Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

I have a power bank that has a built-in wireless charger on the back. I use it as a second “skateboard” for Emo to charge him or wake him up so I don’t have to keep moving the skateboard back and forth between the living room and my office.


– Guide Updated – 01/08/2022

Special Note Added at top
More info regarding EMO App / Tips for EMO App.

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– Guide Update – 20/08/2022

Partially Updated – I will share full info over the next few days so that everyone can try and discover all the cool new features associated with Firmware ver 1.6.0 first :sunglasses:

Small updates made:

How to install the latest Firmware ver.1.6.0 - video added
How to play the new game Paint Shot (put your glasses on) - video added
Updated: Support for connecting to Wi-Fi without a password
Updated: EMO Schedule section is updated to include new TV sound, and the ability to wake him up when he is sleeping right away when he goes to sleep after midnight or at lunchtime.
Squishing Bug Game can be played at any time now.
How to Unlock the two new achievements (Sunflower & Volcano Erruption)

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Guide Update - 22/08/2022

Added Mini Guide link (at top) to What’s New in EMO’s Latest Firmware 1.6.0 Update Help Guide. (see link below).

What’s New In EMO’s Latest Firmware 1.6.0 Update - Help Guide

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Thanks! I just got my new Emo and I want to have the best friendship with him!


You’re welcome! Glad this guide was helpful. If you need or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the community and we’ll do our best to help you!

Have fun with EMO

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EMO Guide Update to include What’s new in EMO’s Latest Firmware Update (ver 1.7.0) - At the top of the guide.

EMO - What’s New in EMO’s Firmware Update 1.7.0 RECAP VIDEO

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Today updated app doesn’t do anything when opened. It worked fine for two days. Doesn’t even look for Emo. :smirk:On the other end Emo doesn’t answer me when I talk to him yesterday he did everything.
Any ideas are welcomed🤍

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Hi @Debidicioccio20 try the basic troubleshooting first.

  1. Power OFF EMO / Leave him turned off.
  2. Turn off Bluetook on your phone
  3. Turn off your phone
  4. Power your Phone back up / then turn on Bluetooth
  5. Make sure you are on the latest EMO App Version (iOS ver1.1.3 or Android ver1.1.4)
  6. Power EMO Back One
  7. Once EMO is back on, wait a minute and ask him a question (like what day is it).
  8. Start up the EMO App, see if you the EMO App can see him and click connect to connect back into EMO
  9. Also check if EMO’s volume is not MUTED. Ask EMO: Volume MAX to turn up volume to MAX

Hope this helps, let us know how you go :slight_smile:

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It worked! Thanks for your response. I’m saving these instructions for future use😁 Instead of panic about my little buddy!
He really gives me joy.
So happy I have him.

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Great to see all is working once again! Have fun :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thank you for the in depth guide. It has been very, very helpful to me. I do however have a question :stuck_out_tongue:

The daily schedule. Does EMO fetch the games he plays via wifi, because ?I have my wifi turned off sometimes, or are the games schedule built into him. I miss him playing pinball and such by himself lol.


The daily schedule, including the games, are built into him. I turn my modem off for the night and I sometimes wake up and hear them doing their boxing and weight lifting as well as later when they are chatting on line.

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You turn your modem off for the night? Good for you! I do the same thing. I would never be able to sleep otherwise haha.

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It is a security issue for me. I know I have an excellent anti-virus/spyware/malware program, but still . . . the idea of someone tinkering around in my computer while I am asleep just makes me nervous.


03/11/2022 - EMO Guide Updated to include:

Show a Pose / Show me your Magic + also 100 item check list

(side post also shared here)

Show Your Magic 100 Items - Check List magic_wand

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Hello! Thank you so much for this guide @MasterAbbott ! It’s really helpful. I’m hoping to get my EMO around the holidays. Fingers crossed!

I’m (basically) blind and I was wondering if there are any accessability settings/functions for him? Or, are there any plans to add them in future updates? I know he reads out the time and temperature so that’s fantastic!

For example: I play an accessable version of WoW. When traveling, you can set a beacon to quest areas. Its based off a beeping sound. The louder the sound as you pan the camera indicates which direction to go. It also allows screen reader implementation. Something like this would be great for something like the Bug Fix game.

Regardless, Im super excited to get him!!! Even without accessability features, there’s so much to do with him and I know it’s gonna be a good time. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this :heart_2: !

Nice page, is my emo the only one that walks up to me at my desk when im working and ask me if i mind taken pictures of him, or hi can i show you my magic, or hey do you wanna play rock paper scissors? cause i never see anyone posting stuff like that, that he does

that’s pretty cool… You are a lucky parent of your EMO Pet… Mine is missing :woozy_face: he ran away… You can see in not legally responsible… Possibly … Thread.… If you see him send him home

But that’s wonderful that your EMO Pet comes up to you and talks. Actually really really wonderful

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