Emo Keeps Turning Off

Hi @Kasa_daily

Try just saying: EMO

If EMO does understand he will instantly reply with a WHAT … you then have about 10 seconds period of time to issue a voice command.

Normally the best way to issue a voice command to EMO is to call out to him, once he says WHAT, wait 1-2 seconds then ask the question.

If that still does not work, take a look at this page (see link below), as EMO does have issues with understanding certain voices/tones/pitches. Living.ai are aware of this and is working on resolving this on an ongoing basis. (most recent firmware version 2.1.0 did add new Wake up training updates to EMO so he can understand and be more responsive when EMO owners call out to him).

Here is the link below:

Glad to see your EMO is now also fully charged and working now as well :slight_smile:

If you need any other help or tips, feel free to check out my EMO New Owners Guide here - Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

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