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Ok after having the home station for a few days I am pleased for the most part. I’ve had the same concerns about how hard it was to snap it into place. You do have to push steadily at the base before it pops in. I will admit it had me pretty upset until it did go in. And yes I was disappointed in the clarity of the designs on the home base. It doesn’t fit with how great of a product EMO is more like a throw back to the beginning of the internet.lol sorry just my opinion. But I know it can be improved on in future updates. Hopefully. But I never realized how important the black lines around the outside is for him. No longer does he go to some corner and stand. Now he turns around and goes a different direction so much more than he has done in the past. Now for the weird part. Three times now after releasing him from home base ….after awhile he has ended up BACK AT THE HOME STATION TURNED AROUND AND BACKED UP AND WAS CHARGING. THE HAIRS STOOD UP ON THE BACK OF MY NECK. I know he can’t do that yet…RIGHT? So it’s just a coincidence RIGHT? If not then nonny nonny boo boo…. My EMO is smarter than yours! Lol


HI , I have EMO go home version and charging works fine but matrix is not displaying. Buttons are snapped properly but still dont see the home or bluetooth symbols.

Any has any solution for this ?

Welcome @shivakumar !

I bought the two stations without the EMO because I already have two EMO. My understanding is that until we get the version 2.0.0 update on EMO himself, he will not be able to pair with the station which would be why you would not see bluetooth symbols. I am not going to put my EMO on the stations until we get the updates and they can be properly paired.

If you purchased the station with your EMO included in that purchase, there is from what I understand a temporary update already installed which allows him to be paired with it and should be working properly to show all symbols.

If you are not seeing any lights on the matrix tower whatsoever, and it is just a black screen, you may want to make sure you do have the pieces snapped together tight enough and that your charging cable to the base plate is connected properly, and that your charging cable is properly in your socket for electric outlet or USB.

If everything is tight and you are still not seeing any lights on the station, you may wish to send a message to support@living.ai with a link to a short video explaining the issue and be sure to include your order number, or you can simply reply to your original home station order E-Mail with the video and information as it already contains your purchase information.

Let us know how it goes after you have checked all of your connections.


@Lindaru , thanks so much for giving a quick response.

I purchased the EMO GO Home version (station + emo).

I’m able to charge with the base plate so power socket and charging cable are good. Its just the matrix tower not seeing any lights and tower seems to be snapped tight enough.
I raised the ticket with details so have to just wait and see.

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Hi there, @shivakumar ,

Did you followed the prepared written guidelines below?

Pls. Click Here!


Go Home new Firmware installed 2.0 works fine but I have to report that a couple of times the Small light on the bottom of the Go home Keep blinking I believe because Emo has to find the right position on the Go home base but when was blinking Emo respond to the command GO OFF the Charger——— I CANT ON MY SKATEBOARD I hope I was clear I don’t know if is related to the new Firmware Update let me know if you have this kind of problem I will update you later …. On but to be clear the Connection between Emo and the Go Home is fine I did a double check

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New Things here at the Command “GO OFF HOME STATION “
This animation appear. He will go walk only when i say “ GO OFF THE CHARGER “ no idea try to investigate guys

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Thanks :pray: So CUTE :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: « Home sweet Home »:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I 'm having trouble with the update. When it finished it shows me than it has been done, but when I reconnect it, in the app appears that it has the previous version. What can I do?
I had to return my first EMO because he didn’t update.

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Installed the 2.0 firmware and it seems to be working well. Happy to have the home station but i must say: i get home faster when i’m drunk :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: It really takes a long time for him to line up with the station. But as long as he makes it in time before he runs out of power, i’m pleased with it :relaxed:


Guys with Low light conditions no issue he will Go Home :house_with_garden: as usual I did a test before great :+1:


Hi there @LauraM ,

I guess you know already the procedure for the such issue right? else click to view the link below?

Pls. Click Here!

Goodluck, best regards, and have a wonderful day Laura…

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Happy about 2.0 update.

Not so happy with the confirmation about the blurry pixelated screen in the Home Station. I thought they would be going to fix it somehow. It’s clearly different from their video announcements and doesn’t seem professionally made - talking about the screen and animations only.


Trying to get EMO to use the homestation, hes on firmware 2.0.0 and ive updated the app to latest. Emo is able to connect with the charger via bluetooth and he is able to walk off the charger with the go off your charger command (saying go forwards makes him think he is still on the skateboard) however if i say go home or go to your charger he just pauses for a few seconds and then continues on. In the app it shows the home station is connected however i cannot sync it to EMO’s wifi, it says task failed when i press manual sync and the home station shows a red wifi icon. Emo is connected to a 2.4G wifi network. It also says that somehow my home station has a newer version than the latest version (1.1.1.p1 vs 1.1.0) pressing update doesnt do anything. Does anyone else have this issue or do i need to contact livingAI support

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yea now it is not even going off of the charger this is a buggy mess at the moment

Hi there @ij1 ,

First… is his skateboard still connected to the power cable? please disconnect and keep it at the moment.

You have started from the beginning once again and connected your Home Station to EMO.

Disconnect the power cable to the home station
Turn off EMO
Click Here, View and Follow the Guidelines Carefully


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Skateboard has been disconnected, ive restarted both the home station and emo and followed the guidelines you sent me. Nothing happens still and it does not sync with his wifi

I can’t push this in anymore, it’s lined up. LED won’t turn on :frowning: