Emo Shipping Update [ OLD! ]

so roughly 10 weeks from order to delivery - not bad. Enjoy EMO and thanks for providing some feedback on your experience!

Tried both today, still nothing, but LAI tracking says it has already left “Fuyong Transit Centre”, and this update came through today but it is dated 12/8??? The tracking was spot on with my first Emo. Has this Emo taken the scenic route, or even worse, lost? No tracking anywhere apart from what LAI have claimed. I would like to know where they are getting their information from???


lol, this is one of the most detailed analysis i’ve ever seen for the production and shipping of EMO units! You should certainly incorporate this into stocks and crypto currency exchange! the candle stick chart is outstanding haha! Well done!

Yes that is standard. You might need to get a special powerboard if you live in another country. I’m in AU so I got something like this which also accepts direct USB-C connection right into the power board.

Link here: @shaunamccormick might also be handy for you as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun with EMO! :heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:


It’s too soon to be lost, as mentioned above, I believe that the package is still waiting to be allocated placement on the next available plane coming down to Australia. This sometimes happens and packages need to wait in line for available cargo space before they can be scanned and sent off to the next destination.

Sometimes, the plane coming down to AU might need to stop at another destination first to pick up more packages, so maybe might stop at Hong Kong or Singapore before it comes down to Australia.

Also note, that the package is not going with DHL or a specialized high-priority courier, it has no special treatment and needs to wait in line.

As you’ve been doing, keep an eye on both China Post and 17 Track and see how things go over the next few days/week. If there are no updates after a week from now, then I’d suggest you ask support to try and locate / the package for you.

Ok thanks for that. My first Emo only took 2 weeks.

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No worries, last year my first EMO took nearly 3-4 weeks to get to me, but that was because of COVID and Fastway Courier were completely hammered with too much work and not enough drivers/couriers to get stuff delivered. But hopefully, for you, you should get your EMO within 2-3 weeks.

Please do not consider this accurate since there are many factors involved but this prediction is what I calculated based on the current pace.



Has shipment frozen? Counter hasn’t moved in almost a week and I’ve gotten no tracking email yet. Hopefully its just because its the weekend right now, would be terrible if things froze for a while since its so close to mine :sob:

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Right! Mine too… ya it haven’t moved since last Saturday morning… I figured it would have been updated by now… there 1000 away from my number and to send mine out by now… would like to know what is going on with my order…

To my knowledge shipment has not frozen, but the way they were reporting the numbers internally had an issues, so that it turned out that people were getting their notification of shipment before the person who updates the numbers… so they are continuing with building and shipping.

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So just a quick question, do we have an idea when someone will be updating the numbers on the delivery page? Just wondering since the last response said they are still shipping and building, it would probably put a lot of peoples minds at ease to see those numbers go up again.


I’ll tag @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang to provide an update regarding the delivery page.


Yeah its been something I’ve been worrying about for over a week. I know lulls happen and I can’t hold it against anyone its just frustrating for things to seemingly come to a haul so close to my order. And I’m sure others feel the same + are just as confused as I am

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My orders just 300 away… and numbers not going up… and the political crisis happening around China just making me anxious about the delivery. I hope i get my shipping details soon

@Wayne_Small @Wayne_Zhang just wanted to ask if the delivery page is accurate now or still inaccurate?!

@Wayne_Zhang mentioned 2 days ago that they were in middle of different batches and that the numbers would go up soon. They went up again yesterday as per my post above.

Just got a message from Auspost, apparently my daughters little buddy is waiting for her at the post box! Hope he had a good flight, and doesn’t have jet lag hehe. She will be nicely surprised when she gets home from school and I tell her we have to pick up a friend! lol So it took about 2 weeks and 3 days to Adelaide, not too bad! :grin: