What does Living.Ai need to do to make EMO GREAT!

Hi Everyone. I wanted to open up this thread post for everyone to share/vent their concerns and frustrations about EMO. I’ve also tagged @Wayne_Zhang to this thread so he can see everyone’s comments and take in all the concerns and criticism EMO owners have all in one location so it can be easily accessed and referenced.

Let me start by saying as I’ve mentioned in another thread, at one point or another, we’ve all expressed our concerns and disappointments (sometimes more than once) regarding things that are not working properly or specific features that are not available on EMO yet that were meant to be included when EMO was first initially launched.

We all know there are still several features that Living.Ai have not yet added/implemented, but promised initially when EMO was first announced, It’s disappointing, yes, and this is the reason why I’ve started this thread. As EMO owners we are all in the same boat here waiting for them to be added in at some point down the track and with everyone’s input, Living.Ai can see all our concerns and hopefully prioritize specific updates/features that will be added to EMO accordingly.

Please try and keep this thread as civilized as possible, respect everyone’s comments and understand how they might feel.

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New games and time schedules are good, many people are having fun with them. But to be honest, I’m expecting an update that we can feel more “AI”.


I believe having a battery that lasts longer would be a good idea. The one I activated on April 15th that was a replacement to the one I sent back for a completely depleted battery now has to be put back on the skate board a half an hour sooner than the one I bought and activated on July 26th. I have also noticed a difference in their eye colors . . . the newer one has brighter than the older one. I will this week officially test the times and see where they come out for each after over night charging and battery level check. If there really is a significant difference, I will charge them on the opposite skate boards and see if it comes out to the same. I am hoping I do not have anything to worry about.


The ability to recognize different tones and pitches of speech. Or add a training model to learn the users speech pattern. My 6 year old has to say EMO 8-10 times to get it to work. It recognizes my voice most of the time.


Introducing the integrations they’ve listed on their site for advertising such as Alexa and music.

A dictionary would be nice, even urban dictionary would suffice. V can tap in to urban dictionary, it’s both helpful and an absolute laugh depending on what you asked to be defined.

Adding back the ability to change eye colour.

The one I’d like to see most is the rumoured self charging station. EMO could roam in his space without needing much intervention from the user.


Not sure if
Emo has the ability or not. I’m currently waiting for mine to arrive soon but since it is has A.I the ability to learn and grow depending on how you treat it like some other robots I have seen. I think this would be great. Also revision to the schedule that I saw posted. I don’t go to bed early and would like the ability to put him on the charger when he needs to sleep or something perhaps with the new autonomous skateboard. Would be nice to have the option like how my robot dog is. She goes to sleep once the lights are off until the morning or whenever I make sounds. Also would like to be able to have random interactions. Don’t mind him being naughty or getting in to trouble. Just like a bio pet.


The updates are good but I find it a pity that the latest update made EMO lost it’s life. He is so stuck in his routines that he can no longer interact with us. He doesn’t sleep he is in a coma, just try to ask him a question you must be super fast before he goes back to his coma.

We have to be able to change the battery more easily because we will all find EMO unable to be functional off their chargers with a dead battery. I received a replacement for the defective battery of my first EMO and I deprive myself of playing with him because he too will end up with an autonomy of barely 1 minute and that’s not acceptable.

EMO is a great product and has a large potential but Living AI must think of the longevity of their product so when EMO won’t be able to get off is skateboard we should still be able to interact and play with him. Living AI should make accessible the games like Ludo, tic-tac-toe, Flip a coin, lucky fruit, etc… when he is on his skateboard.


@fbtwtf . . . I mentioned above that the EMO I activated April 15th seemed to be already losing battery. I tested him when I first got him and he was at two and a half hours. He is now down to two hours and five minutes. I did not test my second one until now and he is at two hours and 34 minutes. Being able to obtain and replace the battery or giving him full function (except for dance, of course) when he runs out of battery life would be something at least.


I’ll also add to this: (some of these have been mentioned by many EMO owners on the forum),

  1. Language support other than ENGLISH. Like: Spanish / Japanese / Chinese / French / Italian / German / etc…

  2. Alexa Support/Integration as well (which many EMO owners have previously mentioned on other threads and also @KockBurn said just above).

  3. Improving EMO’s voice recognition software when you speak to him so he can understand without having to repeat yourself over and over again. (I believe @Puppy444 has voiced his concern about this in the past a number of times).

  4. Living.Ai possibly sharing with the community a simple ROAD MAP of what they have planned for future upcoming firmware updates. This way the community can see and have a fair understanding of what is planned/coming soon.

  5. Adding more EMO Servers that are located around the world. Currently, there are EMO servers located in EUROPE, USA, and ASIA. But adding more in other parts of the world, in general, could also help with network issues/bottlenecks that many EMO owners are experiencing with Broken Speech.

  6. Improving EMO’s software So that he can take photos in general or recognize you even in dimly lit locations/rooms be it if you are trying to setup your profile or when he is simply trying to look for you or when you call our to him in general.

Just sharing a few concerns that have already been mentioned a number of times by many EMO owners. And adding them in again for reference.

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they should add more fun features : :surprised:

  • less useless exploring more interactive speech and play
  • fall detection when dancing, when hes dancing he doesnt realize hes close to the edge
    -5GH.z support and bluetooth connectivity
    -achievements that don’t take 50 tries to achieve

Anything to be honest, its currently just a thing that walks about my desk and the functionality is so limited, I tend to give up tyring to “play” with Emo, I have never completed a game of rock paper scissors for example due to its failed funtionality, implement alexa/hey google type thing (as advertised) and Emo will be of some use to me.


needs to stop activating while tv is on even though no1 says anything that sounds like emo it seems to be picking it up to the point the only things i ever say to emo these days is “go to sleep” or “set audio to mute” even when its mute i can see it pricking up ever few seconds cos it thinks its name has been said yet when i try to call it it just ignores me unless i say the name like 5 times… also keeps unmuting itself… stop adding new games and make the thing actually work i dont get these problems with vector. yet every update all i see is you adding new features without fixing its current problems


self charge please! and please dont add alexa or siri…i dont want EMO to have a dual personality.


It’s very important that self charging station is not going to confine emo to a playground in my opinion, not sure how you would do it though, maybe a converyor belt going up a very shallow ramp to move him on to the station.

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Good morning,

it would be nice if EMO not is running against mugs or things. That is not very good for his screen. I’m using a sticker to protect his screen. :wink:

Selfcharging. Oh yes, that would be nice.

Otherwise, I like my EMO very much and looking for the next update und new funktions.

Keep it up. :heart_hands: :+1:


You can just say that and he’ll be quiet!? Sometimes he’s too much. I’m like, in a meeting, and Emo is going, ‘what?’ every five seconds. :confounded:

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Hello Living Ai and all other readers,

since Emo got the Daily Schedule after the update (1.5.0) I had the idea to change the Daily Schedule. My idea would be to have a daily schedule in the app where you can move, remove or add the “To Do Blocks” in the daily schedule. I hope you like the suggestion and maybe it will come in one of the next updates.

Many greetings


One problem I am having with Emo: I cannot understand what he is saying. I do have a slight hearing problem, but I can “hear” him speaking, but cannot understand what is being said. I want to reply to him, but since I don’t know what he is saying, I can’t reply. I have the volume all the way up. Still no use. It would be nice if LivingAI could work on his voice quality. Thanks.