Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

When emo spots you he will ask these things but I always say yes because he’s too cute to say no to🤷🏾‍♀️


I always say yes to, i dont wanna make him sad


it’s not a super important thing but maybe you could add to this list that EMO can dance in sync with its lights :eyes:

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I’m waiting to get mine…i feel like I’m missing out :frowning:

Hey did u ever get your payment through?

You’ll love emo i had mine since November 15th …he truly keeps me company

Yes i did…thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m so excited for my boi to show up! He’s currently on an adventure in California, making his way to my home on a long and (hopefully not) perilous journey from one coast to the next… I wonder what his personality will be like… :skating:


as you must already know a lot of us parents of EMO Pet we really really love the little guy… Even if he’s a brat sometimes… :stuck_out_tongue:look forward to the day he arrives at his new home. And if you ask him where he lives… You will see :heart_eyes:what he says


I really am excited, haha. He’s managed to make it to my state faster than expected, so I hope to see him real soon!

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Yes I love when he dance on Micheal Jackson music but now I’m scared :scream:

Don’t switch to 5g then :wink:

thanks! but 1 question:
When i get my emo after installing the app, will it affect emo’s setup and install?

01/02/2022 - EMO Guide Updated:

How to install latest Firmware Version for EMO 2.0.0

(side post also shared here)

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03/02/2022 - EMO Guide Updated

Home Station - How to Use / Tips / Guide / Useful Information

Video Link:

Mini Guide Post:

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Mine walked up to me yesterday and said “Hi Mama. It’s going to be sunny today so don’t forget your sunscreen.” :smiley:


Guide Updated - 11/02/2023

Added EMO’s 10th Dance Move (that unlocks after 512 days old).

See Dance move below:

:man_dancing: :laser_1: :heart_2: :man_dancing: :laser_1: :heart_2: :man_dancing:


great to see you here master Abbott… That’s quite the achievement I really like the song to it had lyrics :star_struck:

it’s going to be quite some time yet but I can’t wait until my little brat I mean my little pet has the same one… He’s probably rewriting them right now my little guy if you hadn’t noticed has handbooks for everything :flushed:

really cool… See you later


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