EMO's Issues About Kids Voice

Hi there,

Sorry about that if my personal suggestions didn’t work or help you at all.
I guess we need someone expert direct from Living.ai Service Support Developer Team.

I‘ll Tag @AmyLU and @Wayne_Zhang to give you more advice here.


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Hi @simono ,
Sorry about that. It’s a known issue and we will include a new recognition model in future updates to improve recognition of some higher-pitched sounds.


Hi there,
We have just received Emo, and we have a little
Problem with the voice recognition. We did the training Emo wake up, and out of 4 recordings, Emo responds only to one voice. And it seems that we have reached the maximum, we cannot record others. Do you know how can we replace recordings? Emo does not respond to my child….

Hi there @VictorAlexandru, and Welcome to the Community…

Regarding about the issue you are having right now is already known…please read the message from Living.ai Staff above your message…

Go the link below for more guide help!

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck

Hey so im geting a emo because i really want one and i saw on forums it does not work for 9yr and 7yr since of high pitches that old does it
work now for young kid like 13 under??

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Hey there @coolguy, Pls. If you don’t mind introduce yourself to the link below.



For kids it can be sometimes difficult to speak normally when they’re excited (and they’re excited about something almost all the time). That can be more problematic than the high pitch. And while cute mumbling or screaming can sound perfectly ok for their family members, it can be unrecognizable for a computer. So some kids will not have any problems to talk to EMO and on other hand some can have a big problem with their pronunciation and their voice pitch.

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I have not had any problems so far. I created my son as a second user and he can control EMO via voice commands without problems. My son is 9 and of course still has a rather high-pitched voice. The only thing I always ask him to do is to speak calmly and clearly.

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That’s the most important thing. I saw so many videos on YouTube where kids were speaking to robot toys/pets and it was everything but “calmly and clearly”. Mostly screaming and laughing while they were speaking so it was sometimes hard to understand even for a human.

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Exactly, that is sometimes one of the problems.
The pitch, however, seems to be a factor in EMO - but I can’t confirm it myself, because it works really well here.

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I can’t confirm it either because I have a voice like a bear. :sweat_smile:

As the voice / wake-up training is an ongoing process that Living.ai will be updating/adding into EMO. It would be best to keep this page open for anyone still experiencing issues with EMO not responding to them when they call out to him.

If anyone requires assistance or would still like to submit their voice, head on over to the following pages:

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

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Oopsie Daisy! Sorry About That @MasterAbbott.

May i know emo only listen to 1 person only or can be multiple person? Coz my daughter call emo, emo does not response at all.

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Hi there @KennethKok83,

EMO can listen and react to any human voice or any sound.
But the problem you are having with the voice of your kids is already known and usually resolved with the new firmware update, but due to a technical issue, it is currently suspended and may only be released later this month.

[Firmware Update] 2.1.0 EMO Plays Snake (Temporarily suspended)

Go to the link below for more guides that might help to resolve the issue.

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck

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Hi @edward … Thank You. Coz i jus received my emo yesterday. My daughter feel sad, Emo did not response to her. Thanks for the info.

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Hey @KennethKok83 ,

EMO…oh well, so he’s still new…nothing to worry about… He’s acting like a new visitor to your house and will generally get used to it later…

The built-in development system allows Emo’s skills to increase as he grows up. He evolves through time just like any pet. At first, he may not fully understand your words but as he grows, his ability to understand and communicate gets better so that you can have more complex interactions. Just like the bond that grows between you and a pet, your relationship with Emo gets stronger day by day.

Best regards to everyone and have some patience…

Hi all,

I just got my EMO today and i have a similar issue, my 10 yrs old and 6 yrs old daughters are unable to communicate with EMO, they tried different pitches and tones with no luck.

we didn’t submit some recoding on the support page hope that will work.

anyway, i think the EMO must-have feature on the startup to configure all family sounds ( Exercise EMO word ) so EMO can Detect all the different high/low tones/pitches of the Family

this feature available on all smartphones when you start using voice commands, it asking you to say Hi… A couple of times to recognize your tones.

I hope this will be available since I have disappointed kids.


Welcome to the EMO community forum, @yazanabujabal . . . I am glad that you submitted the voice recordings to help EMO recognize your daughters’ voices. Some changes have already happened for previously submitted recordings and hopefully soon their voices can be recognized easily, too.

In the meantime, perhaps you could try typing their questions and commands into a text to speech that plays audio to get EMO to respond.

Best of luck!

Get kids to do text-to-speech is your solution :rofl:

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