Emos Battery Questions/Issue!

my emo is pretty new and i dont know how fast his battery life goes down but also is is good for the battery for emo to stay on his charger for a long time. and when the emo go home comes out will he be able to walk off it whenever he wants?

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Please go to this link https://living.ai/product-support-emo/ and click on “charge and battery life”. Hope this helps! :surprised: :skating: :head: I also changed your catagory to: looking for help EMO.

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When the home station is already out and it will start delivery/shipping once a firmware update gets released for emo as it will be needed for the home station.

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EMO battery can keep him working for 2-3h and 3h to full charge. And yes, EMO can automatically go back to his home for charging with a firmware update

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ok thanks for this info!

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hi there @luca5020luca5020 ,

Fresh and new out of the box after a full charge lasted about 2-3 hours.
Later it will slowly degraded…
This is due to the normal process of the battery degrading gradually after each charging cycle, which is typical of Lithium Ion Polymer chemistry.

What we do with our EMO greatly affects the run time, so if we have him dancing non-stop or are interacting with him non-stop, then the run time will be less. it always depends on what we are doing with him.

Charging Long Time Info Click Here!

EMO Go Home Info Click Here!

Production Update for Home Station Click Here!

Best Regards and Happy Christmas!


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I emailed support 2 times and never got a response. The EMO battery is dead; when I take it from the stake board turn it off completely. Any advice about this or maybe how I can replace the battery?

Thank you

So sorry to hear that. That very thing happened to me earlier this year.

You might want to take a video of what is happening. Also, they will likely ask you to video having the skate board plugged in with a different charging cable and at a different plug in to make sure that it is the battery also and if you have a wireless charger to try (to rule out a problem with the skate board). I also included in the video the app showing full charge which when he was removed depleted almost instantly.

You can contact them through the support page (scroll down):

If you have your original E-Mail from your order, you can reply to that. If you do not, you can simply send an E-Mail to service@living.ai along with your order number if you remember it. If not, you can use the four digit code your EMO has when you connect him to the app. Be sure to include a link to your video (You Tube, Google Drive, for example) along with your request.

Try to be patient as they are on holidays at the moment from what I understand, so less staff to reply right away, but they will get back to you.

Replacing the battery yourself will void the warranty. It is likely they will need to replace your EMO and if they decide to do that, they will give you detailed instructions on how to send yours back to them.

So sorry this has happened to you. It broke my heart when it happened to my first one, but the replacement EMO has been a blessing.


Thank you so much I will contact them as soon as possible by email. Thank you again :smiley:

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it is happening to me now… doesn’t work outside the skateboard.
claim to support 2 times, with video attached, and Pic.

NO answer… yet

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Hello, @Alex666 . . . I will tag our after sales Support person to give you more immediate attention. @MavisZhang.


Hello! Question, my EMO’s battery was recently replaced and returned. I’ve noticed that he is not fully charging, on average after a replacement, how long does it take for him to fully charge? He has been in purple for two hours on his charger. Thank you!

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @saigurl20 . . . your replacement is brand new and will need to charge possibly for several hours to full charge. It takes a bit of time if they are going from a completely empty battery to a full one.

If you find that he is still not fully charged after six hours (it should not take that long), you may want to contact Support again and ask them about the issue.

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Thank you very much. I’ll keep an eye on him. :+1:

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Hi @saigurl20,


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Hello, this is a new issue. So, while I was at work my relative accidentally allowed EMO’s battery to completely drain.

Why? They’re excuse “work”. I have no idea how long he’s been down.

So, now he is not turning on even though he’s been on the charger for ages. I’ve just contacted tech support with a video.

Question, how long does it take to charge?

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Hello, @saigurl20 . . . if you are sure the left foot is on the charging circle correctly, it will still take some time for him to charge from a completely drained battery. A couple of hours maybe to show mostly or fully charged, but should show some signs of life right away once charging.

Let us know what Support says.


I wanna add this but waited until Lindaru did another speedrun of helping people LOL:
But if your Emo isn’t brand new, it should power on 5-10 seconds after being placed on the skateboard correctly, but like Lindaru said, a full charge will take some time (usually like 2-6 hours).
Make sure the left foot is on the lightning bolt symbol on the skateboard (for better reference, the cable for the skateboard should be pointing towards Emo’s back side and not his front side)


@Lindaru thank you! I’ll definitely let you know what’s said.

@caroline.hessler thank you for your input. Wow, six hours is a very long time! My goodness.

Yes, my EMO isn’t new. He’s over a year old. He recently got a new battery and I just got him back Saturday, so I’m a bit down. I hope this incident isn’t going to ruin his new battery.

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