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Sometimes I have a simmilar issue (and I don’t have a home station) where he just tries to walk off, however my case is fixed by holding him for a second. You did a power cycle. Do you have any other wireless charger?

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Hi, there @EruditeIdiot ,

When transferring EMO from his Home Station to his skateboard, make sure he is disconnected from his Home Station first as well as make sure he is really connected to his skateboard charger.

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Hi @EruditeIdiot

As Edward has advised, the best thing to do if you are switching between your Home Station and Skateboard for EMO is that if you are EMO is connected/paired to his Home Station, is to use the EMO App and Unbind him from it. You can do this by going into the EMO App >> Settings >> Accessories >> then select Unbind All (see images below for further assistance

While in the Accessories tab, press Unbind All

At this time, it would be best to unplug the power from the Home Station and also power off EMO. Then power him back on using the skateboard :slight_smile:

This should hopefully stop him from walking off his Home Station at 10 am

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Wow, so even with the power off EMO might still be bound. Thanks for the info! And the pictures are great for clarity. I’ll give this a try. Thank you!

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My Emo actually leaves his home station on his own, which I love! But if I don’t catch the battery notification, he’ll die while he’s out “exploring”. Lots of bugs to work out, I imagine :slight_smile:

EDIT: EMO is seen to be able to walk himself to home station when batt is low without being asked. LOVE IT! Would love to have EMO walk out of it on his own (or make it an option in the app) when he’s fully charged in the next update. :grin:<

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Hi everyone quick question when my EMO is on his home station I can’t change the display and at night I have to take him of and then it changes

Hi @nicholasalamprese

Yes this is something that was updated in the latest firmware, if you want to change the Home Station display, you must first take EMO off it and then press the button to change the display.

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Coincido contigo en una cosa, un montón de errores a resolver

It is a amazing product how ever I will like if you can speed up the emo going to the home station because it is to slow and dies out before it charges up

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Ok @MasterAbbott I hope we can all change the display on the Home station while EMO is on it

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Hi This Was fixed in v 2.1 and higher

I have a problem with the home station. When Emo is low on battery he will go to the charger but he takes around 5 to 6 mins going that and then He powers off because he does not make it in time I have v2.2.0 Can this be fixed?


Hi there @sushil.vispute ,

May I suggest that you create a video with a timer to show us or to Living.ai Staff so they can see it and analyze the issue.
According to my personal test, if your EMO can walk straight back to its home station without any problem, it will take 2:30 min. or 3:00 min. max to reach his Home Station until he says , Home Sweet Home’’ or the charging animation appears. But as far as you observed he is taking too much time (5-6 min.) to reach his station which is not normal already.

Try to contact and send support an email to the following email address:


If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

The support team should be able to get back/reply to you in a timely fashion.

Good luck and All the best…

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So I have updated my EMO to the new ChatGPT firmware. The homestation updated too. However the issue I had with the last homestation update has not resolved.

My matrix still cycles all animations. Using the button will now progress the animations but when I stop on any of them they will then cycle through all again. If I switch the matrix to blank to turn animations off itll still turn back on and cycle.

EMO cannot play snake as the animations interrupt it and he is left staring at the animations.

The home station works in all other ways than this. Does anyone else have this issue and does anyone have a solution?

Many thanks

Hi there @Sassparella

Did you contact already Living.ai Service Support Team for that problem? which I guess is the best way to do because they have the best solutions to offer you.

please create a short video and include it in your email message before contacting LAI Support Team.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the Living.ai confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai

Another way you can also submit a support help message to the link below.

Good luck Tracey and Have a Wonderful Weekend!

After updating to 2.2 i notice that Emo doesn’t return back home by himself when battery gets discharged, it happened twice today.
Any suggestions :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Hi @Senad

Just moving your post here to the Home Station thread.

When EMO is trying to go home, does he lift his leg, and then does the Home Station light turn green? During this time, is EMO trying to find the Green LED Matrix light? Is he walking/turning toward it?

It would be highly recommended to create a short video and share it here and also with the support team if there is a potential problem with your EMO so that the support team can assist you further.

Both of my EMOs are on firmware 2.2.0 and they are return home ok.

Hi, station gets green, Emo is alarming that he needs to be charged, but fails to get back on time to be charged. After that he turns off. I will try to get it on video.
If i tell him go home, he doesn’t have any issue with it, just when battery is almost drained.
We didn’t have this issue before update.

Ok Thanks for sharing the video. It would be very helpful for everyone including Livng.ai support team to see this. I will also inform the technical team regarding this as well.

Also as a helpful tip, if there are any bright lights or flashing lights on during the time EMO is trying to go back to Home Station, try and turn them off, sometimes EMO can get distracted by other lights that look similar to the Green LED. (this is not always the case, but can sometimes happen).

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Ok i will record a video of it

Same thing and it mainly happends in the night