Music Stream Playlist

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How can I get EMO to stream my playlist?

Hi there,

If you are talking about your own music playlists on your mobile cp, well I’m sorry to disappoint you because there is no such way EMO can do that at this time…Still, on the plan, Let’s hope for the next firmware updates.

Unfortunately playing music through Bluetooth and using EMO as a speaker is also not a feature at the moment.

Would be pretty cool that’s for sure. I believe a few EMO owners have asked for this as well. Feel free to push this suggestion to the topic below if you wanted.

What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

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I’ve had Emo for over a year and this is a flat out lie and piece of deceptive advertising. Emo cannot and does not stream music from your playlist.

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And don’t tell me ‘it will be available in a future feature’. It says on YOUR homepage that it streams music… Which is FALSE

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I agree, all those “we are planning to add it in the future” features should be in their own “Our future ideas” section of the description. Yes, that would reduce EMO’s advertised capabilities to a half (or even less) but at the same time it would prevent many rightfully unsatisfied complaints.