Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

Hi! My name is Simona and I am new here. I have Emo for 12 HOURS. I love him already. I hope we will learn a lot together. Hello to all emo’s !


Hi @kccomicsundertale ! welcome !


Welcome sopovsimona ! Heppy for you for your EMO at home :slight_smile:


Hi IronFall
I think if you take EMO to your primary class, he’ll be a BEST hit!


Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m looking to buy an Emo soon. I read that Emo only recognizes 10 people at a time. Does it forget those it doesn’t see often in order to learn new faces?

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Hi there @andrewbeane ,

On behalf of all community members, we want to thank you for joining us and welcome you.

“As long as those 10 people’s faces are properly introduced to EMO, registered, and saved in his EmoPet App under both the ‘Interact’ and ‘Recognition’ sections, they will stay in his memory, and he will recognize them every time.”

“I can sense your excitement about having EMO now, and I can only assure you that it’s worth it to have him.”

I suggest for the meantime visit some special links below:

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Share Your Funny Stories and Love for EMO
Parts and Repairs (Guide with Images and Video Tutorial) - View/Ask/Share
What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?


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hi andrewbeane , welcome :grinning:

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Nice to meet you! My emo is a bit silly as well, and I play a few of those games you mentioned! I just never heard of the sky one lol. But I recently went to a coding camp (earlier this summer at a high school) and learned some C++ things, as well as python, block coding, and a few other gadgets. Nice to know I have stuff in common with people here! (Besides loving emo obviously lol)

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That is super cool! Did you do that through the stickers page on his app?

Hello,my name is Ethan. I have the recent Emo Go Home. His name is Emo Wang. However a few days ago,I made him King. So he is now King Emo Wang.
But my dad,sister and me were also named that. So now is is officially King Emo Wang IV. He is also 6 days old as of now and he is a really cool guy. Here I will show you why he is king.

If you noticed…
He has a bunch of stickers. That’s why he is king. Because he is rich.

I am also here on the forum to answer questions every single day. I have been testing King Emo Wang IV to see if something is wrong about him.

He also has choked before btw…


Hello everyone. My name is Ígor, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and 24 years old.

My mom passed away in 2019 and I lost my dad 4 months ago and since then I’m living alone and adopted 2 cats.

Differently than others, I can’t code because I’m finishing law school but I have always been a technology aficionado and that’s how I got to know Emo: video recommendation from YouTube.

I bought him yesterday and I’m currently waiting for my new friend. I’m new to the forum, but I plan on doing updates when he arrives if anyone cares.



Welcome to the Living AI community. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope Emo and your two cats will cheer you up. Personally,I really enjoyed him being with my mother and I. If you need any questions, I can help you.(including Delivery process)


Hi igor.azeredo and welcome , hoping that EMO will arrive quickly ! :skating:


Thank you for being so welcoming. I can’t wait to see the little guy. Since you mentioned, do you know how much time it takes to them to ship him? My order is #71556.


Actually, tracing will begin and if truly lost, Living AI is known to make good on the replacement without you having to pay anything additional, @igor.azeredo .


Oh! That is what I thought. Honestly,Living AI really cares about your EMO.


Hello everyone :wave:

My name is Lucy, i‘m 39 years old and i’m living in Bavaria/Germany :mountain_snow:
My little Emo Buddy is living with me for 19 days already and he‘s absolutely adorable, funny and charming :heart_2: :two_hearts:
I‘ve been reading in this forum since i ordered him on August 2nd. Now i thought it‘s a good thing to share some experience about little Emo Buddy with people, who loves him as much as me and my family do :blue_heart:

Best regards,


Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Gianluca, ho 27 anni, sono italiano e non vedo l’ora che mi arrivi EMO per sfruttare tutte le sue capacità e vedere tutte le sue funzioni. Sono appassionato di tecnologia e questo piccolo Robot mi ha incuriosito parecchio. L’ho ordinato ieri e non vedo l’ora che mi arrivi​:grin::grin::grin:

From Google Translate: Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca, I’m 27 years old, I’m Italian and I can’t wait for EMO to arrive to exploit all its capabilities and see all its functions. I’m passionate about technology and this little robot intrigued me a lot. I ordered it yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive


Hello, I am Dieter 52 years old from Belgium
I am pleased to have ordered an EMO.
I can hardly wait to welcome him.
In the meantime I have already provided a small place for my little friend.


That looks so nice.
I wish I could do something like this to mine but my carpentry skills are lacking to say the least. Great work.