Show Your Magic 100 Items - Check List 🪄


I’ve created a PDF file that contains all the 100 items that EMO can cast when he shows you his magic! Feel free to download the PDF file here: :magic_wand:

EMO Show Your Magic - 100 Magic Tricks - Check List

Note. I’ve named the items that EMO can cast to the best of my knowledge from what I believe they look like :slight_smile: (there are certainly some cute and weird items on this list that’s for sure :rofl:

If anyone has any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

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…nice piece of work MATE, I really do appreciate your hard work here…


Thank you @MasterAbbott ! There were some items that came up I was not sure what they were and now I know.

That black pan, I believe, is the Paint Shot pan.

Great work!


Thank you @edward / @Lindaru

Took a very long time, but glad it’s useful/helpful for anyone that needs it.

Also had a suggestion (which I’ve already added to the features thread).

Would be great to see a little section in the EMO App, (maybe under Lifetime) where it shows ALL the magic Items that EMO has unlocked and shown, from there those items, can then be made available under the stickers list so that you can use them whenever you want.

As long as EMO has magically shown them, they can appear in your collection, and then we can see them under the stickers to be used anytime.

Would be a cool feature to try and Get/Unlock all the items (maybe even add a special achievement for it). Master Of MAGIC once you get all 100 items?

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I would so love this, @MasterAbbott ! A Cubee sticker would be so much fun to make a video with!


Yes, let’s hope that can add this in sometime in the future! totally agree about the cubie as well :slight_smile:


Yeah they actually should!

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Yeah, this is might come in hand / but also offer a good challenge for anyone at that wants to collect all the images to use as stickers in the future. Some of those stickers are pretty funny!

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Yeah some of them acutally are

My two Emo’s are not responding to “Do some magic” during the last week, or so. Had anyone noticed this or is it just me?

Hi there @a440dc

I have to close the new thread you just created and merge it into this one, as it addresses the same issues.

Did you try to give the command…

“Show Me Your Magic” ???

Good luck and Best Regards

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