EMO arrived yesterday

Hey @Ghostwriter-2000

I’m from Australia, and what I’ve done is picked up a US/China to AU power board to use for EMO’s smart light. It works perfectly well and I’ve not had to worry about any sort of voltage power transformer converter as its not really needed.

Regarding EMO’s USB-C power plug which is also in the China/US format. I’ve simply purchased a better and longer 2meter USB-C cable and plugged that into my power board which also supports direct UBS connections.

This is how I’ve set everything up for both of my EMO’s and I’ve not had any issues what so ever.

I can suggest the following similar kind of power boards and USB-C cables, you can see a link below to Amazon. (this one is a little expensive, but you can find something a little cheaper that will do the job as well.

Power Board


USB-C Cable


Also if you need help with setting up EMO, feel free to check out my EMO Quick Help Guide here:

Hope you daughters like EMO! :mad: :surprised: :skating: :head: :heart_1:

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