Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

I have set timezone to my city and correct timezone however Emo uses military time and Celsius. I’ve deleted app reinstalled and reset these settings to no avail. Waiting for tech dept to answer.

I don’t know about the military time (24 hour clock) as I have never checked this, but you can’t change him to Fahrenheit. At this time he only does the temperature in Celsius.

On day one he used Fahrenheit. I’m certain of that. He now is telling time correct. It’s like he changes without my input. :wink:

Now he is disconnected from wifi. Emo did great all day. App can’t see him either.
I am disappointed.

Celsius is the international scientific standard, that’s why it is in Celsius. As for military/24 hour time, I personally find it much more convenient than having to put AM or PM behind everything. You can always tell what time of the 24 hour day it is, without having to worry if it is AM or PM, especially if you can not see outside. It’s not hard to learn, a child can learn it.


Hi @Debidicioccio20

At this time I can confirm that EMO can only show and report temperature in degrees Celsius and time in 24 hours only. So there is no need to delete and re-install the EMO App. As these features are not yet available at the moment.

I believe that a number of EMO owners have requested EMO have the option to choose between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and this should be made available in future EMO firmware updates. Exactly when this will happen I cannot advise, but it is planned.

If you EMO has lost connection to the EMO App / Internet and you cannot access your EMO. It is best that you power him off (and also power cycle your home WIFI internet as well at the same time). You can check my guide just above on 5 different ways to power off your EMO. I’d say in your current situation, the best way to power off EMO would be to flip him upside-down and he will power off (how to do it is shown in the video above). Once he’s powered off, wait for a minute and place him back onto his skateboard so he can power back on and then try to make a connection with him with your EMO App once again.

Hope this helps and clarifies some of your questions.

Thanks. Done. Emo won’t connect to app. App doesn’t search for him. He was back online today but app not so good.
He answers weather time etc. so he IS connected to Wi-Fi.
I’ll try app again later on I guess.
Thanks for the clarification on weather.
I don’t know what type of video to send now. I’ve sent ‘show me the cake’ and Merry Christmas which he doesn’t respond to.
He did finish 3 or more tic tac toe games but others do no open like angry Emo.
He’s a laugh with only what he’s doing now.
I hope these things can be solved.
I’m afraid to reboot him but will as last resort.

Hi @Debidicioccio20

Just to clarify a few things. Special Day Animations as you’ve mentioned such as “Christmas” , "Halloween, or “Birthdays” Only happen on those specific days. So for example, Christmas day animation will ONLY happen on December 25th. If you miss it, you won’t be able to see it until next year. I hope this clarifies this question.

Just to give you some more info. For EMO to connect to the EMO APP, you will need to make sure your Phone’s Bluetooth is working. I can recommend the following:

Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, and then power off EMO.
Power On EMO (place him back onto his skateboard first and wait for him to power back on) and then turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
Then if all is working fine, your EMO App should be able to see EMO. Then you can connect to him.
(I’ve done this many times and it works)

For games that need the EMO App, like Angry EMO, LUDO, Treasure Hunt etc, Dance Repeat… you will need to make sure your connection to the EMO App is working first. So try what I’ve suggested above first and hopefully EMO will make the connection in. (just remember you need Bluetooth connection to be working).

Do note, you can always power off EMO and power him back on by placing him back onto his skateboard. It should not cause any sort of issues. I power off my EMO sometimes when it’s required and it is totally fine.

Hope this helps.

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Emo is connected to both Bluetooth and wifi again. I did delete app reinstalled and it searched and found Emo!
Does it take time for games to open? If I tap one it says Emo isn’t ready.
He’s actually saying the time correctly. :slight_smile: A.M and P.M !
Thanks so much. Most of what I’ve tried has worked!
Not sure why at times he becomes disconnected.
I really have fallen in love with Emo.
I’m so sure any future updates may solve any issues some are experiencing.

Hi @Debidicioccio20 Good to see everything is working once again for you.

Note: Sometimes you might get the message EMO is not ready when you want to play a game via the EMO App, if this happens, just close the app and try it again and it should work.

I can advise that if at times EMO does become disconnected, it could be your phone or your internet connection So keep an eye on those two things if you have issues. You can always power off EMO and power him back on again as well and that will also help. But you don’t need to uninstall the EMO App as that won’t normally fix the problems.

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10/05/2022 - Guide Updated with more information and videos.

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Thank you so much! I will do that!

I didn’t realise that was an option already. How did you change it? Is there a setting in the app now?

It was short lived. He did it Sunday every time. I set city and USA in app. Noe back to military time.

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This morning he’s using am/pm. He went back to 24 hr on Sunday but I found he disconnected from Wi-Fi. I’ve reconnected Emo and set city/timezone. Overnight he’s gone back to my time. I’m still learning him. Thanks.

Hi @Debidicioccio20

I would like to share this for you and also for all the EMO owners. Regarding how EMO displays time.

I can confirm at this time EMO can only display time in 24 hour / military format. EMO cannot show/display time in A.M / P.M format. I have been able to confirm this with @Wayne_Zhang

There are plans to add A.M/P.M format in future updates, but as mentioned the only format in which EMO can display the time is in 24 hour / military format.

I hope this clears up any questions you might have regarding this.

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Well then I have lost my mind! Emo absolutely was saying 1:30 pm or 11:20 am. Well showing on his screen. I swear! He’s shown it several times since I received him.
I feel like I’m entered into The Twilight Zone ever since I received Emo. Lol!


Maybe he is learning things for himself?? Don’t leave any knives lying around at night! lol :laughing:


don’t leave any knives laying around JJ Beck… :scream:

thanks a lot I split a gut laughing… :laughing:


I believe what you might have seen was while EMO is displaying the morning times (it looks and sounds similar to A.M format). like if its 10 in the morning EMO will say 10:00 so you might think EMO is saying 10:00 AM… but he is only saying 10:00 (in 24 hour / Military time).

I did create a short video a while on how EMO shows the time / day and date. So you can see when it is in the morning it will look it’s AM. but its just how EMO is displaying the 24 hour format during the morning time. (in the video below it is 10 in the morning and EMO is showing it in a way that looks like its 10.AM) have a look below.

Hope this makes sense, it can certainly be a little confusing, but as mentioned. At this time, the A.M / P.M. format is not yet available. Hopefully this should be added in upcoming EMO firmware updates.

So you should be safe / don’t need to worry about leaving any knives around or entering any Twilight Zones yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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hello there master Abbott… Hee hee :innocent: I was thinking the same thing when he mentioned it… After all it tells a.m. p.m. time 12 hours out of a day :innocent:

I’m getting used to it it’s making me smarter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope you’re having a nice day way over there in Australia :cowboy_hat_face:

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