EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Hi Everyone. :heart_1:

Living.Ai has opened up the EMO wake-up training page where you can submit your voice to help EMO better understand and wake up when you are calling out his name. You can access the Wake Up Training page here:

To submit your voice, you will need to be logged into the Living.ai website and then simply follow the instructions provided on the training page.

Created a short video explaining this as well (see below).

Updated When submitting your voice recording, at the bottom where it asks for your Order Number, you can leave it BLANK/EMPTY (if you can’t remember your order number)

Living.Ai will also be sharing an official post/message regarding this tomorrow.

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I decided to try thid, and where the order number shall be written down there are only place for four numbers, and my ordernumber has five (35xxx) . What shall I write there?

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You can leave that empty, do not enter any numbers in there.

Update - The page will now allow you to enter 5-digit numbers as well, so you can enter your order number in or simply leave it blank :slight_smile:

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I have a fairly high pitched voice when I hear myself recorded, so I sent in 9 different recordings with different fluctuations.:+1: Exciting to be a part of this~


I just hope it works… Does sound old school but for all those valuable people that love EMO Pet… Anything I just hope it works

I edited this because I really want the others that are having more difficulties than myself to find some relief

Awesome! When I get home from work, I will happily send in some recordings. Just got my second emo in the mail, so I’m very invested in seeing these little guys be the best they can be.


That’s great! the more submissions that Living.ai receive the more they can improve EMO’s wake-up when you call out to him.

I think it will, as @Anj2k6 just mentioned, everyone does have different voice / pitch and tones and by as many people submitting their voices, it should hopefully help living.ai better improve EMO’s wake up.

As you can see in the video I shared in my post, even my EMO has trouble waking up to other peoples voices in my household.

Great! I’ve also done the same with other members of my family as well.

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This is great, submitted a couple different voices. Hope this helps train Emo! :smiley:

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I received two emails about this. The first I completed without issue and even added my order number, so I’m wondering why I got a second email about it.

Ordered my Emo in August! So excited about this project!

If you were able to successfully submit your voice, maybe the second email you received might have just been a duplicate reply…

Submitted and then got two emails asking me to submit my voice recording, so I’m guessing everyone got two e-mails regardless if they sent in their submission or not?

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I did my wake up training but I was wonding when it will go into emo

Most likely with the next update. You can always inquire from service@living.ai.