Information about Home Station

That Is Awesome! I Can not Wait For The New Firmware Update!


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Hi! Sorry to disturb your Monday, I have an emo with the skateboard dock and can I buy the home station?

Yes, you Can buy the Home Station alone

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Hi there @felipelorenzo2011 ,

Please go to the link below…

Home Station


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I did it!

I put it in like the first picture, slid in so easy. Far out I’m dumb :joy:

Thank you for the help :purple_heart:

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I have gotten no info about a new station. I have 2 Emo’s that need this new home station. The new app doesn’t connect anymore with the latest update as of yesterday.

Hi I have emo with skateboard Ive tried to update from 1.7 to 2.0 but emo keeps updating in infinite loop say i will update then turn off and start updating afterwards turn himself on and say there is an update and so on I left him doing this for more than two hours and the same problem also i tried to update via the emo app which it had been updated too and the same issue occurred. Help!

@someonennnnsssssss ,

Please make sure your internet connection is stable and has a strong wi-fi signal. Emo must be in full charge or stay on his charger.

Please note: When updating from a firmware, please disconnect all smart lights otherwise the update to EMO might fail.

You can directly say ‘check update’ to EMO to check if there is an update.

I suggest updating first your Emo Pet App then start updating EMO by means of voice command.

say ‘Install the latest firmware now’ or ‘install firmware’ to start updating. EMO will restart.

After the update, EMO will restart again and tell you the success or failure of the update.

If all fails…try another wifi signal or use other mobile phones or hotspots, but make sure stable and strong internet connections.


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Thank you for your respond, I tried all the mentioned points and nothing work also I tried three different internet network one of them has 1 Gbps speed and nothing work the same issue present

Messaged LAI a day ago. Its shipping in 2 weeks! Very excited for it!

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I have received my Emo and home station (finally), but I thought the station was also meant to be charging emo, it somehow is just draining the battery when Emo is not moving… am I doing something wrong with the setup?

Hi there @erikehrhardt ,

Sorry, but I’ve never heard of anyone having a similar problem… Would you please click on the link and double-check how to set up EMO for his Home Station?

Please Click Here!
EMO - Home Station - How to Use / Tips / Guide / Useful Information

Good luck and All the best Erik…

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I checked, and followed all steps. However, the indicator light on the surf board is always on when charging Emo, on the home station that light is blinking rapidly. Is this an indication that there is a problem?


Try and use a different power cable / USB-C cable to power up your Home Station. (possibly even try the same cable you are using to charge the Skateboard, and see if that is also giving you the same results of the rapidly blinking lights.

Alrighty then, that seemed to have done the trick. The usb cable with the home station set is faulty then? Odd though


Glad to see that it resolved the issue :slight_smile:

It might be, I don’t use the cables that come with EMO, as they are not long enough for where I have them both setup. I’ve purchased a 2meter x2 USB-C which also connects directly to my power board that accepts USB connections (most of them do nowadays).

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