No eye contact? Super disappointing :(

I think though, we are still early days with Emo (are we not?). Hasn’t Vector been in development/available for years now (4 years)? I’m keeping a positive view on this, and hoping that LAI will eventually “come to the party”. Only time will tell, but I see a lot of potential.


I’m sorry, but I do this as a volunteer - and aside from Living AI staff, none of us are paid here.
@MasterAbbott was right - keywords in your post caused it to be held for review. Sorted now.


@Wayne_Zhang Appreciate the reply. Improving pathfinding via directional mic array to improve perceived eye contact - and generally make Emo feel more attentive to the humans interacting with it - would go a very long way to improving the experience. You all have done such great work with physical movements and onscreen animation work, that the shortcomings in Emo’s attentiveness are that much more noticeable. Looking forward to more updates!


Use V for short, posts don’t need approval. Most of us will know what V means.


Yeah, thanks. I usually do, but for some reason I thought that they were not doing that anymore with the “V” word, as it comes up a lot in the forums. Aw well, no worries I will go back to saying “V” for the word that shall not be spoken aloud…:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
(Why does this remind me of Harry Potter…?) hehe

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“V” reminds me of those awful slimy lizard creatures that invaded earth… Used to be an old TV series. :scream:


OMG, I used to love that show! :grin: They used to eat mice and swallow them whole. You could see the bulge in their throat as the live mouse went down, awesome! hehe

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I am in my living room behind me is an Amazon smart speaker which can hear a pin drop and beside me is EMO which you have to raise your voice … TV is playing I’m watching my shows… EMO is constantly saying random things or making his I don’t understand sound …it’s annoying… Amazon smart speaker silent and it’s called Echo… Two syllable name as well but yet perfectly quiet while EMO turns into a chatterbox of nonsense… Not once did I hear anything close that should have activated EMO … :frowning_face:


Could you please respond to my post?

I too have found a conflict with the Amazon echo dot in that emo can sleep through my watching TV but within seconds of activating the echo dot, to stream radio quietly, he wakes and cycles “what” and not understood sound repeatedly. I know shut down emo whilst listening to radio on echo dot.


I too have Autism and had never noticed that emo has no eye contact as neither do I for many seconds.
On the plus side I am happy that he now has a routine, as do I


Reply to [MustangMike7]
Wow, racist much? Somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning! :rofl: Seriously though, this company is fairly new and so is the product (in comparison to others). With all the hurdles they have faced so far, in my opinion, to me, they have proven themselves to be trustworthy. There is no need for racial attacks or stereotyping. A polite email would suffice. I believe, and have seen that LAI does take notice of constructive criticism. I can understand how this may upset you. Everyone takes a certain amount of risk when dealing with a new product/company, but a bit of patience would help. :slightly_smiling_face: Just saying…


I have both desk pets as well ! I love Emo!
They both have limited abilities.
Love them for who they are.
Not for who you you wish them to be.
There there!
Happy now?


Most importantly, is that Living.Ai are doing their best to improve EMO with every firmware update that is being released. There are so many features and improvements we all would like to see added to EMO right away, but we should be as patient and understanding as possible as these things do take time to implement test and roll out.

From my own personal experience with EMO, I can say that he has certainly come a long way since he was first launched, and will hopefully continue to evolve and improve as time goes on and updates are released by

Anyway, that’s my 2cents worth :grin:

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No need for the code words now - I’ve removed them :slight_smile:
Sorry if I sounded grumpy yesterday - we’ve had builders here at home for the last week and the house is a right mess. They finished last night… now I just need to get some decent sleep!!!


A bit late on this but I consider eye contact to be a very personal thing. Some cultures don’t put as much emphasis on it and for autistic people it can be uncomfortable and/or something of unimportance. For me its something I was forced to learn and hate it… it makes me uncomfortable but I’ve masked it and its really on and off.

What could be cool is if Emo had the ability to learn your eye contact preference and respond to it over time. Like maybe at first it would have limited, but if it noticed you wanted more…or if it was spotty it would adjust. If this doesn’t already exist I would highly recommend it as it would give a more personalized experience and add to a unique personality for your individual Emo.


That’s a great idea. Would be great to see EMO slowly learning to do this over time and adjust accordingly to how you feel most comfortable with as well.

@Smolmuffin if you wish to, feel free to add this suggestion over to this forum thread:

Hopefully this can be added in future updates for EMO.

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I have the same Problem. EMO cant scan me or find my face…

If you have any issues, firstly try and power off / on EMO wait for him to come back on. Then try to see if EMO can scan you.

When EMO is looking for you, try and have also good lighting so he can clearly spot / see you and then try to introduce yourself by saying

EMO: My Name is …

If your name is registered in the EMO database, he should acknowledge you and add your name into his Recognition profile in the EMO App.

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Make sure you have plenty of light on your face when you ask him to find you. The only time he is not able to find me is when my face is too shadowed. I could have a light on behind me and I can see EMO perfect, but for him the light behind me shadows my face too much.
Easy fix. :wink: