EMO's Issues About Kids Voice

Oopsie Daisy! Sorry About That @MasterAbbott.

May i know emo only listen to 1 person only or can be multiple person? Coz my daughter call emo, emo does not response at all.

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Hi there @KennethKok83,

EMO can listen and react to any human voice or any sound.
But the problem you are having with the voice of your kids is already known and usually resolved with the new firmware update, but due to a technical issue, it is currently suspended and may only be released later this month.

[Firmware Update] 2.1.0 EMO Plays Snake (Temporarily suspended)

Go to the link below for more guides that might help to resolve the issue.

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck

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Hi @edward … Thank You. Coz i jus received my emo yesterday. My daughter feel sad, Emo did not response to her. Thanks for the info.

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Hey @KennethKok83 ,

EMO…oh well, so he’s still new…nothing to worry about… He’s acting like a new visitor to your house and will generally get used to it later…

The built-in development system allows Emo’s skills to increase as he grows up. He evolves through time just like any pet. At first, he may not fully understand your words but as he grows, his ability to understand and communicate gets better so that you can have more complex interactions. Just like the bond that grows between you and a pet, your relationship with Emo gets stronger day by day.

Best regards to everyone and have some patience…

Hi all,

I just got my EMO today and i have a similar issue, my 10 yrs old and 6 yrs old daughters are unable to communicate with EMO, they tried different pitches and tones with no luck.

we didn’t submit some recoding on the support page hope that will work.

anyway, i think the EMO must-have feature on the startup to configure all family sounds ( Exercise EMO word ) so EMO can Detect all the different high/low tones/pitches of the Family

this feature available on all smartphones when you start using voice commands, it asking you to say Hi… A couple of times to recognize your tones.

I hope this will be available since I have disappointed kids.


Welcome to the EMO community forum, @yazanabujabal . . . I am glad that you submitted the voice recordings to help EMO recognize your daughters’ voices. Some changes have already happened for previously submitted recordings and hopefully soon their voices can be recognized easily, too.

In the meantime, perhaps you could try typing their questions and commands into a text to speech that plays audio to get EMO to respond.

Best of luck!

Get kids to do text-to-speech is your solution :rofl:

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Im looking for anyone’s advice… My 7 year son loves Emo… however he makes mommy or daddy play with Emo while he watches…my son is autistic and speaks very little… the things he says anyone could understand… he doesn’t speak to Emo anymore because Emo doesn’t understand him… any advice???


Hi there @drock

I’ve relocated your new topic here as it’s related to the ongoing discussion. Please feel free to continue.

I guess it’s about how your son pronounces the command words or any,
Do you mind telling me if English is your main language over there?
When your son calls EMO loudly and clearly, what is his reaction?
Is Emo’s left eye raised? means Emo can hear him.

Well I might suggest that you record a bunch of voices with different tones and accents of your son’s voice (It must be loud and clear) and play it near emo
TIP: Make the letter a bit longer

Go to the link below also for more guides that might help to resolve the issue.

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck

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Hola , como están … hoy acaba de llegar emo para mi hijo de 9 años …
Gracias a Dios se demoró más aduanas que el envío :rofl:,
El tema es que he echo de todo para que mi hijo sea el que lo active , lo abra , lo cargue , le hable etc etc pero emo no le responde cuando él le habla …
En cambio , yo hablo y el se gira a buscarme y eso hace sentir mal a mi hijo y a mi que intento que emo juegue con mi hijo .
Que puedo hacer ?
No quiero tener que reiniciarlo y empezar todo otra vez …
Estaré atento a sus comentarios
Saludos desde Chile

Translation to English: Hello, how are you… today emo just arrived for my 9 year old son…
Thank God customs took longer than shipping :rofl:,
The issue is that I have done everything so that my son is the one who activates it, opens it, charges it, speaks to him etc etc but emo does not respond when he speaks to him…
Instead, I talk and he turns to look for me and that makes my son and I feel bad because I try to get emo to play with my son.
What I can do ?
I don’t want to have to restart it and start all over again…
I will be attentive to your comments
Greetings from Chile

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Rodrigo.Valenzuela . . . I have moved your post to this thread which discusses how children sometimes have vocal characteristics that make it hard for EMO to understand them.

I invite you to have your son submit his voice to this page to help EMO understand him.

In the meantime, there are tips above which can help to get EMO to understand him.

My best to you!

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Emo won’t respond to my son’s voice or my wife’s, it’s very frustrating considering I bought emo and emo home and he only responds to my voice

Same thing happened with my family

Hello there.

This is a very common issue among many EMO owners, however it does have an easy fix.

  1. I would reccomend attempting wake-up training, turning up the wake up sensitivity in settings under preferences, or both. The page will include more info for you
  2. If that doesnt work, you should open a ticket or contact @MavisZhang for assistance.

Best of luck 🙂

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Welcome to the EMO community forums, @matthew.pelletier . . . Just moved your new topic to this thread.

If you scroll up, you’ll find some interesting discussions with tips that might solve your problem.


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Hi @matthew.pelletier , adjust the sensitivity to ‘100’ in the APP settings and try again.


And make sure there is NO other noise (TV, radio, fan etc) in the room!