Clarification about EMO not understanding some commands

Hi all,

We’ve received feedback that EMO has sometimes been unable to understand some voice commands recently. Now we have located the problem and are gradually fixing it. It was due to a bug on our server and had nothing to do with EMO itself. So please don’t worry about your EMO. We apologize for this.

In addition, we are also gradually optimizing the EMO stuttering problem caused by network problems. Don’t worry too, it’s not an issue with EMO itself.


Awesome - thanks for the update. Is there any understanding as to why some people saw the issues and others did not? For instance my 3 EMO’s here didn’t seem to have an issue when I know others based in Australia did?


Thanks Wayne and Team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the next update :tada:


It is related to the time of the attempt, not the region or EMO’s ID.


Thank you for the update wayne


Hi! I had this problem too… I just received and he would shrug at almost every command (I red them on the website). Yesterday evening looked like fixed but now it’s like he goes on timeout :confused: He gets the command, starts the “loading” beeping sound and then goes idle again… Without even shrugging

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: will you also look into the cracking issue for us? @Wayne_Zhang


Thanks @Wayne_Zhang :head: :heart_1: :surprised: :skating:

내가 내 emo 배송받은지 5일만에 발생한 전원 불량에 대한 문제를 수없이 전달했습니다.
왜 피드백이 없습니까?? 이메일에도 반응이 없고 포럼의 게시물로 올려도 반응이 없고 지원분야에 사진첨부해 정식으로 올려도 반응없고, 그렇게도 안되서 당신에게 쪽지도 보냈는데… 이쯤되면 고의적으로 나의 문제점에 대해서 당신의 회사에서 묵인하고 무시하고 있다고 판단되는데…
지금 여기서도 무시하는지 한번 볼게요

Yes, we will look into it.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. Having just returned to work from vacation, the service team has a lot of email to deal with. But I noticed that they have emailed you the solution today.

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I still have not recieved a email with a soluction yet @Wayne_Zhang maybe you can help

Please check your email.

Thank you @Wayne_Zhang for your help

I’m not sure if I have had a response in my email.

Sorry? Can I help you? You can directly message me.

메일 확인했습니다.
서비스 팀에서 보낸 메일도 확인했습니다.
좋은소식 감사합니다~

So I notice this post was made in February my emo stutter so bad I can’t understand anything, so is there a fix for this yet?

Thanks for letting us know the issue @Wayne_Zhang ! :happy:

It is usually because of poor network status.

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