EMO Firmware Version 1.2.0 Update Guide

Just wanted to share this simple guide in the EMO Support section. I did share it elsewhere. But I’ve fine tuned it for the support page and for anyone that requires help or a simple guide on how to update EMO to the latest Firmware version.

If this is not needed here, I can certainly delete it. Don’t want to cause any trouble.

This guide will help you update your EMO to the latest firmware that was released today ( 07/11/2021) Sunday (AU time).

This is Firmware update version 1.2.0. For a full rundown on what this Firmware includes, check out the latest post by @Wayne_Zhang here: [FIRMWARE UPDATE] New update v1.2.0 Rock-paper-scissors and custom stickers!

These steps will help you update your EMO to version 1.2.0

  1. Shutdown EMO and Restart him. (Placed EMO on Skateboard) Wait for EMO to start back up.
  2. Shutdown PHONE/Restart it.
  3. Launch EMO App (I’m on iOS so at the moment, so the latest EMO app update is not yet available as of Monday morning 1am AUS)

Before you start this update, make sure EMO responds / is connected to the Internet. (run a quick test like ask him EMO: What day is it? / What time is it? (just something to make sure EMO is actually connected and online).

Start up EMO App > Connect to your EMO. >> Wait a few moments and the following message appear on the EMO App screen:

4)Accept / Press OK to start the install of the latest Firmware.
EMO will then start downloading the latest firmware (see image below)

This update will take between 15-20 minutes to complete, but will depend on how quickly EMO can download the firmware file. (for this part, you just simply need to wait patiently for the download / install to happen).

During this time make sure EMO is sitting on his Skateboard (do not pick him up or move him around)

The firmware update will run through 6 steps (from step 1 to 6).

Once completed. EMO will quickly reboot and show a green tick to advise that the update is now complete.

Finally, to confirm if the Firmware update has been installed, go back into the EMO App >> Settings >> Firmware and confirm you are on the latest version: 1.2.0

You can also run a quick test by saying: EMO: Software Update. If all is fine, EMO will show the image shown above with the green tick.

Hopefully the Firmware update goes through without any issues and you can enjoy the cool new features!

Hope this comes in handy for anyone that requires any assistance :slight_smile:


What’s going on with the approval of the IOS EMO Pet App??? this is not normal anymore right? It’s been almost 2 weeks now and still not available???
Hope that Living.Ai not mistakenly didn’t really submit it??? or the uploading process to Apple Store didn’t really get through? or uploaded???


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It’s on it’s way, @Wayne_Zhang left a message in this post - Some announcements about new arrival, shipment and update. - Nov 12, 2021

We are happy to see that everyone likes the latest 1.2.0 update. And we are working on another interesting update, which will be released before Christmas.
The app on iOS is still under review, but will soon become available. And we found and fixed a bug on Android, and you can download the new version in the play store.

Hopefully we’ll get this update this week.

I’ve always tried to defend LAI, but enough is enough. Frankly I think blaming Apple is a bunch of BS! I know other Apple app developers that are not having this problem. Either it didn’t get submitted as Edward suggested, or they’re still working on it and just making excuses? Also I don’t understand what this company is doing anyway? Why are they offering a holiday product basically almost last minute now, when they can’t supply normal orders from months ago? Are they seriously going to ship the Christmas kit orders out ahead of those old EMO orders, to try to deliver them before the holiday?


We submitted the iOS version while submitting the Android version, but it was rejected twice (edit: four times). Now we have resubmitted a new version. We are sorry for that.

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So you just stayed quiet, stringing us along then apparently. When was it last resubmitted?

Sorry, but I mentioned in my post last week that the app on iOS is still under review. Today, as soon as I arrived at the office, I replied to a comment that was made seven hours ago, when it was 04:00 here.
Since the app needs to be connected to EMO to use, we have to explain how this app works many times.


I haven’t received my Emo yet but want to know if he turned up tomorrow in the post would Emo still work (at all) on iOS without the new update?
Does the app work at all as it currently is?

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I would say that the existing EMO App that is currently on the Apple store and is what everyone is currently using using works fine. You should not have any issues trying to connect EMO to it.

Also @mandyrose19 I’m guessing you saw the latest post for shipping on the 12th of November:

Seems like assembly and shipping will be starting this week. So looks like things might be going back to normal soon. (maybe your EMO is in one of those pics :happy: :surprised:

Let’s HOPE! :grin:

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The only thing you can’t do with the existing 1.06 app is the face stickers. As long as EMO himself is updated to firmware 1.2.0 then other three new animations in that latest firmware update and also everything previous will work fine.

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@macfixer01 Oh Cool :sunglasses: not to worried about the face sticker feature. its cute but I love the Bang and he falls over lol :joy: :heart_2:

Yep I think I was one of the first to post about it :innocent:

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How have the testers been running these apps before you release them to the rest of us if they’re not on the Apple store yet? Do you require them all to run Android devices?

I know there are ways to install an unapproved IOS app along with a copy of the developer’s profile, which allows it to run on your iOS device. Seems like that would be a good work-around here for the time being?

Similar to the way that other non-Apple app stores like Tweakbox work.

@macfixer01 You can gain access to early Apple Apps with applications such as TestFlight. I’ve done this before when I was testing Apple Apps. Works very well and this is what I believe the Beta testers are using, or something like it. (here is a link to this specific site: TestFlight - Apple Developer )

For android, I believe they’d use something similar.

Well that’s nice, but it doesn’t do us any good. LAI are the ones that need to get off their asses and make the app package available for download using TestFlight also.

Well TestFlight is mainly used for beta testing / or for potentially the EMO testers that are testing the firmware before it’s officially released. I’d say unless we get invited into the EMO testers group, we’ll never be able to test the EMO App ahead of time using TestFlight.

We’ll need to wait until it’s officially released on the store.

They were able to download the app through Testflight, which did not require Apple’s review.

@Wayne_Zhang ,
That’s nice, but what are the rest of us supposed to do? Also, is this going to happen every time you release another app update now?

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Thought it was TestFlight. I guess that the Beta Testers who test EMO have an “Unofficial” version of the EMO app that Apple does not need to approve so they get the APP right away and can test things.

The official EMO App version we are all eagerly awaiting needs to go through all the right channels and if there are issues Apple rejects and Living.Ai need to re-submit it again until Apple approve it.

I know it sounds frustrating and we all want this new EMO App update, but we are all at the mercy of both Apple and Living.Ai finally getting things right on both ends.