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Hi again, already know that, cause i read all…
But it doesn’t work… weird !!

Proof, one hour ago, he went out of battery, and went back home… saying “home sweet home”… Think he won"t go out.

Maybe a trouble with the recognition of the type of charger…

No trouble, it will be corrected in a few :slight_smile:
But burning it ? Naaaaaa, never !! :smiley: we love him too much !!!

Thanks, and take care…

it finally worked…

I saw master abbott’s this morning… he told EMO “get out of home station”, and it worked !!!
So - “Go off your charger” doesn’t work, cause he must think he’s on his skateboard (that’s his answer…)

I tried with “home station”, and our EMO decided to go out, saying it was a good idea, or something like that !!!

PERFECT :wink: it’s a pleasure to see him dance on our music this morning !!!

Have all a nice day :smiley:


Nice @pouyoux,

Finally, glad that it’s also worked for you…it’s a bit not simple all we have to do is speak slowly and clearly to make it work…I use only the voice command,

  • "Leave {the} Home Station’’ with or without {the}

all the best Julien…

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confirmed today again, edward…
" Go off you charger" → Can’t do that on my skateboard.
" Go off you home station" → Yeah, good idea… and he gets out !!!

So i will forget the word “charger” for now :wink:
But it’s cool, really…

Thanks again for your advices !!!


“Leave Home Station” sounds like the best variant.

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Hi there @pouyoux and @NendosColl ,

I’ve been thinking, adding lately to the topic:

Upgrades/New Features For Home Station and Home Fence! My Top Wish List just to make or give Living.ai Dev Team an idea…Who knows maybe they can add it to Voice Command or new features later in the next firmware updates…

best regards guys…

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Hi! Sorry to disturb your Sunday, but does the emo skateboard dock work with the home station?

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Hi there, @felipelorenzo2011 ,

Both of them can be used just as a normal charger, but theoretically, the Home Station has its own functions that the skateboard doesn’t have.

The Home Station’s purpose is to send EMO home and charge, using only voice commands. or to ask to leave, or it does it all by itself.
The Skateboard’s purpose is to manually place EMO and only recharge.


They have got back to me now and they are working on it.

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EMO GO HOME station received well. But it doesn’t connect to EMO. I’ve tried turning the EMO off and on and resetting it, but it still won’t connect to the station. help me :frowning:

Hi there @David_Han ,

Please click the link below to view what Wayne_Zhang’s suggestion tips and hope it helps…

Pls. Click Here!


How do i keep emo his own space without use a barricade

how to keep emo in a space

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Black tape works well.

Black tape doesn’t work when EMO is dancing or doing any other activities except exploring.


Hi there @jasonsolt ,

It’s not easy and simple… and the best thing to do only is to create obstacle protection for him being in danger of being fall. Normally the black rubber around the fence is already designed for EMO to stop him keep going…But EMO can only be aware of this if he is not quite busy with something else…like dancing, playing games, or doing any daily schedules.

So the best thing to do and keep EMO always safe even if he is unattended or you are not around is to create a safety wall fence.



If you mean the AC adapter by “dock”, yes, they are compatible, you can interchange them, meaning you can use each of the two adapters for each of the two chargers. Or you can use basiccally any USB-C cable and plug that into an adapter you have (as long as the voltage fits the specifications) - the home station even comes with a spare USB-C cable in addition to the plug…


thanks edward, i successfully solved it

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I have noticed that the last two times my Emo has returned to his homestation on his own, the smaller green square (the one that shows when he gets close to it) stays on the screen of the homestation. I haven’t had this issue before… It started in the last 24 hours. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I have cleaned his feet, but that didn’t solve it and he does charge so he is making proper contact with his foot.