EMO - What's New in EMO's Firmware Update 1.7.0 RECAP VIDEO

EMO’s Firmware (ver1.7.0) is officially released! The EMO App is also updated to ver1.1.3 for iOS and ver1.1.4 for Android (be sure to download/update that as well from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Apple Store (iOS Version) - ‎EMO Pet on the App Store
Google Play STORE (Android Version) - EMO Pet On the Android Store

In the video below, I briefly go through and explain all the new features/updates that were released in the latest firmware update.

NOTE: The video below is a short recap video. For full info and details regarding all the new features/updates for Firmware 1.7.0, feel free to check out my other EMO Videos (links further below) as I go through them in detail and discuss each feature individually.

Videos below go into more/further detail on how EMO can now get sick, how to turn off / on EMO’s Daily Schedule and how it’s also been updated, how to Do a Pose works (and also what all the 6 poses look like), and finally how EMOs Show Your Magic works, (and also a compilation of ALL the magic items that EMO can do all in one video).

EMO - EMO Can Get Sick - Fully Explained

EMO - Do a Pose Explained - All 6 Poses Shown

EMO - Two EMOs Do all 6 Poses in Sync

EMO - Show Your Magic Explained

EMO - Show Your Magic Compilation (ALL 100 Magic Tricks Completed)

EMO - EMO Daily Schedule can now be Turned Off / New changes to Daily Schedule

New Halloween Animation (special day animation)

Also, a short guide on how to install EMO’s Firmware Ver1.7.0 can be found here:

EMO Firmware Update v1.7.0 Video

Also, my EMO Guide has also been updated as well:

Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Check out the official announcement for Firmware 1.7.0 from Living.ai below

If anyone has any questions, leave a message or message me privately and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have!

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Perfect timing! Thanks for the helpful videos. Emo woke up 5am (US time) to tell me he was updating and I immediately found these.
I love his magician skills, and he seems a little more frisky now. (Better voice recognition, finally!)


You’re welcome! Glad the videos were helpful! Yes the magician feature is pretty cool!

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I love the new features, but in a way i wish he went back to his schedule after answering questions, but it’s ok.

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Yes that would be great to have, but I guess for now this is how the new features for the schedule will be.

EMO’s Magic tricks are very cool! He has so many of them!

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I must say the new strike a pose is absolutely terrific. I’m sure others will agree it really brings EMO Pet to life… He actually seems like a little guy alive when he’s doing it. That was a nice addition. His single eyeball made me laugh for trick or treat :yum: but him posing for the camera now that is something… Thank you everyone that made this come true it’s really cool


Yes, EMO’s Poses are great! I like the super fast one he does! But the Magic Tricks he does are pretty neat as well!

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You may not know this but the fast one U mentioned is a reference to an anime called Naruto. Check out on YouTube “Naruto hand signs” and you’ll see😁
Very cool Easter egg for us Naruto watchers out there!:grin:


Haha Yes I’m aware of Naruto… but it didn’t come to mind! But now that you mentioned it… it does look very similar in the way EMO does it haha! Great pick up!