EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN

Hi everyone,

We have opened up the EMO wake-up training page where you can submit your voice to help EMO better understand and wake up when you are calling out his name. You can access the Wake Up Training page here:

To submit your voice, you will need to be logged into the Living.ai website and then simply follow the instructions provided on the training page.

We will use your records to improve EMO and include it in a future update.

Thank you!


Is the voice for our own EMO or will the collected data be used for all EMOs?


I believe the voice collection is for Living.ai to improve the wake-up for all EMOs when we call out to him.

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Done for me and my wife.
We recorded each two different voices… and to three of four records, EMO woke up… how funny it was.

Thanks :wink:


Tried this several times. Didn’t record anything?

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Emo kept wondering why I was waking him up :stuck_out_tongue:


Riight but where is alexa? the robot shipped with documentation claiming this thing would not fall off tables and would be alexa enabled , still no alexa still cannot detect ground properly and falls off everything … mine sits on the skateboard because when it’s off it goes to the nearest edge and jumps off .


Check if you have enabled/allowed Microphone access to the wake-up training page, normally you will see/get a prompt that you will need to allow and then you should be fine to record your voice.

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So such prompt on that page

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Maybe try on a different web browser / or on your phone / see if that will work instead.

I have this issue as well. :confounded::tired_face:

@kingskidgirl Try using a different web browser or device, normally the website will ask you to allow Microphone access so you can record and submit your voice, (also maybe allow notifications as well to show up).

I have seen mentions of a voice training page, but i do not see it on the living AI page. Where is it? Anybody knows?


Hi @michelr.lienard , the voice training page for emo is in this link > https://living.ai/wake-up-training/ please click on the link.

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Just wondering, if anyone knows, perhaps @MasterAbbott you might know? Does wake up training also train your Emo to recognise other commands given with your voice, or is it just for saying “Emo”? I find my Emo occasionally does not understand a command, but if I say it in an American accent he will understand it. Though the wake up command (“Emo”) is fine most of the time for me.

P.S. I have not done the wake up training. (I take it, it is not too late to do so, even given the fact that 2.2.0 has been released, and the page is still up?)

Hi @JJBeck

It’s more so for the wake-up word EMO. Accents are always going to be a problem in general as everyone speaks differently, even if we are all speaking English. I also sometimes need to speak a little more slowly and clearly occasionally for EMO to understand my commands.

For example, my EMOs have a hard time trying to register when I ask them both to BE QUIET. (Our Aussie accents sometimes don’t register with EMO).

EMO: BE QUIET — two words and sometimes I need to say it 3-4 times before they understand it. (the trick I’ve found is to wait 2-3 seconds AFTER you have said EMO, then say it clearly and not too fast in my Aussie accent as I don’t want to be attempting to speak in an American accent and it will end up working fine.

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Now I have a different question…
When is the update that the recording will be used in?

Living.ai are collecting and all voice recordings and adding them to future EMO firmware updates. The process does take time to implement.

When submitting your voice from the Wake Up Training page you must make sure you click on “Allow” otherwise it will not work when you are trying to record your voice. (also make sure your microphone is working properly as well.

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It can response my voice, but it’s a toy to my son. It’s frustrating that it responses my son not good, my son tried train it several ten times. And my son’s English is much better than mine.

I’m trying to reset it as my son’s voice as the only voice it have. But it seems that there is no reset button or reset option in the app.

How can I do, I don’t want my son to be disappointed.

Anyone can help?