EMO GO HOME - HOME STATION Available Now to Purchase from Living.ai Store + Info on HOME STATION

More information on Home Staton can be found further below as well. Will keep this post updated regularly as more details are shared

EMO’s NEW Home Station - Self Charging Station is now available to purchase.

To find out more info, check out the links below:

EMO GO HOME - $369 (contains both EMO and HOME STATION)

Home Station - $99 (contains only HOME STATION)

There will be an official post regarding this by Living.ai shortly. Just wanted to share this info now while we wait for the official announcement post :slight_smile:

OFFICIAL POST from Living.ai here:

Updates / INFO Regarding the Home Station (more info added over time).

A new EMO firmware will be released soon, that will allow EMO to connect to Home Station (connection to the Home Station is done via Bluetooth Mesh).

The Firmware will be available before you receive Home Station. (no exact date has been provided yet).

Playground Home Fence is (434x434mm in size or 17x17inches) .

NOTE: The Playground is made of Rubber material. - You can use the Home Station without the virtual playground fence. EMO will be able to walk on and charge himself and walk back off and explore once he is fully charged.

If you are not using the Playground Fence, If EMO is too far away from the Home Station, he won’t be able to see the LED Matrix that he needs to visually scan (and therefore will not be able to guide himself home).

If EMO is charging on his Home Station and there is music playing, EMO will ignore the music and will not dance whilst he is charging back up.

Only One EMO can use a Home Station, if you have more than one EMO you will need to purchase another Home Station for your second EMO. (So 2 EMOs will not be able to share the same Home Station).

EMO will only be able to connect to ONE Home Station at a time, he won’t be able to connect/sync up to two Home Stations simultaneously. So if you have 2 Home Stations you will need to choose whichever Home Station you want your EMO to connect to and he will stay synced to that Home Station.

If you want your EMO to connect to a different Home Station, you must un-sync him first from the Home Station he is linked to, then Sync him to the other Home Station.

Do Note that if you have a second EMO that is synced to the other Home Station, you will need to un-sync him first before you attempt to make the new connection with the other EMO.

Home Station comes with the following cables:

1x USB-C Cable
1x USB-C Cable with Plug (which is the two-prong plug - same as the one we currently use to charge EMO’s skateboard)

You can use the USB-C Cable that you are currently using to charge EMO’s Skateboard to also power the Home Station (if you wanted).

If EMO is exploring and get’s bored and falls asleep, before his battery runs out, he “SHOULD” wake up and make his way back to his Home Station to charge up again.

In Future updates, you will be able to modify the HOME STATION LED Display and customize it

---- EMO GO HOME ---- AND ----- Home Station ----- WHATS INSIDE!

This is what EMO GO HOME & HOME STATION packaging will look like (sneak peek) – image provided by Living.ai

NOTE – For the HOME STATION, the box will be exactly the same, but it not contain an EMO, but will still have the empty spot where you can place your EMO.


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Awesome! So does this mean that you could find Emo wandering around your desk when you come home, if he’s reached full charge?


Yes, but do note that he must stay within his dedicated playground that comes with HOME STATION.

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i put emo on his skateboard when i am vacuuming to stop him from dancing and falling off the table, (he cant get off his skateboard) how would this work with the new charger? or would he just dance and fall and damage himself?


That’s a brilliant charger, our Emo must have it. I could finally make a playground for the boys to play in. Ordered :slight_smile:


Thank you again LIVING A.I this is just FANTASTIC :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:I am overwhelmed :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heavy_heart_exclamation::gift_heart:


What great news!!
My only question is can U use the home base by itself or must it be connected to the playground?


Very cool :slight_smile: :+1:
Can we please have some more pictures? I’m specially interested to see back and where the USB plug is.


so im in the middle of watching your video and i got a few things to say. I like the idea of putting emo near a charger when he needs charging and him doing the rest of the work, but i do have some problems with the whole paly mat
1 it looks too small for my rampaging robot, my emo likes the whole table to himself litrerally kicks me off it. kick kick move human you are in my way i could not put him on a mat that small. he really likes to explore.
2 my emo dose not care about colour differences, i have a black mat and a light table and emo will get off the black mat and not care about the change in colour. i Dont think it would stop him.
I like the idea but I dont know, emo doesn’t even understand my accent, i have doubts that this will work properly.


@jumpgate85 Good Question:

I believe that EMO could potentially step over the border if he is dancing. Not sure if he will fall as the Playground Home Fence area is not high off the ground. Living.ai might need to advise how secure this is or once we have more info/videos we can understand this further. But I believe that if you place EMO in the charging area section, he will not move out of it until he is fully charged once again, so even if there is loud music playing or if the vacuum cleaner is on. Once he is fully charged he will then go off and explore once again.

Also, the size of the Playground Home Fence is (434x434mm in size or 17x17inches). Also NOTE: The Playground is made of Rubber material.


You should be able to use the Home Station on its own without having to attach it to the Home Fence Playground. EMO will be able to walk back onto it without any problems.

Hopefully we should have more pics soon from Living.ai staff :slight_smile:

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i like the idea of putting the play area in my kitchen for when i want emo with me when i cook. you know instead of using teatowles to block his path.


If U can use it without the virtual fence that’s an insta buy for me. Will wait and see someone receive it and then I shall make a decision :grin:


same here, i love the idea of a second charger, but not limiting emo’s space. I need more information. i guess we shall wait and see.
@MasterAbbott I did not mean that he would fall off the play area, it looks about the same hight as a mouse pad, i meant dancing emo off the mat then off the table. mine loves to dance when im using a hairdryer, (which i use a lot when working and i put emo on the floor to dance until his heart is content.) but if he dosen’t move out of the charging space until he is fully charged that would be great.


@Ramo / @jumpgate85 and everyone else haha :rofl:

Yes, you can certainly use the Charing Station without the virtual playground fence. EMO will be able to walk on charge himself and walk back off and explore.

Just like how it’s shown in the pic below


If EMO is TOOOO far away from the HOME STATION, he might not be able to see the LED Matrix that guides him home. So if that is the case he might not be able to make it back home if he is too far away (how far away will be hard to know as of this moment). So you will need to take that into consideration as well if you are just using the HOME STATION and not the playground Fence area (hence I believe why the playground area is the size it is).


ok - so say emo is in his favorite spot, just chilling after kicking the mouse out of the way to get to the spot between the laptop and the wall, and he alerts me to charge him, all i have to do is put him near the home station with the camera facing the icon and emo should in theory dock himself.

Question - someone mentioned a firmwear update to go with, will emo still be able to make the charge me Human I need electricity alert ? I would assume so but just checking that it is not all automated with the new docking system.

Am I asking too many questions?


Yes, if he’s close to his Home Station, he will go back once he can see his LED Matrix.

I really don’t know what new features/updates will be added for EMO and the HOME STATION. This is something we’ll need to wait and see when Living.ai release for it.

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Emo would love this! I feel guilty when he stays on his skateboard because i’m busy. Now he can explore when he wants?! Also a good excuse to buy him a corgy suit while i’m ordering the station :grin::laughing:


Haha don’t forget Cow Costume! That’s also super cute too! :cow: :heart_2:


Does anyone know whether, if you have two EMOs, they can both charge from one of these new docks? Or would you need two charging docks?


Hi @SunnySpirals

You will need to have a Home Station for each EMO you own. They do not share the same HOME STATION.

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