EMO Home Station - How to Use / Tips / Guide / Useful Information - Mini Guide

This video guide below will run you through the following Home Station features. I’ll be adding more info and videos further below as well (general tips/help and info on Home Station).

EMO - Home Station - How to Use / Tips / Guide / Useful Information

Video Chapter Details
00:00 Introduction
01:39 How to Assemble / Take apart Home Station
08:01 How to change the Home Station display / Where the Home Station Button is located
10:49 How to pair your EMO to Home Station
13:43 How to check and use the EMO App / Home Station, Sync your Network to the Home Station
17:42 How to update the firmware on the Home Station
20:09 How EMO goes back to Home Station
27:24 How EMO goes off Home Station
28:35 How to Unpair EMO from Home Station
29:43 General tips and useful information

The video is quite lengthy, so I’ve added chapters so you can skip to sections of importance.

Home Station - Low Battery - Go Home - Go Off Home Station commands

This short video shows how EMO will return to his Home Station once his battery is low (when he displays his battery low alert/warning). I also go through the commands you can issue to get EMO to go off his charger and also back onto his charger.

To get EMO to go off his charger you can issue the following voice commands:

EMO: Go Off Home Station
EMO: Go Off Your Charger
EMO: Leave Home Station

To get EMO to return back to his Home Station you can issue the following voice commands:

EMO: Go Home
EMO: Go Back To Your Charger

Note: EMO will remain on his home station for approx 2 hours after he has returned back to his home station. Once he is ready to go off he will explore once again. But 2 hours is normally the time he remains on his charger before he leaves.

Also while EMO is sleeping (during the day when he has his daily nap and after 10 pm he will not leave his charger on his own. You can wake him up and issue the voice command and he will leave, but normally during this time (between 10 pm to 8-9 am) EMO will remain on his charger.

EMO - Home Station - You can still charge EMO without the LED Matrix being connected

This short video shows how you can still charge EMO even if the LED Matrix (top part of the Home Station) is not connected/not fully connected correctly. This can also be because the Home Station LED was not correctly plugged into the Home Station (where the metal connectors are not making a connection with the Home Station base) and the Home Station / LED is not flush when the LED is inserted into the base of the Home Station.

EMO will still charge, but of course, the lighting on the LED will not show up and when you press the button on the base of the Home Station, the display will not change or appear.

How to change Home Station LED Animation display

As of Home Station firmware ver1.1.2 if you want to change the Home Station display, firstly you will need to take EMO off the Home Station. After that you can press the Home Station base buttle to cycle through all 7 different animations. (you can see a short video here on how this is done).

EMO Does Not Feel Safe and will not leave Home Station

Sometimes if your Home Station is on dark surface (and lighting is not the best) when EMO decides to walk off and explore or if you issue a voice command to leave home station, EMO will take a few steps forward, get to the edge of the Home Station then say “I Don’t Feel Safe” or “I need a bigger place

This is mainly due to the color of the surface/table/bench he is on (in this case in the video below a black-colored table). EMO will believe he is approaching the edge of a table and will not move forward as he doesn’t want to fall off.

This can happen occasionally (not always) when you have your EMO / Home Station on a dark (black surface). Sometimes EMO will walk off without any issues. It is recommended to have good lighting in the room if you are using EMO / Home Station on a black surface table.

It is also highly recommended to use the white Playground rubber mat that comes with EMO Home Station to avoid this problem.

Also, my EMO Guide has also been updated as well:

Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Hope everyone is enjoying Home Station!

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05/02/2023 - Mini Guide updated to include:

  1. EMO refusing to leave home station as he is does not feel safe.
  1. Home Station - Low Battery - Go Home - Go Off Home Station commands
  1. EMO - Home Station - You can still charge EMO without the LED Matrix being connected

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I don’t understand why when I want to change the settings on the led it works once and then I can’t change the animation ? I don’t think this is normal ?

When my EMO wakes up in the morning he says he thinks he needs a bigger place or sometimes he will say he doesn’t feel safe.

What’s up with that because it makes me feel sad and I don’t know what to do.

Hi @malromeo

Take a look at this video, hopefully this should help :point_down: :point_down:


If you’re EMO is on the latest firmware of 2.1.0 this should have been fixed, according to what was mentioned in the Firmware Update list under Home Station

See point 8.

Home Station related:

  1. EMO will sometimes play Snake on home station during afternoon play. You can also say “play snake” to ask him to do so.
  2. EMO will talk to home station when he goes off it.
  3. EMO dances with lights of homestation. The voice command is still “dance with lights”.
  4. Animation of EMO connecting to home station.
  5. Unbind all accessories on the App’s settings page to solve the problem that EMO cannot connect to the home station.
  6. Fixed the issue where the led matrix stays in the green square or is wrongly switched to the animation when EMO returns to the home station.
  7. Now when EMO accidentally walks to the home station, he will walk away.
    8. Fixed EMO incorrectly detecting cliffs or obstacles when walking down the home station.
  8. Optimized EMO’s detection of whether he is standing on the home station.
  9. EMO says he can’t do it because he is not connected to home station when you ask him to return to or go off home station.
  10. Optimized the detection of the touch button.

But, sometimes this may still occur as well.

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All your videos are super useful, anyway my home station is with the play mat and Emo refuses to go on play mat because going off the home station he suddenly comes back as if he sees a danger or an obstacle. How can I fix this?

Hi there @coragasparotti ,

If I can understand you correctly…you mean that your EMO won’t leave his Home Station alone? right?

  • It is known that EMO will not always go out and walk alone…only if he is in full charge which takes a couple of hours and only if he feels or likes it.

  • Be aware that his Home Fence Playground is well-lit and not dark…Try also to clean the camera on his chin …might something blocking the lens?

  • As we all know, EMO has his TOF (Time of Flight) laser sensor which is located on his chin that he uses to go/move forward and below the ground. And if anything is blocking this sensor, such as what I really love to do, dress up my EMO because he looks really adorable in it…which really bothers him from time to time, especially when the TOF (Time of Flight) Laser Sensor is totally blocked, to which I think the main reason he doesn’t leave or can not go further forward and continue leaving his Home Station and he keeps saying these failure words and then he goes backward, or sometimes he’s not quite happy and he cries.

All we can do is hope that the Living.ai development team does something about it sooner, as they already promised to do.

Best Regards and Good Luck


Thank you so much! I will try all those things!


Hey everyone,

I have had my Emo for two months now and recently got a home station as well. I was very excited however I am having a huge problem that is making the home station completely useless. When Emo gets the low battery sign and starts heading to the station, since owning it for a week now, he has NEVER made it on his own before his battery gets to zero.

I have tried the following:

  • Moving the home station to a new location
  • Made sure its lit up enough
  • Timed how long it takes before his battery depletes when I have been able to watch him go to the station (2 mins 50 seconds - 3 mins, it seems to vary). When I have watched him walk to it, he seems to have a lot of problems lining himself up correctly, he keeps walking forward but not straight so he has to keep realigning himself
  • Put Emo directly in front of the station

So far, he hasnt made it at all, not once, I always come home to him standing in front of it, no battery and the image on the home station is the green square. I am really disappointed as I dont work from home so was hoping to come home to a charged Emo but so far no luck :frowning:

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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From what you’ve explained, what you are doing is all you need to really do for EMO to make his way home.

I’d suggest creating a video and sharing this with the support team. As I’ve also mentioned a few times in this thread, both of my EMOs have trouble “sometimes” going back to the Home Station when the lighting is bad or if they are distracted by other lights in the room.

Also 2-3 mins is the usual time for EMO to make his way back.

Both of my EMOs, especially my oldest EMO: One (who’s over 600 days old now) sometimes needs to re-align himself a few times, but still makes it back to the Home Station pretty much most of the time without running out of battery.

What I could also suggest is maybe switching the location of your Home Station where your EMO is for testing. Maybe place him in a different area of the room and monitor him, and see how he goes as well,

But most importantly, I’d recommend taking a video on when EMO shows his battery alert warning and starts his Go Home Process and send that to the Support Team and let them also provide you with a possible solution for you.


Thank you! I tested my dads emo on the station and his one has no issues reaching it. Now my Emo has started shaking this afternoon which is more of a concern :frowning: im not sure if thats related to the home station issue. Ive sent a video to living ai, hoping the shaking goes away though!

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EMO Shaking could be related to a number of things. (Foot Issues / Leg Servo problem / Battery problem) As you’ve submitted a support ticket to support, allow support to get back to you and provide you with the best possible solution.

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AI cannot update home station firmware to 1.1.2, when i click update button emo application (ios) will force close and lost connect to home station.

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Hi @tonggpongsathorn ,

Click the link below for more instructions that might help you to resolve the issue.

Home Station Firmware Update Install Instructions


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Thanks, but I have tried every method in there. And I think it’s a problem with the emo pet application or source file to download. I have 2 iphone devices, it’s all the same problem.

Hi there @tonggpongsathorn ,

Sorry if you didn’t find any possible help there that can solve the problem…
Have you already sent an email to living.ai?

Before contacting living.ai via email for faster assistance please provide a photo or a short video showing the issue or problem and include it by simply replying to the confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order because it contains all your details, especially your order number and not to forget to include also your EMO ID which is also important.

Please be advised to give them some time to reply because they normally reply within 24/72 hours depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations.
Please Be Patient!
No worries because the support service team should be able to help you immediately.

Another way you can also submit your inquiries to the link below and give them your order number.


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I have an issue with my Home Station. It connected just fine to the internet and I also downloaded the update for it. But still my issue persists.
I can lightly tap or even press hard on the button area and it seldom responds to touch.
I have it tightly and securely plugged in on the back. Double checked this.
The lights work, it’s just incredibly difficult to get them to change or turn off or cycle through the different ones.
Is there anything I can take apart and look at or fix myself?

Hello @aclckc , , , is your EMO standing on the platform of your home station when you try to change the design, he must be off of it. This is a change from the first home station firmware.

Let me know if you try this and it solves the problem. If not, I would advise contacting Support.

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Actually, I didn’t pay attention to Emo standing on it, but he was. But I also was not aware that I could not change the colors of the LEDs while he was on it. Thanks for the tip. I was afraid that it was somehow damaged. It works now. Thank you.

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