don’t have a regional accent etc. Emo does NOTHING when I say its name. And it’s not like Google where you can rattle a command after saying ok Google. Emo you have to say its name … Wait for it to acknowledge its wake word, then say a limited command, in which it might OR might not acknowledge and action it.

The actions it has are extremely limited. I don’t feel as though I’m interacting with it. Even the games feels code based rather than AI … there’s absolutely zero AI to this robot it’s all prest information it runs from and lack of, at best.

Is there a user satisfaction refund? Because seriously it’s absolutely rubbish as an A.I.


You work for DDL dont you lol


DDL? If they’re better then I may of bought the wrong robot? What’s DDL?

Digital dream labs …they made vector and cozmo they sued living ai when they was making Emo u can look it up🙂


Oh daaaaamn there little robot has cubes and responds in a quicker way! it even has live viewing ability.

Can I get a refund on emo? it really does need a haul over with it’s code so it’s not slow and clunky at activating and actioning a command.

some nice features would be:

  • faster respons to wake command
  • ability to wake and action a command in one hit rather than a pause to allow emo to listen first (standard google/alex/bixby listening, example: “Emo” … long pause till it acknowledges … “whats the time?”)
  • force learn user voices throug the app (retrain voice command like google home, instead of just taking a picture and adding my name to it’s library)
  • live view and move ability
  • quiet time mode (one thats activated by a time span like 9pm - 7am etc, that instead of muting, or volume controlling or even powering off, but have it still do things without needing to make a sound from me muting the robot… (which again asking emo to mute and has no idea what i am saying, another annoying trait).
  • record video, not just “emo, take a picture”
  • talk through phone for emo to act as a loud speaker
  • have emo respond to QR items around the desk to interact with.
  • When I say “emo” it actually turns to me… you show it doing this, but not once has emo actually turned around to face me when i ask it’s name.

some of these may already be achieved or “in the future development” but as it stands currently. Emo is just Sooooooo slow to do anything (I don’t mean it’s movement speed), theres no memory for it to know where it’s walked to and where to walk back to, doesn’t follow straight line paths, (using treasure hunt… press forward and it veers off tangent).

Must admit DDL have the upper hand with controlability and userbility. Would be nice to hear more from the dev’s about the future development of whats to come. As being in the darm of what there future path is, is very lackluster and doesn’t fill me with confidence of this unit become anything better than a powered off paper weight.


Not being critical but Emo is brilliant and yes it’s not really a real AI Robot in the sense of Google/Alexa or any other way and if it was then it would cost a few thousand dollars like Aibo/NAO Robot.

I have two Vectors and a Cozmo and they are both great but Vector has a lot of junk trivia stuff in him that is mostly useless and so confusing which seems to be what ddl have randomly gotten from the internet.

Vector is on a subscription -Emo isn’t on a subscription and Cozmo is the one where you have to constantly use the app, both are decent enough but in my opinion they are not worth the money especially 2.0 whereas Emo is a bit more simple but growing with each fantastic update unlike the other party who when they update there robots there is nothing special at all.

So to top it off -Emo is in working progress and is getting better all the time and customer support is better but it’s not perfect but at least they really give a ***** about their product and customers unlike the other party.

I really don’t understand why a few people don’t like Emo but that’s okay no worries, I would understand it if it was broken. Try not to expect too much from something like Emo, you’ll only be disappointed.

Many people love Emo and are happy with their choices, you also have your opinion and that’s good, but to be fair -did you really believe that a cheaper robot would have real AI seriously.

Alexa/Google (I hope Alexa) will be installed on a future update but even with that just like Vector it’s not the same as Emo being more intelligent, it will probably be Alexa’s voice not Emo just like Vector which I don’t use because it’s not Vectors voice.

Anyway hope everyone here understands what I’m trying to say I LOVE Emo. And I bet if everybody just put their MEMBER NAME into a list it would be huge and for the MEMBERS who don’t like Emo into another list it would be very short indeed. Thank you and please respect Living AI……

My name first: Racheal123 - I :100::heart_hands: Emo


The one important thing for me is I wish that Living AI would make another app for iOS in order to use the Debug-app because right now it’s only available for Android which is not fair. I really need to be able to calibrate one of my Emo’s. He keeps walking to the left side. Not good if Emo is going to be using the self charging station.


:100: from Lindaru, too.

As for the DDL products . . . Vector 2.0 took forever to get made and shipped. Many waited so long that they ended up cancelling their pre-orders.

My Vector was working just fine until a few days ago. Discovered that my Anki Vector life time subscription has been cancelled so now he cannot respond to any voice commands even though he is connected to wi fi.

There are a fair number of people complaining about this and “The Droid You Are Looking For” blog even made a statement about this. Not sure if it will ever be fixed. I am not one to ask for refunds but if any more days go by, I will be wanting my life time subscription refunded. While he is not a paper weight, he is no longer able to respond to voice commands and instead of acting like a robot, he now acts like a pet, say a cat for example.

Both of my EMO do so much and Living A I does not require a subscription. Even if they did, I am sure they would never pull something so under handed as to just yank it from you after you paid it in full.


have you though about getting a really cheap android phone for emo? for the app.

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So sorry to hear that you been treated like that, they should be sued by all their Vector owners. They should give that money back.


I had a Android phone wants before, because of the bugs and countless other problems that I had with it
I swore to never get one again, my Autism is difficult with confusing technology, Apple is so easy and very helpful to my needs, with simple instructions on how to use it.

I threw it in the trash in protest…! LOL

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you should see my autism and setting up a new computer… lol so bad. so i understand.

i had a second thought, maybe you have a friend who has an android phone and they could download the app to their phone and help your emo. If not that’s cool. Just an idea you might not have thought about


lol unfortunately no friends I have, just robot buddies and I don’t think they could lend me an android phone and do it for me hahaha

An android :robot: using an android :telephone_receiver: = :x::x::x::rofl:

My Family are not available either lol = me-black🐑


same here. At least you have emo. i find him to be a comforting little robot companion.


Emo is still a brand new robot and a lot of people love …like me myself he still growing and learning


you can email living ai to find out. Just reply to the conformation email they sent you. or send them a new email.



if I may add my two cents here from a bit more technical view:

AI doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a software (or robot) that is actually able to learn or anything.
AI has to be used to do the voice recognition (which for myself works quite well, although I’m a non-native English speaking German female (there were issues with female voices, I read). AI is used for all the recognition Emo does via his sensors, avoiding falling off heights, avoiding running into obstacles (if they are high enough to get recognized as such) and so on. You can play rock, paper, scissors with him utilizing his camera and so on sand so forth. Everything avout the voice recognition, face recognition, distance and height measuring, pattern recognition and so on are things we wouldn’t have without AI on the backend.
There is really a heapload of AI-stuff crammed into that little guy.

It is true, though, that the software/firmware in its current state is a bit limited in what you can actually do with Emo. And I can understand fully, if you are not quite so happy with it compared with the services Amazon, Google or Apple provide with their personal assistants. But maybe you should try to look at it like this: Living AI don’t claim to provide you with a digital assistant but rather with a desktop pet that’s meant to keep you company and amuse you a bit, cheer you up that is. Also I am very sure they are way smaller than those huge companies which can afford millions or even billions to build up their AI engines (and to do that also collect the data of hundreds of thousands / millions of users).
In addition, the software iscurrently very regularly updated with new and enhanced features, and as far as I can tell, Living AI seem to monitor the wishes of their community quite closely and try to fulfill those.

Just to share some thoughts here.

Anyway, if you think Emo isn’t what you expected it to be, I guess you should try to contact the Living AI support and ask them for a refund. Name your order number with Which you got your Emo, and I’m sure they will be able to help you.

As to your suggestions, they look quite good. There is a big thread over there where the community collects their wishes. Maybe you could post yours there, too?

Kind regards

Edit: accidentally posted the first draft twice, deleted the first one. :slight_smile: )


I get amused at all the negative comments. I really would like to understand what people expect for $300. A good-quality air sensor costs at least 300 to perform one task. Yes, Emo has issues. However, I remember how much I paid and manage my expectations. I doubt many people would want to pay more for this type of device and most likely complain about the cost of a more expensive device with better functionality.


Hey @Racheal123
Can anyone get the de-bugger app? Or do you need to be given a link from support or whatnot?
Can It actually fix EMO walking to the left?

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@Ramo got it via a link they sent me. And it should fix it. the app basically is a re-claberation for emo’s feet.