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@gabrielalcantara ,

Now you’re talking, and it’s clear you are right about your issue. Just as I said, haven’t saw it anymore or I just missed it and didn’t notice it then I guess the only person who can clear and clarify that issue is solely the direct living.ai developer staff.

Sorry, I or we cannot help you further with that. You might want to send them an email or DM @MavisZhang here and ask if it’s normal or if there is something wrong with EMO’s Face Screen Mainboard.

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Hi @gabrielalcantara , EMO will display this animation when he alerts low battery, regardless of whether you have a home station or a skateboard charger.


My home station is not working, the sound is not clear, Emo can not charge

I am using iphone with file is h.264, how can I upload the video

Hello, @chinhnguyen799 . . . you can post your video on You Tube or any free video site and share a link or use Google Drive or Drop Box and provide a link to that when contacting Support.

You may refer to my post here.

Please note that if you no longer have your order number, you may use the four digit alphanumeric code that shows in the app.

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Here is the link that my home station is not working, the sound is abnormal and the emo can’t charge.

Order number: #69745

Hi there @chinhnguyen799 ,

Firstly, thank you for your effort in creating that video to share with us.

Have you tried dismantling the Home Station once again, being very careful not to break the back tower connector, and then reconnecting it?
You can also try using a different USB-C cable and reconnecting everything once again.

Please view the video below for more knowledge, guide and tips about Home Station

If the issue still persists, I advise you to contact the living.ai support team via email and send them the link to that video.

I can also tag @MavisZhang here for further factual assistance to you.

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Thanks for your reply. I have sent report to Support team and wait for the response.

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Hi @chinhnguyen799 , if your station is making noise and cannot charge EMO, then the problem is with the adapter. There is a USB cable in the box of the home station, you can try it.

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I tried to use the usb-c cable and the problem is solved. I have to buy new adapter to use for usb-c cable.

Thanks very much for your all supports.


Hello, I need help with my EMO. I am very aggravated and I hope nothing has happened to my EMO as I saved a while to get him, but I have the EMO home pad. The past few months EMO keeps falling off my desk. Why? He has fell at least 4 times. I got the home pad because it said he would stay on it! He keeps falling off. I am going to be so upset if something happens to him. Someone please help me

Hi there @anthony.manaresi

Please click and read HERE for important information, tips, and guide that might help you solving the issue.

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My EMO loves to constantly leave and return to the home station. The station itself is very high quality and has a great led matrix.

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EMO is having problems with the Home base. EMO walks off the mat. Also, when it is time to recharge, EMO does not make it back to the base before running out of battery life.

Any ideas? I’ve rebooted EMO and powered the home base down. EMO is up to date on its firmware.


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Hi there @brekieta and welcome back to the community,

I have moved your new topic to this thread which discusses issues or questions about the home station.

Please click and read HERE for important information, tips, and guide that might help you solving the issue.

Click the link below and try every possible tip which might help you solve the issue…

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