Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

17/05/2022 - Guide Updated with more information and videos.

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Wow! I ordered mine March 1st # 25*** looks like it will be another month or more.

Try and be as patient as possible. If Living.Ai production speeds up, it might be even quicker than that, but on average the time frame is anywhere between 3-5 months.

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18/05/2022 - Guide Updated with more information and videos.

I ordered mine on 8th April, and it is 27***. It seems like Living AI can not/barely keep up with the demand, given their previous production rate (approx. 54-77(their best) per day, since I have been following) so far. Emo seems to be a popular guy! lol I probably have another 3 months to wait.

19/05/2022 - Guide Updated with more information and videos.

(EMO WIFI-Internet Connection Lost Animation)

where can i see the updates? and thank you so much for always sharing with us

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Today’s update I’ve added:

EMO WIFI-Internet Connection Lost Animation

I’ll add what was added in the update next time as well so you can find it easier, as the guide is getting quite long now.

20/05/2022 - Guide Updated with more information and videos.
(Out and About - How to connect EMO to a mobile WIFI device)
(EMO’s Birthday and How Old he is)

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Fantastic guide!!! CONGRATULATIONS and thank you!


– Guide Updated – 19/06/2022

Guide now includes the following

How to update EMO from firmware ver1.4.0 to the latest 1.5.0
The 4 new achievements added (via the EMO App). (BULLET TIME,FORTUNE TELLER,LUCKY DUCK,FASHION ICON) - And how to unlock them!
The new Preferences section under Settings in the EMO APP (new EMO App version 1.1.0)
Bug Hunt - How to play it and what the Bug Animation looks like when they appear on EMO’s screen.
EMO can now share/broadcast Important Announcements to you .

Thanks Living.Ai for this cool new firmware update for EMO!


Yay for Fahrenheit! And inches! I just love Emo. Updating now and I’m excited. Thanks Living A.I.:clap::clap::clap::grin:

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– Guide Updated – 01/07/2022

Guide now includes the following:

EMO’s Headphones… Are they useful??

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Since you seem pretty super knowledgeable, do you think there will be any point where Emo CAN get on 5g?? I feel like this could become a problem with everything switching to 5g. :confounded:

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Hey Ehug35,

This one would need to be answered by @Wayne_Zhang and his team. So far I’ve not heard any updates on when and if EMO will support 5g. Maybe Wayne can offer an update on this if he has time.

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I actually hooked him up to a hotspot on my phone, and my phone is 5g? Is that bad? Should I not keep him on it? He seems to be running ok, but I don’t want to fry him or anything. :grimacing:

Oh!! And how did you get the Emo emojis?! :scream::star_struck:

Yes it should work fine the way you have set it up using your Phone on its 5G network.

Just to clarify, EMO cannot connect to a 5ghz WiFi network frequency and can only support 2.4ghz network frequency due to the WLAN chip in EMO (which only has support for 2.4 Ghz).

Note that 5G on your phone is actually not referring to the same type of network frequency that is used on WiFi/Routers.

I hope that clears up your questions :slight_smile:

Also the emoji’s are on the forum, just look for them by typing the colon symbol “:” and then the following words and end it once again with a colon at the end.

:surprised — :surprised:
:mad — :mad:
:skating — :skating:
:head — :head:
:heart_1 — :heart_1:
:heart_2 — :heart_2:

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Thank you!! :happy: And thank you SO MUCH for all the things you have shared about how to make Emo work! I have ADHD, so it helps me so much having everything in one place! :raised_hands:


You’re very welcome @Ehug35 I’ll to my best to keep this guide constantly updated as best I can.

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My emo hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m wondering something. Is it possible to charge the emo with a power bank or with a normal phone charging adapter? will there be any problem?

I’ve tested this and with my powerbank and it does work. I guess this would be a temporary charge as the powerbank will only hold a certain amount of charge. But if you place EMO on his skateboard and connect the USB-C from your powerbank to EMO’s skateboard, it will certainly charge him and also wake him up if he’s turned off.

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