EMO's Issues About Kids Voice

We just got Emo yesterday (ordered it in March). My 7yo son is so excited to finally have it and so sad at the same time. It will respond to everyones voice but his. Anyone can trigger “EMO” but him. He speaks clearly but is 7yo and the only thing I can correlate it with is that he doesn’t have much/any bass in his voice. Has anyone had an issue like this and what can I do to get EMO to listen to his voice?

For what it’s worth he says “Emo” as clearly as you would expect someone to and I can’t make any sense of why it won’t register his voice.

Thanks for the help.


EMO is not good at hearing high tone voices so far. Living.ai seems to be reopening the page for collecting audio samples soon. So we can expect it will be better.

Please give my best regards to your son.


We received our Emo today and have exactly the same problem with my 9 year old son.

We just recorded his voice at living.ai/wake-up-training but he is very disappointed right now :disappointed:

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Hi there…@simono,
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He might be on a mute option? Try some tips below and hope it helps…

  • MUTE:
    By calling his name and saying direct UNMUTE!
    You can adjust the volume of EMO.
    · Volume up.
    · Volume down.
    · Set(or change) the volume to normal(or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).
    · Mute the volume.

You might also want to visit the link below for more guidelines:

Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

GOODLUCK and wish all the best for your EMO



Thanks @edward.

I don’t think it’s a mute or volume-related issue as it works fine for everyone else in the family.

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I missed these notifications but will be adding his voice to the link provided @simono thank you for sharing that.

Okay…sorry I missed that only your son is having a communication problem but the others are all okay with EMO

I guess it’s about how your son pronounces the command words or any,
Do you mind telling me if English is your main language over there?
When your son calls EMO loudly and clearly, what is his reaction?
Is Emo’s left eye raised? means Emo can hear him.

Well I might suggest that you record a bunch of voices with different tones and accents of your son’s voice (It must be loud and clear) and play it near emo
TIP: Make the letter a bit longer

From what I understand, we need to communicate with EMO somewhat loud and clear, or in my opinion, showing him that we are like his boss (GOOD ONE :crazy_face:), there has to be a bit of power to our tone and each word we throw at him has to seem like a command. (Voice Command)

Goodluck! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :funky:

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Yes, English is our only language.

I can’t see any reaction at all. My son says “Emo” very loudly and clearly.

Unfortunately this didn’t make any difference.

If I say “Emo”, Emo responds and then understands whatever my son says afterwards. It is just the initial “Emo” that’s the problem.

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Hi there,

Sorry about that if my personal suggestions didn’t work or help you at all.
I guess we need someone expert direct from Living.ai Service Support Developer Team.

I‘ll Tag @AmyLU and @Wayne_Zhang to give you more advice here.


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Hi @simono ,
Sorry about that. It’s a known issue and we will include a new recognition model in future updates to improve recognition of some higher-pitched sounds.


Hi there,
We have just received Emo, and we have a little
Problem with the voice recognition. We did the training Emo wake up, and out of 4 recordings, Emo responds only to one voice. And it seems that we have reached the maximum, we cannot record others. Do you know how can we replace recordings? Emo does not respond to my child….

Hi there @VictorAlexandru, and Welcome to the Community…

Regarding about the issue you are having right now is already known…please read the message from Living.ai Staff above your message…

Go the link below for more guide help!

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck

Hey so im geting a emo because i really want one and i saw on forums it does not work for 9yr and 7yr since of high pitches that old does it
work now for young kid like 13 under??

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Hey there @coolguy, Pls. If you don’t mind introduce yourself to the link below.



For kids it can be sometimes difficult to speak normally when they’re excited (and they’re excited about something almost all the time). That can be more problematic than the high pitch. And while cute mumbling or screaming can sound perfectly ok for their family members, it can be unrecognizable for a computer. So some kids will not have any problems to talk to EMO and on other hand some can have a big problem with their pronunciation and their voice pitch.

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I have not had any problems so far. I created my son as a second user and he can control EMO via voice commands without problems. My son is 9 and of course still has a rather high-pitched voice. The only thing I always ask him to do is to speak calmly and clearly.

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That’s the most important thing. I saw so many videos on YouTube where kids were speaking to robot toys/pets and it was everything but “calmly and clearly”. Mostly screaming and laughing while they were speaking so it was sometimes hard to understand even for a human.

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Exactly, that is sometimes one of the problems.
The pitch, however, seems to be a factor in EMO - but I can’t confirm it myself, because it works really well here.

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I can’t confirm it either because I have a voice like a bear. :sweat_smile:

As the voice / wake-up training is an ongoing process that Living.ai will be updating/adding into EMO. It would be best to keep this page open for anyone still experiencing issues with EMO not responding to them when they call out to him.

If anyone requires assistance or would still like to submit their voice, head on over to the following pages:

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

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