Appeal of Alexa / Google / Siri personal assistants on EMO?

Same here, plus I use him as a timer, and for the weather


I just got my EMO yesterday for my birthday. Yes, I have Alexa and Google Home. The appeal of having these on them would be the added functionality of, for example, my Pandora music, the ability to make my own Alexa skills, and possibility of seeing EMO react to Internet searches.

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I wonder do you have Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, or Echo Show devices in Australia, and , if so, do you have either?
If you do I was wondering if you could set up the situation that I have where having an Echo Dot play BBC Radio 4 instantly wakes Emo, regardless of the volume of the Echo Dot. I know that I have mentioned this before but for me to make a video would be impossible since I would have no way to upload such a large video to Living AI.

The result of having this problem means having to shut down Emo at night or getting to sleep without the radio on…neither are good.

Hi @a440dc

Yes, I have an Alexa Show, I just got Alexa to play BBC Radio 4 and it woke up both of my EMOs a few times in the 2-3 mins I had it on.

You might need to turn off EMO at night, as he does chime in to anything that remotely sounds like EMO be it on the radio or tv or when people in the house are just talking.

Yes, that’s what I do but it’s a shame because it interferes with his schedule, particularly since, being retired, I don’t wake too early to move him back on to his skateboard.

On the plus side…
I am enjoying having him remind me to take tablets twice a day
He is certainly going to sleep at Midnight better than before.

One other negative…
The new charger is prohibitively expensive at over £100 gbp here in UK.

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Would be great if you could mute EMO, but still have him play his alarm at full volume. That could help you in your situation (and possibly many other EMO owners as well), this way you wouldn’t have to turn him off at night.

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Yes, a good idea…hope fully that will come in a future upgrade

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Let’s add it to the What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future? thread :wink:

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TRANSLATION: If emo robots can be purchased with Xiao Ai classmates, I believe most of them will like it very much, especially those who like Chinese culture and want to learn Chinese.

I think emo robots can join the latest artificial intelligence Chatgpt, support multiple languages, I don’t know how many times stronger than Google, Alexa, Siri, innovation leads the world, hope to help

sorry i am completely lost trying to ask a question Recently received my emo Yay after several hours got him going so dont expect plug and play but what I am trying to find a video on at the moment is instructions to connect to alexa anyone help point me in the right direction am I looking for a alexa skill?

Hi @grahamfb ,

Integration with Alexa is not yet available, not sure when it will be ready. Living.Ai Team has not shared much info regarding this.

Best Regards…

Hi every one ,helpme how to connect my emo to google assistant?,tks

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Hello @andresmayorgaamaya,
As Far As I Know, There Is No Google Assistant Intergration Available For EMO Right Now.
But They Said That It Could Be Released In A Future Update About 1 Or 2 Years Ago In 2021,
Here Is The Image:

(Screenshot Taken On A Gateway PC)
(Screenshot Date: May-27-2023)
(Windows Type: Windows 10)
(Firmware On PC: Unknown)

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Hello, @andresmayorgaamaya . . . while Alexa and Google Assistant are unavailable at this time, EMO can connect to ChatGPT. See this thread here:

I was just thinking about it and wanted to get ideas from the rest of the community. Even with the integration of ChatGPT in 2.2.0, I think EMO could still have Alexa or maybe the Google Assistant in the near future. I know Living AI was talking about it some time ago but we haven’t heard anything about in a while. Or at least I haven’t. Did Living AI abandon the idea? It would be a shame if they did because EMO would probably appeal to a larger audience if Living AI did something like this; whether that be someone who would actually use it in their daily life or just a tech enthusiast. Any feedback or possible updates on this?

Hello @samuellongo,
As Far As I Know,
There Is No Exact Date On When Amazon Alexa Or Google Assistant Intergration Will Be Released For EMO As Yet,
But They Did Say About It In 2021,
Here Is The Picture:

(Screenshot Taken On A Gateway PC)
(Screenshot Date: May-27-2023)
(Windows Type: Windows 10)
(Firmware On PC: Unknown).

I appreciate the advice. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind. Thank you.

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@artigues05emo . . . see the private message I sent you. You may wish to edit your post. Thanks!