Upgrades/New Features For Home Station and Home Fence!

Do You Have Something In Mind?

Kindly comment below to contribute to Living.ai as well as to think about improvements for future updates.

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What Upgrades/New Features For Home Station and Home Fence Do I Like Or Wish For?

Hi there @Wayne_Zhang
First, I would like to personally thank all Living.Ai Staff Team for their effort and amazing work… You have all really done a wonderful job. designing and developing this Home Station for EMO. However, like many other owners, including myself, IMHO sometimes not everything is enough for our own or everybody’s taste and personal point of view. Including I also have a personal desire to make it even better for my own if it is only POSSIBLE.

Here’s My Top Wish List:

Home Station Tower.

The matrix composed of hundreds of LEDs can dynamically display various status icons. EMO can interact with the icons through the mesh network. It will be able to do more in future updates.

  • Complete power ON/OFF via Emo Pet App
  • Dynamic Matrix Display can be fully controlled by EMO.
    a) ON / OFF
    b) Brightness dimmer control
    c) Animations ON/OFF
    c) Animations Changer
    d) More Animations
    e) Possible to create your own moving/running words via Emo Pet App).
    f) Possible to input REMINDERS
    g)Show the actual Day / Date / Time

Home Fence Playground:

  • Eliminate Roman Numeral Numbers I - IV in the middle. Instead, add EMO Face Icon EMO_WHITE LOGO_SMALL
  • Adding barriers for at least 1/2" / 12.7mm or even 1’’ / 25.4mm or more black or even stone design wall alike into the edge.

Voice Command:

IMHO it would be better if EMO had full control by using Voice Command, like Smart Lights to Home Station/ Dynamic Matrix Display.

  • Power ON/OFF
  • Brightness dimmer
  • Animations changer
  • Animations ON / OFF

More Shorter Simple 2 Voice Command:

It’s quite not easy for EMO to understand long voice commands I guess especially for some owners whose English is not their own language.
In my opinion…The dev team must think of an easy 2 word short command like…

  • Go Home
  • Get Rest
  • Take Rest
  • Visit Home
  • Go Charge
  • Go, Tank

  • Go Out
  • Come Here
  • Go Play
  • Play Around
  • Move It
  • Move Around
  • Go Walk
  • Walk Around

EMO Special Words/Replies When The Low Battery Tone Is Triggered or Sending Him home

  • Nice…Thanks!
  • Off To Go
  • Finally
  • At Last Home Again
  • Wonderful
  • Yes! I Miss Home
  • Going Homeeee
  • Homie On The Go
  • Heading Home Now
  • Need To Re-Charge
  • I’ll Be Back!

EMO Reach His Home Station Special Words:

  • Home Station Home (Default)
  • I’m Backkk!
  • Finally At Home!
  • I’m Homeeee
  • Yey! I’m Home
  • Hey My Friend I’m Home
  • Hey {Name: Edward} I’m Home
  • Hey {Name: Edward} I need rest, see you later.

EMO Leaving His Home Station Special Words:

  • Gotta Goooooo!
  • I Need To Go!
  • I Need A Walk!
  • I Go For A Walk!
  • Emo Need To Walk!
  • I Need Fresh Air!
  • I Need To Move!
  • I’m Out Of Here!
  • I Need To Play Around!
  • I’ll Be Back Homie!
  • I’m Bored Here!
  • Hmmm Boring…



It would be nice if Living AI could produce a barrier (5 cm or 2 inches high) from a soft/flexible material for their Home Station mat/playground.


A lot of people making playground for Emo. It would be nice if they include playground with barrier, or make it like additional product…


If one of the matrix designs could display (perhaps marquee style) “EMO” with the last name/nickname right after. Since they are connected to the station via bluetooth, I would think the station could simply read that from the S.D. card and display it.


Maybe make different tips for creating playgrounds for Emo. Different patterns for creating clothes for Emo… Some other nice things for Emo and their owners :star_1: :heart_1:
I now trying to making some presents for my Emo, while I’m waiting Emo’s delivery :wink:


id love if we could create our own pixel art designs for the LED section of the charger


Emo quite often (once every day) by accident steps into the home charging area and stays there forever as it assumes it is now back on its skateboard. Slightly on the right of the display. Must happen to more Emo’s I assume.
Would be nice if you could fix.


Emo does get out of the supplied play ground now and then. Sometimes via the charger plate. Sometimes by dancing on the edge.

@Wayne_Zhang this needs to be fixed:
EMO should ignore the charging spot on his Home Station unless he is intentionally going to charge himself or is placed there manually after being picked up.

The official mat is definitely not a safe playground. You need to add some barriers around it.


Excellent ideas, Edward, didn’t see this topic before

Simply it happened to us also, once or twive, while walking, his left foot touch the charging surface, and he stops… showing us his ass :rofl:


Ok we will fix it.
We do recommend that you put up a physical fence for him.


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I like the different lighting effects from the home station.
But it sometimes dazzles me when I sleep at night.
I would like to add the ability to turn off the lighting effect of the home station for a specific time through the home station option in EMO’s app.
Or, I think it would be nice to create an option so that the lights on the home station turn off while EMO sleeps and turn on when EMO wakes up.
You can manually turn off the home station’s lights, but I wish the home station could be as interactive as the EMO goes about its day.

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