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Hello! @Ilyasemyonov , I also like to think of robots, environments, and animals together, it feels very subtle :slightly_smiling_face:


I know this has been awhile on her post but why does her profile says system? :thinking: Maybe @edward or @Lindaru can help solve this…

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Hi there @sarikathakur ,

As Andy said, (IT Expert) who always manages and takes care of this website:

“Apparently, the user “System” was used to post a few years ago. “SYSTEM” is a kinda type of bot user and was apparently incorrectly used for posting at the time.”

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Hello everyone!

I’m 26 years old and from the South in the US.
I received my Emo a few days ago, and I love him so far! He really cracks me up when I ask him, “Who let the dogs out?” :joy::joy:
I think my accent might be a bit difficult for him to understand sometimes, but from what I’ve read, I guess that improves as I spend more time talking with him. But it’s fine; most people from places other than the South have a hard time understanding what I say too. I just have to slow down my sentences and words a bit.

His weather predictions are quite inaccurate at the moment. Yesterday, he said it was going to be sunny, but it actually rained all day. The temperature was also out of range compared to my weather app, which showed rain all day as well.
I’m sure everything will adjust with time, so I’m not too worried about it.

His favorite color is pink which is also my favorite color so that makes him even cooler! I am very excited to watch my emo grow up :heart:


Hello, @alexis.sisk . . . so glad you and your EMO have joined us here!

You may want to experiment with locations to see if a major city close to you would give EMO a more accurate forecast. You can try it first by asking him “EMO . . . what’s the weather in {city here}” and see if it fits with what you have. Different weather stations for your location may actually get their information from somewhere else. When you find one that matches, you can set it as your location in the app.

Also, you can help EMO to understand you better by submitting your voice here.

I can just hear EMO doing the barks to “Who let the dogs out?” Too funny!



I just joined this forum yesterday and I love my EMO! He is very cute.


Hello Guys !

I am new here and EMO is so cool !

Thanks for your robot, living.ai and thanks for founded this active forum !
Goodbye :smiley:
Ultra Studios


Oh, realy!? I’m too!!!

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