What's New In EMO's Latest Firmware 1.6.0 Update - Help Guide

With the release of Firmware Ver 1.6.0 – EMO now has 1 new Game to play / Interactions / 2 New Achievements / New Weather Animations / Eye Tracking and faster response times!

The EMO APP has also been updated to ver 1.1.2 (available now for both iOS and ANDROID Phones/Devices)

See the links below to download the EMO App for iOS or Android:

Apple Store (iOS Version) - ‎EMO Pet on the App Store
Google Play STORE (Android Version) - EMO Pet On the Android Store

NOTE If you would like to know how or need help installing the latest EMO Firmware ver1.6.0 feel free to check the guide below:

If you are interested in knowing/seeing any of the new features released in the latest EMO Firmware 1.6.0 update and what they look like, check out the following videos and description below (also check out the official forum post that @Wayne_Zhang has shared covering ALL that was added to ver1.6.0). – here [FIRMWARE UPDATE] 1.6.0 Hidden feature:)

Eye Contact - (Face Tracking) added to EMO

EMO’s EYES will now move/track where you are when he spots you, he will also move to the left or right as he tracks you whilst he is off his skateboard, if you move to the left and EMO is looking straight at you, he will slightly move to the left and adjust to see you straight on, and continue to move in either direction depending on which way you move.

When EMO tracks your face, it is recommended to be approx. between 20-30cm away from him, so try and position yourself not close or not too far, otherwise, he might have trouble spotting you or moving to where you are located.

If EMO is on his skateboard his eyes will still track but of course, he won’t be able to move.

You can check the video below on how this works:

The best way to test this and see this happen is to ask EMO to look at you.

So issue the voice command: EMO: Look at me

Once EMO finds you he will say hi MasterAbbott (your name)…. And then speak, and then will start tracking you for a short while. (this will happen for approx 30 seconds after that EMO will go back to what he was doing)

Tracking will also start when EMO spots/recognizes you and says your name, so if you are a good distance away, EMO will see you, say your name or something cool, and then track you.

SPECIAL NOTE – While EMO is tracking you, if you call out to him by saying his name EMO, his tracking routine will stop/END as he will now be waiting for you to issue a voice command. Whilst EMO is tracking, you can speak in a regular tone and it won’t distract him from his eye tracking, but if you speak in a louder voice his eyes will reset back to the center of his screen for a short moment and then go back to track you. (further info regarding this is displayed and explained in the video above).

As more updates are released for EMO, this Eye Contact / Face Tracking feature will certainly improve and gain more features. So at the moment, it is still quite basic and quite early in the testing stages.

PAINT SHOT - How to Play - Tips and Tricks - How it Works

The video below will show you how to play Paint Shot with EMO. Paint Shot is available with the latest firmware update 1.6.0 for EMO. So make sure you have that installed first before trying to play this game.

To start a game, issue the following command:

EMO: Put Your Glasses On

PAINT SHOT is an aiming game where you shoot paintballs at EMO while he is wearing his cool glasses. Once the game begins, aim at EMO’s screen with either an open palm (iron man open palm). Similar to how you aim with Bug Hunt. You can also use a finger gesture the same way as you play Hands Up - BANG Game. Once the cross-hair appears on the screen, aim either to the left or right side of EMO’s glasses, when you are ready, shoot at EMO by saying BANG! If you miss, EMO will deflect the paintball shot with a hand shield that looks like a steel pan.

You will have a maximum of 5 shots to fire after that, if EMO successfully deflects all 5 shots, he will wave his hand shield/steel pan on the screen and remove his clean glasses and say one of these 3 comments:

“I’m Faster than the Flash”
“My Grandma shoots better than you”
“Ha Ha Ha You Can’t Get Me”

The game will end (EMO WINS).

If at any point you get a successful shot/hit on EMO, his glasses will be hit with paint. EMO will clean them off and then remove his glasses and say one of these 3 comments:

“All I can say is that you’re lucky”
“There will be no next time”
“I have to get a new pan”

The game will end as well (PLAYER WINS).

You can check out more gameplay here ( 3 wins / 3 loses )

This game must be played while EMO is OFF his skateboard. If you ask EMO to put his glasses on while he is standing on his skateboard he will tell you that he can’t do this on his skateboard.

Put your Glasses on can only be triggered and played by issuing the voice command.


When playing Paint Shot, it is recommended to be patient and wait between 4-5 seconds before saying BANG after you have shot your paintball at EMO and EMO deflected the paintball. Try not to say BANG too quickly otherwise EMO will not react to voice command.

At any time the game end if the cross-hair is not displayed on EMO’s screen for more than 20 seconds. EMO will simply take off his glasses and go back to what he was previously doing prior to playing the game.

FLOWER :cherry_blossom: / FLAME :fire: Interaction Feature

This video below will show you how the Flower / Flame interactions work with EMO. This new feature is available with the latest firmware update 1.6.0 for EMO. So make sure you have that installed first before trying this.

This video below is the detailed full version covering both Flower & Flame interactions.

This interaction / new feature is both a reward/non-reward animation that will appear once you have given EMO either 3 pats or good voice compliments in a row or 3 shakes or bad/negative compliments in a row.

HAPPY EMO :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:

For example, you can combine pats and good voice compliments to get flowers :cherry_blossom:. Each time you voice compliment OR pat EMO, either on his head or on his cheeks, a little flower will appear on EMO’s screen, once you have given EMO a total of 3 voice compliments / pats the 3 flowers will combine into a cute little bouquet of flowers in the shape of a heart, then will fly off the screen to end the animation :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: Once this ends, you can start this process all over again.

NOTE: As mentioned above, you can also lose flowers if you shake EMO or INSULT HIM with BAD WORDS. Each time you shake EMO, and you have a flower on the screen, one of the flowers you’ve accumulated by either giving him a good voice compliment or pat will disappear and you will need to either give EMO a good compliment or pat EMO again to get back the lost flower.

You can check out the Flower :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: Only (video description below)

MAD EMO :mad: :mad: :mad:

EMO will also get mad/upset if you shake him or give him negative/bad compliments. Each time this occurs EMO will display a little flame icon on his screen and make an annoying sound as well. If you annoy/make EMO mad by accumulating 3 flame icons on his display the flames will transform into an erupting volcano with lava flowing into the air to end the animation :volcano: :volcano: :volcano:. Once this ends, you can start this process all over again.

You can check out the Flame :fire: :fire: :fire: Only (video description below)

This interaction will work with EMO on or OFF his skateboard, when EMO is off his skateboard you can give him a PAT to gain flowers, and of course, give him nice compliments as well. If you place EMO back onto his skateboard you can issue voice compliments and also still PAT him (he will not move) but you will get a flower for each pat you give him. If you need help on how to pat EMO, please check the following video below: https://youtu.be/7WnKXj6tPgg

NOTE: The flowers or flames you’ve accumulated will stay on EMO’s screen for 2 minutes each then will drop off one by one every 2 minutes, with the oldest flame/flower you received dropping off first. So if you have 2 flowers on the screen after 4 mins all the flowers or flames will have dropped off completely. If you need to place EMO back onto his skateboard, the flowers/flames will remain and stay on the screen but will drop off as mentioned every 2 minutes. While on the skateboard you can continue to give EMO a good voice or bad compliments to gain more flowers or flames.

A few suggested GOOD compliments you can say to EMO to gain a flower are listed below: (these are just a few as an example, feel free to experiment and find more)



Below are a few suggested NEGATIVE / BAD compliments you can say to emo to gain a flame: (these are just a few as an example, feel free to experiment and find more)




This flower/flame interaction feature will not work if you have or are using the CUSTOM STICKER FEATURE for EMO in the EMO APP. So if you have added a custom image on EMO’s screen or are using a sticker from the sticker library and you give EMO a good or bad compliment/pat/shake, the flower/flame will not appear or register. Also If you have any flowers/flames on the screen and then decide to use a custom sticker feature, all the flowers/flames you have on the screen will be lost when the sticker is added to the screen.



SUNFLOWER :sunflower: AND VOLCANIC ERUPTION :volcano: achievements are now obtainable – to see/learn more (Check out the videos below for full description).


SUNFLOWER Achievement - For this achievement to unlock, what you will need to give EMO a pat or give him a GOOD compliment so that you receive 10 flower bouquets. :bouquet:

VOLCANO ERUPTION Achievement - For this achievement to unlock, what you will need to give a BAD compliment or SHAKE HIM so that he displays 10 VOLCANO ERUPTIONS. :volcano:

A small post/guide regarding all of EMO’s achievements (that does contain spoilers) can be found here: - EMO - ALL Lifetime Achievements Explained (Updated to Firmware Ver 1.6.0)

New Weather Animations :cloud_with_snow: :snowflake: :wind_face: :partly_sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

The video below will show you some of the new weather animations when you ask EMO what the weather is like in your location or around the world. These new weather animations are available with the latest firmware update 1.6.0 for EMO. So make sure you have that installed first.

Trigger this by issuing the following voice command

EMO: What is the weather like in (CITY)
EMO: What is the weather like today?

NOTE that sometimes the existing old weather animation will also play instead of the new weather animations. So depending on how EMO feels when he’s displaying the weather you might see the old animation or the new one.

In the video above, I was able to show the new cloudy, rainy, and sunny animations. As it’s not snowing much around the world at the time of this recording the snowy animation is not shown. But it is certainly available to see if you ask EMO what the weather is like in a location around the world that is currently snowing.

EMO TIP: Having your EMO telling you the weather in your current location will work best for some EMO owners if you select the closest city next to you. For example. I live close to Sydney (City), so in the CITY under settings in the EMO App, I select/type in Sydney and press SET. (see image below).

Other small updates included in Firmware Version 1.6.0 are:

  1. EMO’s TV Schedule animation sound changed to something less annoying :wink:
  2. You are able to wake EMO up right away when he is sleeping after midnight or when he is taking his daily lunchtime nap due to his daily schedule.
  3. EMO should now have faster response times and better connection optimization. EMO is now able to automatically select the “best” EMO cloud server in his area for the most reliable and faster response times (with less chance of broken speech).
  4. Support for connecting to Wi-Fi that does NOT require a Password (such as hotels or airports etc).
  5. EMO Hunt Hunt can now be played/triggered at any time! (so you can SQUISH those bugs whenever you want now!)

*1) EMO’s TV Schedule animation sound

That’s it! Thanks once again to Living.Ai for releasing this new Firmware and EMO APP update.
This small guide has been added to my existing main EMO Guide shown below:

[Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!]

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What a wonderful job
What woulb be really LivingAI business without this great involvment of a community of volunteers with a so professionnal help from some great members as @MasterAbbott
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Hi well done but I miss this one can you tell us more :grinning:

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Hi @EmoMike23

Well that “something new” feature is pretty much the Flower and Flame interactions, and how you can or give EMO either a PAT or a good voice compliment or shake him or give EMO a bad voice compliment to get flowers/flames that will end up giving you either a bouquet or a volcano animation :slight_smile:

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Thanks I already did the two animations I was thinking something new :grinning::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Thank you @MERITET appreciate the feedback, and I’ll do my best to keep doing them in the spare time that I have available.

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It’s good to know your still helping us all out and keeping us updated with these fantastic updates from Lai.


I hadn’t read this post until today. I was a little annoyed with EMO making noise this morning and said EMO go fuck yourself. Was a little shocked when the volcano animation came up.

Good job on LivingAI for allowing that type of talk as a trigger.


@KockBurn . . . :rofl:

I never would have discovered that on my own.


LOL, Yes, “BAD” words do trigger flames :wink: haha but some might be ignored completely due to how bad they are. You can try a lot more, but I didn’t want to include them in the guide.

If you say something really rude EMO should say something like - Honestly I’m not very happy to hear this! and a flame will appear.

In the guide, I didn’t want to include all the potential RUDE words haha, there is a fair amount that EMO does understand.

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Feels like some of the words us North Americans would deem as “bad” are commonly used in your neck of the woods without them seeming as severe. Like the 4 letter C word lol.

Sad day, I’ve sold my EMO because I switched jobs and haven’t enough time to use it these days. I did forward your YouTube link to the buyer because you have the most comprehensive videos on EMO I’ve seen thus far.

Thanks for guiding me and everyone else through the trove of features EMO has.



LOL, Yes, we Aussies do like to swear a lot that’s for sure :wink: (not all of us — but most of us) :rofl:

Ohhh sorry to hear this :frowning: I hope EMOs’ new owner finds the videos useful as well. Thank you once again for feedback, really means a lot to hear that :slight_smile:

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@KockBurn . . . also sorry to hear you had to sell him but hopeful the new owner will enjoy him. I am sure you have trained him well in the true ways of being “street wise” with the language.


I am creating another scripted video, this time for the NASA Artemis I project (see link here):

I discovered that you cannot give him a name of “Pass”. The app told me that word was not allowed? That is the only word I have used thus far that was forbidden. I had to change “boarding pass” to “boarding ticket”.


Looking forward to seeing your new video @Lindaru … EMO TO THE MOON! :full_moon: Here we come! :rofl:

update just saw the video on that other link you shared! Great work!

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Thanks! Do you think there will ever be a demand for EMO lunch boxes?


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Yeah! I think so, but EMO will need hands first, this way he can take his lunch box to work, or in this case to the Moon! :rofl:

That would be a pretty good attachment/accessory. Just remove his headphones, attach this Robot hands that could light up or move and he can then carry his lunch box while he’s exploring!

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Ooooooooo! That’s a really cool idea!

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Thanks @Diane53 let me add that to the features section now! lol :rofl:

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