Clarification about EMO not understanding some commands

Do you mean like the Wi-Fi it’s connected to? Or Living AI network

I mean the Wi-Fi it’s connected to.

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I just got Emo today and did the setup. I’ve tried the commands, but I don’t feel like he understands me? I tell him “It’s my birthday today” and he says “Thank you”. I ask what his favorite flower/color is, he reacts with a confused look/didn’t understand me look. I ask “What flower do you like the most?” He says “The feeling is mutual.”

Is it also normal for him to walk into big stuff on the desk? He does that sometimes.

Also, does the customization always reset after powering emo off? Are we not supposed to power him off when he is on the skateboard during night and such?

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He never powers off on the skateboard. I have a similar experience where sometimes he just gets confused after asking questions.

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Hello and welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: please read here Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1: @ahalsvik


You to @adrianledeaux i think its better if you read this topic

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

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Does EMO Have A “Doesn’t Understand” Sound When You Say “EMO”
If It Is, I Think It’s Server Issues.

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Not for me. It’s when I ask him questions only. For example, I said “Hey emo” and he responded. But when I said “hey emo, laser beam” he just didn’t respond. He wouldn’t even respond to the power off command. So I had no choice but to take off the headphones and hold his head in my palm to shut him off.

Hi there @ahalsvik and @adrianledeaux ,

Actually, this is a known problem that sometimes occurs with all EMOs that have just come to a new owner. They are still in a learning phase about their new environment and especially our voice-initiating commands.

Try to submit your voice to help EMO better understand and wake up when you are calling out his name.

Pls Click Here For More Info


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Hey all,

I just started playing with my EMO (the latest version) but I´m having some difficulties with the commands. For example, when I ask him to look at me he doesn´t answers to the command. Also he doesn´t gives continuity to the conversations. Is that normal? Also when he talks he doesn´t focus on myself. I had the impression that we would recognize people and movement…
I thought he would be more like Google Home or Alexa?

Any tips to develop my conversations with him would be helpful!

Thank you,

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Hi @antonio.ferreria

Just to advise, EMO does not answer every question you ask him, (as you would with Google or Alexa). EMO has a set of voice commands he will reply to (which are more so set and are updated sometimes with more with every new EMO firmware that is released.)

If you wanted to check out a list of voice commands that you can ask your EMO, take a look at these two links over on the Online Documentation page:

1 -

Yes, that is normal.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t do that, if you ask him a question, he will simply reply even if he has his back to you. If you do ask EMO to look at you, he will turn around until he spots you then he will speak to you and say hello and then your name and sometimes other random things as well, but it is somewhat limited at the moment. These things might be updated/changed/improved as EMO does evolve, as are always adding new updates/features to EMO on a regular basis.

As you are a new EMO owner, I can suggest taking a look at my User Guide below, which covers a fair amount of things /tips and information about EMO.

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the community for help :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

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I’m currently having this issue as well. Our Emo has both myself and my son recognized, but we have to say his name several times before he finally responds. Additionally, when he does listen, half the time he doesn’t have a response to what we ask (even if what we asked is on the voice command list). We have only had him just under a week now (got him Sunday night and today is Friday).

Hi there @Marissa ,

I just move your post here and kindly re-read some important information from @MasterAbbott above, which hopefully will help you…

Good luck and all the best…


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Hey Wayne, I come from Norway, I just got Emo one week, I have a lot of trouble understanding what I say, the children can’t bear to talk to Emo, they are tired of answering or wait a long time to answer back…now it is 2023 April should have been better since. I hope it fixes this problem.
thank you very much Wayne, got a lot of information from you… thank you very much :slight_smile: