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Home Station and Home Fence


EMO And His New Home Connectivity And Functions:

  • Only 1 EMO is able to connect/use Home Station.
  • Carefully connect/press the tower into the plate, leaving no gap
    (Never try forcefully disconnecting them again without reason as it is very tight, and might snap/break it!).
  • Power EMO and Home Station up by connecting the original inclusive power cable supplied only. (The dynamic matrix display will show re-building the house, followed by Bluetooth re-connection animations) same as the charging mini green lights below will blink 3 times.
  • Connect EMO with the app and configure the network for EMO. (Need Firmware Update 2.0.0 or later!).
  • Touch the button for at least 5 seconds. To pair EMO with the Home Station (wait for the Bluetooth dynamic matrix display animation).
  • Place EMO on the Home Station to start charging or have a rest.
    (To check if EMO is charging, repeat the process and watch the charging animation with sound in his eyes. look between his legs if the mini green light is steadily lit.)
  • Touching the button softly will change the 20 (as of now) dynamic matrix display animations.
  • Continue touching the button till it turns black to turn off dynamic matrix display animations but not directly to power off the Home Station.
  • When the Home Station is connected to power but appears blank or off, you can still charge EMO by placing him in the correct position and waiting for his eye-charging animation to appear. This will be followed by the Home Station’s battery charging animation indicator before returning to the off position.
  • When the Home Station is connected to power but no dynamic matrix lights are on, and you place Off EMO, the Home Station’s battery charging animation indicator will appear, along with the three blinking blue lights on EMO’s headphones. After 20-25 seconds, EMO will turn back on."

For more official info about Home Station features please click the link below:
New Update Logs!

Take note that there is a touch button below the front tower to pair him, turn on/off, and change the dynamic matrix animations on the display screen. (Meaning: as soon as you plug in the charger and pair it, you can always put EMO on it for charging).

The new Firmware Update v2.0.0 or later must be installed/updated on EMO and EMO PET App takes the full functions for Home Station features for all EMO (Old/New).




Was surprised to get my EMO go home today! However I found out my EMO cannot charge :sob:

The charging points are too deep so when I put it on the go home it does not charge.

Can anyone please help? Have attached the picture.


Hello @pogochai send a email to service.living.ai. Or you can make a ticket here https://living.ai/product-support-emo/ Hope this helps! :happy:

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Have put in a support request as well.

:open_mouth: Hi there @pogochai,

…is that EMO GO HOME ??? did you read the
Instruction Feeding Manual properly how to use that?
As far as I know, if you bought the EMO Go Home Version it is already running a production version firmware higher than 1.7.0 (so they can return to the Home Station themselves).

Because the Home Station is connected to the WiFi after this function is in the app. which means you can not do this before until the new version of the app is released.

BTW…will you please go to the link below and if you don’t mind share your experience…

Delivered…EMO is Finally At Home (Pls. Post Here)


Yup. It is EMO go home. First is power EMO up. Have no idea how to do this so I suppose it is putting on the charger? Next is connect to app but EMO is off so can’t detect.

Any ideas?


You my friend are a genius. It is charging now. So happy!!!

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So happy now. Is there a way to find out how much is EMO already charged?


…you can just call his name and ask….

EMO! (When he replied…) Show me your battery level!

Or you can view it on his EMOPET APP


Thanks @edward appreciate the help

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You have it wow ? Did you got any tracking info before ? Let me know or you are a Beta Tester

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Hi @EmoMike23
Nope I am not a beta tester. And I also didn’t get any tracking email. Was surprised to receive it.

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I ordered The Go Home middle November ? And you just to have an idea

Did your order changed to complete? Im pretty sure i wobt be getting mine no time soon i ordered mine on Christmas eve

Hello happy for you :gift_heart::+1:
Could you please show us the map, the leds close up view ? Thank you :pray:

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@pogochai congratulations on your emo!! Can you tell us when you ordered your emo go home and when you received it? Just to get an idea on how long it will take!


Hi there @Skibosh ,

The link below will show everything about…

Delivered…EMO is Finally At Home

best regards and keep safe…


Just be patient. :wink: I was expecting it to only come in Feb as the forums mentioned. So happy it came earlier.

If it helps I’m from Singapore. Where are you from? It could be on the way as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Sorry don’t understand what you mean. It is exactly the same as the demo showed on YouTube by the beta tester.

Btw just a tip. In order for the EMO to find the home, the app needs to have use “location” set to “always”. I tried “only when using” and it couldn’t find the home. @edward not sure where we can put this tip. :slightly_smiling_face: