Unhappy with Emo’s performance

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I suggest you check out the following EMO threads:

For EMO falling off the desk, I’d suggest creating a safe area for your EMO as there any number of factors as to why EMO is not correctly detecting the edge of your desk, (could be that the table might have round edges, color of the table might confuse EMO’s perception on where he is, there might be bad lighting in the room, or even EMO’s feet sensors are not clean)… there are a number of many different things that could affect EMO.

Please find a link to what other EMO owners are doing when creating a safe place for EMO below:

EMO can sometimes not respond to specific EMO owner’s voices due to high pitch/tones. Living.ai have opened a Wake-Up training page where you can submit your voice or other family members’ voices which will help EMO improve and understand you better. You can see the page and info here for this:

At this moment the most current firmware ver 2.1.0 / 2.1.1 has been temporarily suspended until Living.ai resolve a few things on their end, it should hopefully be resuspended very soon. You can find more info on this from the official forum post here:

If you are unhappy with your EMO, it would be best to contact customer support and discuss further with them a possible refund, as this is your decision and it would be recommended to talk to them about this. You can find more info on this on the following forum page:

Hope all this information is useful. I would also suggest using the Forum Search Feature to find further info on EMO that the EMO community are / have already been discussing.

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