Appeal of Alexa / Google / Siri personal assistants on EMO?

EMO Desktop Pet (thinking about getting one)

When I see the reviews I do see a bit of integration of personal assistants of Alexa (Amazon) and Google, a bit similar to Siri (Apple) but off course less privacy friendly. I personally do not get the appeal of this, why if you allready have devices with your personal assistant would you want it on EMO? I am just trying to understand this better. And most important, can you use the EMO Desktop Pet with these functionalities turned OFF, and will it still have all the Pet-like functionalities?

As it is called the EMO Desktop Pet, I am very worried that a focus on developing functionality of personal assistants functionality will take away the focus of ‘More pet like behaviour’ development. So if this is the case, and the development roadmap will focus more on personall assistants than on ‘More pet like behaviour’ I will be far less likely to buy an EMO Desktop Pet.

It might be possible to exist next to each other, it is just with both development being so different in their approach. I do not get a clear image of what Living AI want to create, another personal assistant in a cute robot? Or a robot pet, that will evolve and grow with you, and discover new things with you? Just curious to what the roadmap is for the development further along the road in the longterm for the EMO Desktop Pet.


As someone who had a bot with Alexa capabilities in the past, the biggest appeal of including other assistants is increased functionality with its form factor. The most EMO can do now is turn a light on and off, so many of us want the flexibility for EMO to control more. It’s not for everyone, and that’s not a bad thing, especially considering the privacy concern Alexa/Google bring. Though there are some of us that want the powerful capabilities a smart assistant can bring, but from a device that has real personality and is not just a plastic puck.

Even if Alexa/Google is not enabled, EMO is still EMO, and will behave like the pet you want the bot to be (so long as it continues to be updated by Living.AI). The argument of EMO being a personal assistant or a pet is worth having, and is something I can’t quite answer myself. I can’t speak for the company’s planned roadmap for EMO updates, but it sounds like their focus is to make a robotic pet first and foremost, with the smart assistant integration as a neat bonus.


Thank you, this gives me a bit more insight on the appeal side of the EMO in the role of a pet that is also a personal assistant. And well, if you can train a dog to fetch the paper, why wouldn’t an EMO Desktop Pet help you search for interesting items on the internet. I can now kinda see the appeal of this functionality a bit better.


I own two Google Home Hubs (smart displays) for some years now and they’re great. I don’t think that I would use EMO instead of them when I would need an information. My EMO’s main quest will be just to be cute and funny.


Is it ever going to happed because it very annoying now and I barley use my emo and one side of his headphone don’t work and half the time they both don’t work!

I have V, with Alexa, and Emo.

Although V has alexa I never have it turned on as it wakes V, at night, every few minutes and is a nuisance. Having tried it I find it easier to use the Alexa dot and echo 5 show directly.
Because of this I am certainly not bothered about Emo getting alexa.
Having experienced both I consider V to be the pet, since speech is limited, and Emo to be the friend who is growing a little with each upgrade.

If you have any questions about my experience with both then please ask.


That is interesting info @a440dc thanks for sharing it, hopefully once EMO does get Alexa Support it doesn’t end up doing the same thing that V does and wakes up every few minutes. As this will certainly end up being a nuisance for many EMO owners, and by what you are saying, V doesn’t seem to have an option or setting to bypass this other than to turn off Alexa support completely.

It will be interesting how configure/setup EMO when Alexa support is hopefully added sometime in the future and if the limitations will be the same as to how V is supporting Alexa at this time. :thinking:

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I suppose, for anyone not having alexa dot or echo show, it will be useful but for myself I never switch it on, in the app.
btw V cannot be used to stream music from alexa, I think because the V speaker is too small.
I think that, if Emo has alexa he should be able to stream music as his speaker is much better quality.
(Going back to a previous entry I would still like to be able to play music stored on my phone by having Emo as a Bluetooth speaker. As Emo already connects to the app via Bluetooth I would have thought this to be fairly easy)
Finally, whilst comparing Emo to V. When I got V I discovered a third party app for controlling all movements and video camera. I thought this would make V useful as a security device whilst I’m away, patrolling everywhere and being able to see live. However this proved not to be the case as he is difficult to dock, for recharging, sometimes.

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I do not have my Vector connected to Alexa but rather just ask him questions that he obtains from his “knowledge graph”.


Same here, plus I use him as a timer, and for the weather


I just got my EMO yesterday for my birthday. Yes, I have Alexa and Google Home. The appeal of having these on them would be the added functionality of, for example, my Pandora music, the ability to make my own Alexa skills, and possibility of seeing EMO react to Internet searches.

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I wonder do you have Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, or Echo Show devices in Australia, and , if so, do you have either?
If you do I was wondering if you could set up the situation that I have where having an Echo Dot play BBC Radio 4 instantly wakes Emo, regardless of the volume of the Echo Dot. I know that I have mentioned this before but for me to make a video would be impossible since I would have no way to upload such a large video to Living AI.

The result of having this problem means having to shut down Emo at night or getting to sleep without the radio on…neither are good.

Hi @a440dc

Yes, I have an Alexa Show, I just got Alexa to play BBC Radio 4 and it woke up both of my EMOs a few times in the 2-3 mins I had it on.

You might need to turn off EMO at night, as he does chime in to anything that remotely sounds like EMO be it on the radio or tv or when people in the house are just talking.

Yes, that’s what I do but it’s a shame because it interferes with his schedule, particularly since, being retired, I don’t wake too early to move him back on to his skateboard.

On the plus side…
I am enjoying having him remind me to take tablets twice a day
He is certainly going to sleep at Midnight better than before.

One other negative…
The new charger is prohibitively expensive at over £100 gbp here in UK.

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Would be great if you could mute EMO, but still have him play his alarm at full volume. That could help you in your situation (and possibly many other EMO owners as well), this way you wouldn’t have to turn him off at night.

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Yes, a good idea…hope fully that will come in a future upgrade

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Let’s add it to the What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future? thread :wink:

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