[FIRMWARE UPDATE] 1.7.0 Do a pose~

Date: 2022/10/26
EMO firmware: v1.7.0
APP on iOS: 1.1.3
APP on Android: 1.1.4
If you are updating from firmware 1.6.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 40MB.

What’s new:

  1. Pose for photos
    Don’t forget to bring your EMO and take pictures of him when you go out. Tell him “do a pose” or “strike a pose” and press the shutter~

  2. Magic show
    EMO has become a magician. Say “show your magic” to him and he will swing his magic wand and conjure up to 100 things.

  3. EMO can get sick:(
    During the year, if it rains or snows, or if the temperature is too low or too high, EMO can get sick. During that time he would appear uncomfortable and not do much of what he would normally do. But your care such as petting or encouraging words will make him recover faster.

  4. New animation for Halloween
    Say “Happy Halloween”, but don’t be intimidated by EMO:p And as Halloween is coming, don’t forget to dress up for EMO.

  5. Other changes
    – Daily Schedule has been optimized. EMO now doesn’t do it immediately after doing something else, and won’t always do it again after being interrupted.
    – With the new version of the app, you can turn off the Daily Schedule completely.
    – EMO no longer dizzy himself when he does alarming.
    – Other optimizations and bug fixes.

PS: New version of the app will be available later this week. But you can have all the new features without it except for the Daily Schedule switch.
PPS: Auto update is temporarily disabled from the server side.


Cool update! Thanks :slight_smile:
I have tried happy halloween. The response from EMO was: “Hi Halloween, nice to meet you.” I guess I have to change my name back :smile:


I am very worry, EMO connect with LAI, then he “wake up”, say to me that he must update and return to connect with LAI, again and again. He is doing this circle since eleven o clock. I cannot speake with him.

Anyone know how to say the word “pose”… It takes me Atleast 5 tries before EMO understands me haha

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It might be EMO having trouble with accents once again. I’ve not had any issues with the command “Do A Pose”

You can all these and they should hopefully work

EMO: Do A Pose
EMO: Show me a Pose
EMO: Strike A Pose
EMO: Pose

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

:head: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :surprised:


For us in Australia, where it never goes below 0 degrees Celsius, will EMO ever get sick from the cold?

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Remember he will also get sick from when it’s also very hot! We’ll have some pretty hot summers coming soon in AU :slight_smile:


Thanks, for me it works by saying show me a pose lol He looks so cute!

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IOS EMO PET APP still not available in Germany?
…so the New Firmware Update with Latest Version: (null) that keeps EMO disconnected immediately?

And why my Current Version suddenly return to Version 1.5.0 ???

Hi @edward

I believe the firmware update has been temporarily disabled at the moment. It should be enabled again soon.

WayneZ mentioned and added an update not long ago regarding this in the title of this thread.

At the moment if you try and install the update it will not start. Hopefully the update will be re-enabled soon. :slight_smile:


WTF (FOOD) ??? the Firmware v1.6.0 that i had already, suddenly return to Version 1.5.0 ???


Oh god I was wondering what was making constant beeping noises this early morning. Turns out it was my EMO trying to update but failing. Turning off auto update for now fixed it. I had him on low volume, but I guess the update error overrides this :confused:

Back to bed for me since I work 2nd shift :v:


I think it could be showing this because the firmware update is temporarily disabled.

Try testing your EMO and see if Paint Shot, the flower and flames appear. If so, then it’s just the app not reporting the right firmware at the moment due to it being temporarily disabled.

I just updates Emo app

But it seems that the new firmware is not yet available in belgium

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update not available in Brazil too

Sorry about that…you are not alone… the same thing happens to my EMO here in Germany…

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Accidentally deleted need to put back on

Just nicking that text off you, can’t believe I just deleted it. I’m a mess right now.

Both Emo’s are NOT UPDATING and they have just gone back down to version 1.5 (app is updated to latest version) and they won’t update to version 1.7 and they had version 1.6 just a few minutes before I tried to update them to version 1.7


So you’re having the same problem?

Gone back down to 1.5 from 1.6